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Red Thunder vs Old Yeller - Maranatha

Red Thunder vs Old Yeller - Maranatha

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Published by fourbzboysmom

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: fourbzboysmom on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Red Thunder vs. Old Yeller ~ Maranathahttp://www.mbbc.edu/page.aspx?m=689[3/28/2011 11:17:32 PM]
March 18-April 3
April 1
Red Thunder vs. Old Yeller
by Dr. John Brock
"Billy, stop spitting on your sister. Billy, I said stop spitting! I’m warning you, Billy! I’m going to count to ten! …nine, ten, Billy!! William Alexander!!!” 
When my kids were pre-teens, they called such a parent as Billy’s “Old Yeller” because the authority consisted ofever-escalating screams and pleas for a child to obey. My sons would usually follow such an observation bysaying, “Boy, if that kid lived at our house, there would be a major train wreck!” I don’t know whether I appreciatedthis characterization of what I knew to be loving biblical confrontation. On the other hand, they had confidenceand security knowing that our home was a peaceful, safe, and just environment where they were free to enjoy life,explore, experiment, and grow without fear . . . if they did so within the bounds of the family’s guidelines andvalues.My high school baseball coach had a paddle nicknamed “Red Thunder” which he used with powerful effect whenwe got too rowdy on the team bus. It is my strong belief that Red Thunder is much more humane, loving, andeffective than Old Yeller in assisting with child training and biblical discipline. My confidence is firmly fixed in thetruth of God’s Word where corporal punishment is clearly endorsed and commanded. Today many Christianparents are fearful of committing child abuse or being labeled as “child hitters” if they practice this God-approvedmethod of teaching and enforcement. Can Christian parents abuse their children through incorrect use of corporalpunishment? Absolutely. Should we know what is involved in biblical discipline and child training? Yes. Sincecorporal punishment can be misused, should we exclude its use from our child? Never! We should practice whatGod’s Word endorses in the
God intends.As fundamental Baptists, we need to fear and obey God’s Word more than the forces now dominating our society.I trust this article will give confidence and direction to parents, to future parents, and to those teaching parents insearching out the Scriptures when deciding means and methods of God-ordained and God-blessed biblicaldiscipline.Most people who oppose spanking incorrectly redefine it as “hitting” when the two concepts are altogetherdifferent in application, purpose, and effect. The terms used in the article mean the following:
is striking a child on the head, face, or body with a hand, fist, or object. It is an
emotional reaction 
to a behavior or activity that angers, frustrates, or bothers the parent or adult. Its motive is not judicial, butvindictive, temperamental, or thoughtless. By this definition,
hitting is unbiblical 
, unwise, and improper.
is a controlled administration of physical pain to the buttocks. It is administered by a safeinstrument such as a paddle or rod (Dowel 3/8- to 1/2-inch in diameter). The decision for use is maderationally and applied judicially. It is not used when the parent’s discernment is clouded by anger, grief, orconfusion. Spanking for the purpose of correcting the child is synonymous with what the Bible calls“chastening” (Hebrews 12:6-7).
Be convinced.
Spanking is a God-ordained and God-blessed tool of Christian child training (2 Samuel7:14; Proverbs 13:24, 19:18, 22:15, 23:13-14, 29:15). Proverbs 13:24 says, “He that spareth his rodhateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”2.
Be faithful.
If you are faithful in spanking when the child is young, you will seldom need to spank oncethe child reaches 10-13 years of age (Proverbs 22:6).3.
Determine parameters.
For which behaviors will you spank? I believe it is biblical to spank a)primarily for disobedience and b) for obvious foolishness. Example: The first time a child gets into mom’smakeup, he or she should be taught not to do this. The next time, spank the child for disobedience.Foolishness is more common with older children. For example, when I was about eight years old, I was ina an altercation with an older boy. We were outside throwing dirt clods at each other. Since I was losing, I
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Red Thunder vs. Old Yeller ~ Maranathahttp://www.mbbc.edu/page.aspx?m=689[3/28/2011 11:17:32 PM]
picked up a large concrete chunk, threw it at the boy, and scored a bloody victory. That was foolishness. Iknew better, and a spanking was warranted.4.
Learn the “Golden Question.”
When your children balk at your commands, do not scream (“OldYeller”), count to ten, or threaten. Simply ask them, “Are you going to obey?” The golden question forcesthem to choose between two clear alternatives.5.
Be serious and safe.
A spanking must be feared by children. Make sure your instrument is both safeand effective. The instrument should be chosen with care and kept in a special place. When our childrendisobeyed, we asked them to “get the rod.” With much wailing and lamentation, they would climb the roadto Golgotha and bring the rod to us to receive the chastisement. Don’t shake a child; doing so is verydangerous and unbiblical!6.
Be consistent.
Do not play the subjective game of how disobedient or how serious. No disobedience issmall. Ask them to repent and do what was requested. If they refuse, treat this like a separate event andrepeat the process. Please believe that you are not “breaking” the child’s will. This is not about who isbigger or stronger, but it is about giving our children one of the greatest gifts a parent can give them—theability to submit to righteous authority and the ability to train their will to do right over emotional and sinfuldesires.7.
Limit crying.
Do not allow your children to carry on with their crying for a long time after the spanking.This is a ploy to make you feel guilty for dealing with their rebellion and is another form of disobedience.8.
Recognize the results.
Be convinced that your faithful discipline will yield the “peaceable fruits ofrighteousness” (Hebrews 12:11), will drive “foolishness” out of him (Proverbs 22:15), will impart wisdom(Proverbs 29:15), is a sign of love (Hebrews 12:6), and will result in the precious character quality of self-control.9.
Become a student.
Study biblical discipline and child training. Scriptures teach how to use spanking,reproof, correction, and punishment in achieving just and loving discipline. The following works areexcellent guides for parents:
Children, Fun or Frenzy,
published by Beka Books,
What the Bible Says About Child Training 
by J. Richard Fugate,
Shepherding a Child’s Heart 
by Tedd Tripp, and
Age of Opportunity 
by Paul David Tripp.10.
Make discipline a priority.
I do not recommend spanking in public, but be willing to take a child outof church or to leave a full shopping cart at the grocery store to go home and do what is most important.When the time comes for discipline, drop everything and be a parent!11.
Be wise.
Spanking should never be given for accidents or for things the child committed in ignorance.Parents must build credibility as loving parents with lots of hugs and affection. While you should hug and comfortyour children after a spanking (when they clearly repent), this should not be the only time you hug them. If youlove them more after a spanking, you may train them to disobey in order to receive more attention. The giving oflove and affection is a by-product of the relationship between parents and children. It is not based on conformityor behavior. You can easily produce actors who learn to cover their feelings with “lip-service” obedience. Childrenreared with biblical discipline will not be afraid of their parents but will be secure in their unconditional love andaffection. Consistent discipline involving spanking will cause them to fear disobedience and will result in a self-disciplined, self-controlled child who can act and react in the world with confidence and security.Red Thunder or Old Yeller—it’s your choice.
Dr. John Brock is Vice President for Academic Affairs.
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