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Published by Ethan Axelrod

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Published by: Ethan Axelrod on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Loveland Museum Art Incident
A man stood quietly sobbing in a corner of the museum. “How couldyou…destroy ART!?” Tears of outrage and disbelief swim in his eyes.
And there stands you, worldly America.
Several years ago, there was a similar “work of art” on display.
The “
sculpture by Andre Serrano
A crucifix displayed in the “artists” urine. Now there
was a labor of lengthy diligence.I have never been more outraged. I was utterly livid. The oceans were the
only thing that stopped me. They were an obstacle I couldn’t overcome. Some
teenagers in Australia, where the display was then showing, were given the honorof destroying it, instead. From the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you!Two or three days prior to destroying the Loveland piece, I heard about thedisplay causing controversy. As an over-the-road truck driver, most of my newsand information comes over innumerable radio channels, spread across the entireU.S.
Coming off “home time” in Montana, I caught only partial snippets of the story.
After picking up a load of empty U.S. postal shipping trays in Spokane, WA, I wason my way to delivery in Denver. Thi
s is called a “back haul.” There isn’t any real
product, just empty containers.From the news stories, I knew there was a piece of art somewhere in Colorado.That night, in Casper, WY, I was able to check on the internet and learned it wason display in Loveland and I would be passing right by there. The stories called ita Lithograph.
definitions described them as etchings in stone or metal. That iswhy I bought a crowbar from the Flying J in Cheyenne.
I didn’t know what I would
find as far as the work itself or the construction of the display. I had no idea whatkind of security would be in place.
Whereas, upon hearing about the crucifix soaking in urine, I was utterly livid,upon hearing about Jesus in a dress, having breasts, and being serviced by a manwith a big, ugly, red tongue, I was utterly calm and steadfast.
That doesn’t mean I was unafraid. My knees were unsteady
and I asked God if I was indeed the right person for the job.
Was he sure there wasn’t someone who
had a recent prison conversion who better knew the ins and outs of serving time
and committing crimes? I didn’t really even understand about bail, etc.
Those doubts were fleeting. If I could be a trucker in New York, I could and
would do this. I put on the “Tougher Than Nails” T
-shirt to draw strength fromJesus and to help feel His nearness.
I wasn’t sure about whether or not to take the crow bar inside. I thought
about hiding it in the bushes outside. Fortunately, it fit perfectly inside mydoubled over fleece jacket.The museum had a lot of people there looking at the display; the price of the
museum’s soul.
(How cheaply they spent their soul.) It took from 45 minutes toan hour and a half for an opening to occur so I could destroy the piece withouthurting anyone. I went through the lower part of the museum 2-3 times, theactual room itself I circled an uncounted number of times, then I learned therewas an upstairs and toured the topographic display of the area.
When I saw the display case, I couldn’
t tell whether it was glass or Plexiglas. If it had been Plexiglas, the crowbar might have bounced off and not brokenimmediately. That is why I hit it so hard and cut my fingers (minor scratches).The bar went through real glass like butter. Two taps from any paperweight couldhave done the job.
In the words of Mercy Me, “Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary.Nevertheless, I lay it at your feet.”
 Before going any farther, let me introduce myself to some who might haveheard from me in the past. During the 2008 election, I posted on the MikeHuckabee campaign website as Kathy4Huckabee.
Working as a trucker, I was trying to reach the truckers on the CB radio asGrandma Kathy.Over time, God had trained me not to move the truck even one revolution of the tires without getting my Bible verse for the day.Preachers say, when God says something in the bible 3 times, you need to payparticular attention. During September and October before the art incident, 6times God gave me the same verse or theme. I thought He was upset with thetruckers for being too hard headed and not accepting Him fast enough with therapture deadline drawing close so rapidly.
“There was a man of Royal Birth, who went on a long journey to be crowned
King. He was despised and rejected. When He left, His subjects sent a delegation
after Him and said, “We don’t want this man to be King over us.”“He was made King, however. When He returned, He said, “Bring thosesubjects who didn’t want me to be their King and kill them here in front of me.”
 Sometime during the night before the incident, God Himself said this was whatHe had brought me to do. Everything else that had happened in my life had been
leading up to this point in time. I didn’t groan, but I wanted to. Taking up crosses
is not easy.
The Bible verse that morning was “On the Day of the Lord, those slain by the
Lord will be everywhere, from one end of the earth to the other. They will not bemourned or gathered up or buried, but will be like garbage
lying on the ground.”
Ihad a supremely ticked off Royal on my hands. Imagine the roaring publicoutrage if anyone dared to treat Prince William as Jesus is treated.God had told me I would speak for Him three times. I believe those times wereas Kathy4Huckabee, Grandma Kathy and now, somehow, through this LovelandArt incident. (But that was not in my thoughts nor was it my intention at the startof this incident.)Go ballistic, people opposing God. Yes, God DOES speak to, and through, Hispeople. God is REAL!

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