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Published by: Donal Mac Fhearraigh on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scls Wrkr 
No 327. 26 March - 15th Aprl 2011 €1/£1 or contruton
Socialist Worker
www.swp.ie Text JOIN to 086-3074060
Just when yo og yo’d adog,  bak a dmadigao bail o.O 31 Ma  ‘ ’ill al a  bak a -ig ao ollap.ty ill  k ao ad-o om  poplaio.O ao o   ii i €110 billio ida om bako  pa ya by i idiidalad ompai moig i moyo o  oy.no alk o paioim o ‘a-ig  g jy’ a dd aly om pig i oi .Fi Gal may alk abo yomakig ai – b i bi- bak ik a i i olyoi o qi  ma o poplaio.
A  mogag im bomb i alo o go o d  bak.eopa i a ill iby 2 p i ya ad ima p xa paym oomo.wokig popl a bqzd o ig alady a oi  mogag old a idily.B   i ik kiki, i ill a  mo poblm.O oq i a o-adig loa o bak ill ob paid.All o i i a di l o diao oomi polii p-d by  la Fiaa Fáil adG gom.O €50 billio a pmpd io bak by Ii axpay b ia lik addig a o a lakigbk.to d  bail-o PAYeok a b g i ma-i ax ik.soial la a b aagly.B oig a allyagd.w a bak o qa o.Gom lak ay by Apil bak ill look o a la ao€25 billio.Dpi alk o ‘bd aig’ad  ‘big  bodold’, Fi Gal-Labo gomill ollo  xa am p ai Fiaa Fáil pdo adpay o.O ao o i adaloa o aai i a Dmb’IMF-eu dal ii  Ii go-m oi o ‘-apiali’ bak.
som laim a  IMF ad eu ayig o lp  i dig.ta io m  AtM ma-i old a o moy o payo oial la o pbli oag.B  a oi id al ppo o  IMF-eummoadm: o o Ilad’iiz o pay pia bak’ dbo i Gma, Bii ad Fopa.Ii bak o dd o bil-lio o aly bodold adbak i eop – ad  IMF-eua  o pay o o db.I  oi o l m aayi i,  oy ill a io dad.t  gom m b olda  a p p i og.no i  im o agpoliy.
We need to end the absud stateguaantee to epay bank debts.These debts wee incued by 
wealthy Iish speculatos andwe have no esponsibility to pay o them.We need a eeendum on theIMF-EU bail out so that the peoplecan democatically eject it.State unds o banks must ceaseand the existing companies shouldbe declaed bankupt and theidebts witten o.Emegency legislation should beintoduced to tanse deposits toa good state bank whee unds upto €100,000 ae guaanteed.Capital contols must be put inplace to pevent the daining-o o unds om Ieland.A wealth levy should be imposedon the global assets o ich Iishcitizens. They should be told tomake a ull declaation o theiassets o ace impisonment.
Demand a Referendm:
Liba:Stp thBbing  p3,4&5Japan:Nucla Cisis p3
Aft Davpt Vct:
Time To STrikeAgAinST Low PAy
Scls Wrkr
Forests: Money to Burn?
Leah Speight
On SATUrdAy 19 Mach a lage goup took pat i a‘Walk i the Woos, Stop the Sale o ou Foests’ potestat Cuacloe i Wexo.Oe o the ogaises, Seamus O’Bie o PeopleBeoe Poft, sai:“Well oe to all who tue out o ou potest toa agaist the sale o Iela’s oests.“We ha people om Wicklow, Tippea, Kilae,Oal, Calow a Wexo”.Swiss compa IFF (Iteatioal Foest Fu)chaie b Betie Ahe is iteeste i buig Coilltewhich ows all ou state oests, coveig 7% o Iela’slamass.Sice it was set up as a semi-state compa i 1988,Coillte has eicate itsel to poft-makig.Labou’s Seá Shelock saig: “Labou is o ecoas opposig the sell-o o Coillte”, is o comot.Fie Gael’s ‘newErA’ polic, suppote b Labou,meas sellig o the ESB a othe state assets.Ue the FG ‘newErA’ pla, Bo a Móa aCoillte woul mege ito a ew ‘eewable eeg’compa calle ‘Bioeeg a Foest Iela’.The pla seems to be to sell o ou oests a buthem i powe statios.Pesevig ou oests meas haltig pivatisatio b takig to the steets like the potestos i Wexo.
schOOL secretArIes,mmb o  IMPActad io, a odby 72% o ak idialaio.t ai al a €30,000 a ya– om aig lil moa  miimm ag.ty a o mploydby  dpam o daio ad do o apbli i odiioo pio ig b ipo a idily ddby daio dpamga.I Jaay  dpamid ool oimplm a 5% pay .Bda MKay, o IMPAct, ay ay aioill aim o ‘miimi impa’ o  ig o  ool iold.t io old ballig ik aio o p maximm po   gom oal  pay .
Strike for
UCU MEMBErS atQueen’s Univesity andUnivesity o Ulstevoted by 63% and 73%espectively to stike.The action on 21and 24 Mach is pato olling action thatincluded successulstikes by UCU membesin Scotland and Wales.The st stike day isocused on an attack onpension ights.The second stikeday, ove both pay andpensions, will see ove100,000 wokes on stike.The UCU leadeship isusing the stike actionas a leve to oce theemployes into talks.Cuts in Educationwill be the ocus o ahuge TUC-sponsoeddemonstation in Belaston 6 Apil.
workers strike
sIPtu MeMBers aMial Fobaa aGalaa to (MFG) icomaa, Galay, ookik aio o 16 Ma.Maagm ailaally impodpay  ad iddday oi o al  a.MFG i a mi-aompay o ommiydlopm o Galaaa.t ompay a igo ao  oy.t aak o ok m om gom’ aiypogamm ad o ioial appoa.A ogaiaioppod o b pomoigmploym adppoig aagd loalommii iadmak a dda.t ik o do p i io opad  aio o o MFG o ao oy.
John LyonS
FAst-FOOD okmod a agy poo O’coll s owdday 16 Maagai  Qik siFood Allia (QFsA).t QFsA a moda hig co allgo  aig JoiLabo commi’(JLc) olli agagm.t QFsA op o gid o  JLc ad bigall ag i  idydo o  miimmag.t allia ildompai  asbay, Abakbaba,Bagl Faoy, BgKig, eddi rok’,spma’ ad hillbilli,a ll a adi baad Ialia akaay.Abakbaba i odby Di Dmod oa a bi mpi o €200 millio.spma podpo o €6.2 millio i2010 (p 18% om 2009).raa ad aigok a  lopaid o ay o ad, iIlad, ad 16% la  eu-15 aag i2008.ti aag klypay i €351: al aioal aag.Aodig o Pawad o sIPtu, “tii o abo aigjob. compai likspma’ a aally i po ia,il lo-ag oka gglig o i.“t idy’aak o ag o poo ok iaml.” raaok, Okay Gogl,aid: “raa oka alady gglig oppo o amili. Oo a b  admay o  a  oag  oo.“Ay mo  oldb diao o .”A  Dapoik od, poad ik a da Fa-ood bo.
Leah Speight
A revIew o olliag agm koa employm rglaioOd (erO) bga oFbay 25.
t agm, by JoiLabo commi (JLc) p by  Labo co, amaily o ok i ol/a-ig, aidig, xil adagil.A a pa o  eu/IMF dal,i i o a i aimd o i-a ag o impo okodiio.I i o  ag o lo-paidok o pay o  oomiii ad by  p-i.uio ad lobby gop blisday pmim ad oima ill b agd.Alo agd ill b pay ao ‘aypial o’.Aypial o a o okdpa-im, job-aig, mpig ookig ay fxibl pa olad a ‘ypial’.t a moly om.Bia Fob, Mada adio, aid  a odabo  bak-p o  JLcad i ag agm:“t o mploy ill molikly p ok o ap lm ad odiio.“May mploy a aao i ig ad a igd oakl  po o mploy.“I  lo paid a agdad  allo ay dio o ak,  o’ x?“Fim? n? w ii goig o d?”t Dapo ik’ ioyod o lo-paid ok ag bak agai  i iag.ria o  ma ppa-ig o g ad ik og.
JameS o’tooLe
2000 peopLe rcds  clsurf 16 bds  muCrl Cuhsl  Clkl,Crk.prsrs ddd  w hSe  dscuss  bdlsss.46 bds v bk u f  slsc 1998.Lcl lfr  bds wllcu  brvd b  hSeul  sl s lr vbl.t c vws 
continue the fght until
 hSe lss.
SWP forum onEconomic Crisis
Saturda April 2nd: 3pm to 6pmCassids Hotel,Caendish Row, Upper O’Connell St
Is capitalism sustainable?Marx’s theory of economic crisis
, with Brian OBoleSESSION TWO:
The Alternative to CapitalismDemocracy and socialist planning
, with KieranAllenwww.swp.ie or more inoText ino to 0863074060 to nd out more
Leah Speight
On eLectIOn day, a  popl odo dmoli Fiaa Fail, FF mii Pacay igd o o  la io o  coib ga pipli.t coib ga al ill go do iioy a  bigg ll-o o Iiaal o, i a al o po €720 billio.Fi Gal’ ‘nerA’ poliy, o pi-aiig lom, gy ad a,ill oi  pia xploiaioo coib ga.I i pla o gy, Fi Galill go .ty ill bak p ad ll esB adBod Gai.FG ogi a 90% o Ilad’ -gy d a impod, xpoig  opi ig ad pply dipio.B i olio a aimd a mo piaiaio.talk o moig o ‘domi -abl gy’ o po  om iig oilpi i aial, l  oa i pbli oip.A poliy o ‘domi abl -gy’ old bgi i ig piaiaio o coib ga.
Fg cntnue Cb gas veaay
Sll--S’s p o’Dll w pBpa cvss
Jimmy Smyth
Fast Food Rip-Off 
Clonaklt Mount Carmel Hosptal protest
Scls Wrkr 
John LyonS
Over twO ddpopl pakd o Gam ol oFiday 11 Fbay oa o o  uidL Allia’  lyld tD di ‘tnd o a ral LAlai’.wil iiially l-baoy, i akb giig o yoiold i  may uLA loal ampaig adakoldgm gio all  uLA’ adi-da,  ig amaily ak p i ak a lay aad.uLA tD d impoa o poid-ig piipld l-igoppoiio o  FiGal/Labo Paygom i  Dailad  d o a -dm o  eu/IMFbailo.spak om  foompaid  poialmobilizig po o uLA i  g o akbak o io ad oiiia ampaig aill i y  adpo y job.wi  aial iioiig o o ad Labo Pay ommi-d o aiy,  uLA ill play a pioal ol iailiaig  g bakagai  mad o  mak.O 9 Ma  ly ld tD o  uid L Alliabga i  day o  Dail o  i  popl.riad Boyd-Ba,cla Daly, samhaly, Joa colli adJo higgi  joidby o o dd p-po ad ll ia y ambld a cal Bak admad o Dail eiao ak i a.
John LyonS
3,500 stuDent ad midi ook pai oy-id poo 11 Fbay. A kla o 4,000 madog   o Dbli o  Dp o hal. I Dmb, i dyig day o  amboliFiaa Fail/G Paygom hse ad aodpay  o .A p, 4 yad o ig admidiy i 80% o  miimm alay o ll-im a o okigmadaoy 36-kplam.Dig okplam, d ak o  lldi o qalid ad a qid o oka ll o ildig 12o day, ig dy adkd i.ud  gom’la od o al ,by 2015 d ill okll-im o i moo  il plaigpaid mploy.ti i xploiaio o  ig od!InMO Gal sayLiam Doa ad:“I  pay  i od  ill mo o pa  o  ampaig ad aballoig o ya,o idial aio,i ll ppo omall o d o pogamm.”vioy o  d old b a blok agai  iodiio ao alad o pbli i.
Dckwke’sSupptesat Cut
John LyonS
A lArge ptst was hd t-sid th imina ts n 16Mah t sppt gad MDnn, n  th MTl stik-s in Dbin Pt in 2009.gad was nty astdand had in atin t a ‘at-in pikt’ that was stad dinth stik in Dbin hab.gad is ain th si-s has nd th maitim saty at with a fn  p t€250,000 hanin v his andhis amiy’s had.H was astd, handdand thwn in a .gad is 63 yas d andnt in th bst  hath.This is hw th Stat andgadai tat a wk whht bavy  his and a ihts.Hw da thy ps wk-s with th  vi  thiaw whi th whit a thivswh ind this nty wak!gad’s as has bn ad-jnd nti 1 Api.
the us-LeD aak oLibya i o abo ‘poigiilia’ o ‘maiaiaiio’.I i a agi mo d-igd o ok  Aabolio.A ‘o fy zo’ i a mid by  Pagoo id  aliy o bombadm.O bombadm a, w po alayala miliay aio.ti a iaigiilia da o ‘olla-al damag’ a y lik oall i.A g la o  aak apoidd by  Gl sa, a Qaa ad  uidAab emia, il sadiAabia poidd moy.t a o wodmaio o  sadi iaio ad p-pio o  olioi Baai – ad o all oaio o ‘o-fy zo’.Fo dadabl a-o,  dpa popl o Bgazi alld o waio a y  poddby  pio miliayipo o  Gaddaigim.B  gom,o o laim o lp Libya olioay mo-m, d o d m Libya d oz i w bakig y-m o o pply m iapo.J a mo ago, uKlad Daid camo odGl a i a am o am maa o llig j, bmai,g, li bao adaga o  dpo ol o o a.
By gaiig a ooold iLibya,  w lad- op o ag ‘ol om blo’ o a ‘-gim ag’ om aboad o a po-woppoiio.ti agi aim i o ool o Libya’ oilppli ad y ill opyad paiio  oy i ay.ho,  us i lyakd by a ballooigdb ii ad i aig ada i Agaia adIaq.t op lo o us a  pli abo idom o mbakig o Libya ad.B  olio aom om a i agagai ood ifaio ada lak o job.t poliial y o dmo-ai ig i ig ia dmad o allia oomi odiio o ma o popl.I ill o b ay o p-p i olio.
soiali a i omplolidaiy i  piigad a o   doallo all diao.w oppo all w mili-ay iio i  gio.O  dy o i op  Ai-wa Mombak oo  .ta mom may amall b i ill go a aliy o  impiali aom om.
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Dubln Tasts ULA TDs
irsh Ant war moveent Stateent:
“On the 8th annivesay o the2003 invasion o Iaq, the lessonso the two disastous was in Iaqand Aghanistan have not beenleaned.“A new wa has been declaedon the Gadda egime which willinvolve moe civilians being killed and will not nec-essaily bing peace to Libya no a esolution to theconfict thee.“The expeience o Iaq shows that genu-ine democacy and eedom cannot gow omaeial bombadment and oeign occupation.”
Western bomsChoke Revoluton
SaDie RoBinSon
BecAuSe o th athqak and tsnami inJapan, m than 10,000pp a thht thav did and hndds  thsands a hmss.Thy hav dwindinsppis  wat, d andmdiin—and n hat.Bt nw Japan is ainna mtdwn.expsins at itskshima na pant,at th athqak andtsnami, hav asddans vs  adiatin int th atmsph.Japan’s vnmntand na mpanisspnt days sayin thatth aks w “ndnt”.Nw adiatinhas ahd Tky,shwin p in wat,ai and d.Th naisis isn’t imitd tkshima.Th onaawana pw statindad a stat  mnyat a f sht dwn itsin systms.cin pmps asstppd wkin at th Tkai N 2 pant.W a wathinth bist nadisast  dads—and it d hav bn avidd. Th kshima pant is bitn a at in and hasa histy  adiatinaks, damad atsand v-ps.Bt Japan’svnmnt t it ayn patin.Th atst isis has shwnwhat many pp hav ad  dads: napw pss a hif thatt  ivs and th pant.N matt wh it isbit.und pss,gmany’s Ana Mkdd th immdiat shtdwn  7  gmany’s17 na pw pants.W dn’t nd napw.W shd dmand thatvy na pant is shtdwn nw.
Japan Tragedy Shows Nuclear Plants Unsafe
t Fukus rcr
Student Nurses Protest Slave Wages

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