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Satanism in the Temple of Jerusalem - Part 1

Satanism in the Temple of Jerusalem - Part 1

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Published by cocoy777
Discover how seemingly godly churches are actually the venues of the vilest of evils in the world.
Discover how seemingly godly churches are actually the venues of the vilest of evils in the world.

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Published by: cocoy777 on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quoted from:
The New Revelations of Jesus Christ/Great Gospel of John:
A work of brotherly love by:
Agape Foundation (Agasoft)
March 2011
GGJ II/175 [NRJC 5/19]
[1] The hut owner, named Mark, had a lot to tell us about thePharisees and would-be Scribes. Among other things he told muchabout the temple cleric’s secret cruelties; and how they becomeirreconcilable, mortal enemies of anyone they suspect of any traceof a spiritual and hence prophetic vein. Many of such spiritualpersons are supposed to be bumped off! They are supposed to havemost amiable invitations extended to them, doing them muchhonoring, smothering them with friendship. But once within theTemple’s after-chambers, occupied by the chief Pharisees, they arefinished with this world, as none sees daylight again! It isfurthermore inexplicable, said Mark, how God can watch suchabominations for so long. Things were wicked in Sodom andGomorrah indeed, but compared to what goes on in Jerusalemnow, it is by hardly that of a rain drop to the sea; and yet, in spiteof Abraham’s repeated intercessory prayers, God caused these andtheir satellite cities to perish with fire from heaven! Now however,in the face of these masses of abominations of every conceivablevariety, committed in Jerusalem day after day, God acts as if Hedidn’t know and no longer cared about humanity! What possiblereason could there be for this?![2] To this his fairly astute comments I said: “Friend, God is awareof everything occurring! He knows all the Pharisees’ and Scribes’numberless and nameless abominations; for this indeed I came intoworld, that this brood of serpents and vipers would act out their full measure upon Myself. And when this is accomplished, then letthat evil brood beware!”[3] Says Mark: “Indeed, Lord, Master and friendliest benefactor of mankind. If You at the same time do not possess the power toblow with one breath thousands of people into the beyond, thenYou are to be pitied, should You ever intend to show up inJerusalem, working wonders! I am surely a most plain person, yetunderstand things that no Pharisee has yet dreamt of; but I am atthe same time smart enough with the Pharisees, whom I encounter often, to play such stupid moron that I leave them no trace for suspecting me of any arcane knowledge.2
[4] Since they have now known me for quite some time as anexceptional fool and assume that I know not the differencebetween a face and a rear, they often let me look into their blackestsecrets! And there I have hit upon things which I must admit, onseveral occasions made me question God’s very existence! For Imused: ‘If there is an almighty, supremely wise, righteous andbenevolent God, and He cares for mankind the way Scriptureteaches, then it must be impossible to watch such abominations!There is no God! Man is physically descended from the ape,according to Plate, and his soul a descendant of the rapaciousbeast. Therefore there has to be at the head of a strong community,a strong and wise Sampson who shall shave the double animal of the compounded animal called Man, taming him into at least a half man over the fears.’[5] With such and often worse thoughts, my mind had grappledwhenever coming across the hideous secret doings of this brood of serpents, as aptly named by You! Wherefore, as said, if You wantto be bumped off this world in a most hideous and painful manner,then by all means to Jerusalem, and You shall find that I told Youthe fullest truth, without necessarily being a prophet![6] To show You such a small Arcanum, which however exceedsthat of the holy Temple dung-tale a thousandfold, I will briefly tellYou what I experienced only recently. Whoever gave this black brood such supra-Satanic idea I don’t know. It wouldn’t have beenSatan for sure, as his malice would not suffice.3

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