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Published by Sir Templar

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Published by: Sir Templar on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TheLibraryOf Knowledge
Part One:
Beginning Occult Magic
The Basics of Practice
Magic is a touchy thing to begin. I suppose the first major question is religion.What is your religion? Is it compatible with magic? Do you wish to change religions to amagical one or simply merge what you have? There is much debate on this topic, but hereis my opinion: Most religions ban magic as evil and have severe penalties, either now, inthe eternal, or both for practitioners of any form of magic. More than likely, your currentreligion will
mix with magic. Many practitioners have to break from their currentbelief system and form/join a comfortable hybrid religion. Also, the option of simplyabandoning what you currently know as religion and radically changing your belief system is open. It rarely works, due to moral and emotional conflicts, but it is still anoption.The second major question confronting magicians is, "What is my nature?". This questionspawns many different answers. Some like aggressive magic to attack an adversary, or afriend's adversary. Many use protective magic to shield themselves and their friends fromthe stormy blast of other magic. Many people abandon the idea of combative magic alltogether and opt for enchantments to ease the burdens of life on everybody, such asblessings and prosperity spells. Here are most of the major classes of magician (as far as Ican tell, all spells can be accounted for within these castes):White Magician - Expert of Protective and Healing Spells.Black Magician - Expert of Destructive Spells.Mage - Expert at Psychic and Mental Control, and Spells of Willpower.Druid - Masters of Nature and Natural Forces.Enchanter - Experts at Area Effect Magic (Curses/Blessings).Diviner - Experts of Future and Fortune telling.Conjurer - Experts at Summoning Spirits or Entities.Healer - Experts at Manipulating and Sustaining Life Force.Necromancer - Experts at Manipulating Death and the Dead.Sorcerer - Freelance Offensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focussed on black magic.Wizard - Freelance Defensive Casters of All Types; Mainly focussed on white magic.Priest - Calls on God to defend them and to work with their situation as necessary.

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