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Quill April 2011 BEST PDF

Quill April 2011 BEST PDF

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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on Mar 29, 2011
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 G LD NUGGETS is a new blog for and by GPOC members. Our intent is for GoldNuggets to become an informational hub for members to keep up to date with GPOC newsand events. We encourage you to email your news items and information to the webmaster atwww.gpoc.com. The webmaster, Stacey Smith, will ensure they get onto the blog.Join GPOC on FACEBOOK! You need your own Facebook accountAccess GPOC on FACEBOOK through a link on the GPOC website
official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado volume 38 no.4
Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
President’s Letter cont.
2Letter from the Editor 
2April Calendar 
3How the Rocky Mts. formed
4Equipment Raffle
4Large Nugget Found
4Mining the Internet
4Conditions of Use
5Conditions of Use
6Conditions of Use
7Membership Minutes
8BLM News Release
8Casual Use Definition
8GPOC Application
From the President:
Well, here we are in the new 2011 season,and the GPOC claims
now have their Plansof Operation in place. The show goes onfor those of us willing to follow the rulesand contribute to the reclamation needed tokeep our claims looking as though no onehas ever been mining there before.
We received a letter from the Departmentof the
Interior, Bureau of LandManagement dated March 15th stating allaspects of our Plan of Operation had beenapproved and the $2,500.00 had beenreceived and accepted. Thank you to allthose who helped in finalizing this plan,especially our Vice President Mr. WayneWittcopp, who was instrumental when itbecame very difficult and overwhelming forus.
Our Plan of Operations with the USDAForest Service for Beaver Creek iscompleted and has been accepted with abond of $2,118 for reclamation. This yearwe plan to have an outing on Beaver Creekto fill holes and do reclamation work as wellas improving our claim markers. A specialthanks to our Secretary Elise Pearce whowas instrumental in helping to get this planoff the ground and turn it into a reality.Several outings are being scheduled overnext few months, including a Golden Trailtour
on Hywy 67 of Cripple Creek/ Victor,
mid April weather permitting. Pleaserefer to our web site for updates.
continued on page 2 
How about this confusing claims map?
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No. 4 WE ARE ELECTRONIC atwww.gpoc.com
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
Vice President
Wayne Wittkoppvicepresident@gpoc.com
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Bill Smithtreasure@gpoc.com
Stacey Smithwebmaster@gpoc.com
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Contact Infofor all club activities
Bob Hale(719)213-3383
School Events
Phil Vigil(719) 391-9975
TrusteesOne Year
Two Year
Diane Anderson
Three Year
Jim Blakenship
Marty Witcherclaims@gpoc.com
Letter from the Editor:The claim map on the front page is representative of theconfusing maze the GPOC has gone thru in order to obtainapproval for our Plans of Operations!If a claimant wants to do
mechanized exploration
or miningthat will disturb more than five acres of public land, he or shemust file a Notice of Intent & Plan of Operations with the BLMand Forest Service, and conduct the appropriate review andpermitting outlined by the43 CFR 3809and43 CFR 3715 regulations. The BLM must approve any Plan of Operationsthat disturbs more than five acres of public land.
Any surfacedisturbing activities require a bond to ensure that reclamationwill occur on the site once the mineral development iscompleted.Locating a mining claim requires discovering valuableminerals, having claim corner and discovery monumentation,submitting a courthouse filing (map and description of claim)and filing the appropriate forms with the BLM state office. TheState of Colorado does not have specific forms for Plans ofOperations so GPOC members had to create our own. Formore detailed information please refer to: State of Coloradoregulations on locating mining claims and sites (Circular No.3).By reading the information in Circular No. 3 you should gain abetter idea of how involved the process is and gain anappreciation for the work our club members have done.As a GPOC member, you have the exclusive right to work theclub claims. Even if you do not own mechanized prospectingequipment you can still prospect with “Casual Use” equipment.(see page 8)This year the BLM changed their procedures for permits on theArkansas River and will not issue permits for private claims.The BLM will only issue “Engine Operated Equipment” permitsfor the Point Bar (public claim) and
Non-group claim blocks.Motorized equipment season along the Arkansas River is fromApril 1 to September 30 and at Cache Creek Placer Area fromMemorial Day to November 30
Private claim owners must file a “Plan of Operation” and issuetheir own permits under their plans.This month, informationconcerning permits for motorized equipment used on GPOCclaims is published in the Quill.While many have been eager for the information to beavailable, I would like to have you take the time to thank thosemember
s who have volunteered 100
s of hours to make this allhappen for the club.While Plans of Operation were submitted some months ago,the club has had to wait for approval by the USDA ForestService and the BLM. Letter
s of approval were received onMarch 29th from the Forest Service and the BLM.The GPOC is the only group to date that has had a Plan ofOperations approved to operate motorized equipment in theState of Colorado. What better reason to belong to the GPOC!
Our old and new claims are in need of proper staking. If you
re willing tohelp this Spring, please e-mail either www.claims@gpoc.com orwww.claims.chair@gpoc.com for information. By joining the ClaimsCommittee you can learn how to file your own claim in Colorado. TheClaims Committe also provides reclamation of the GPOC
s currentclaims helping to insure we are in compliance with the BLM & ForestService Regulations and our Plan
s of Operations.An emergency Board meeting was held on Saturday March 19th forfinalizing information and forms for the permits that will be issued for ourclaims on the Arkansas River and Beaver Creek. The permits will beavailable for purchase at GPOC club meetings and events and at theRoc Doc for $15.00 for each area. The permits are only available tocurrent GPOC club members.
At the General Membership meeting on April 13th there will be a class onhow to operate a GPS unit and how to navigate your way around ourclaims. This will be a benefit to all, as the GPS unit is invaluable forresearch and helping you to find your way.
The May 11th General Membership meeting will be on Metal Detectingby Larry Weilnau. The class will even come with an obstacle course, sowe need to pay attention so we don't fail the test. LOL
There is a lot to be said about our new season, how it will turn out andthe treasures that our claims could potentially produce, both in goodmemories and
Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped out this year and madethis organization what it is today. Now hold on and see what happens thisyear as things are going to get exciting.Sincerely, “Big” Ben
New Claims
The GPOC is currently developing new claims below Leadville with152.22 acres. The club has filed a Notice of Intent at the CourtHouse and temporary claim markers have been placed. When theweather improves the club will be placing permanent claim markers,preparing paperwork to submit to the BLM and developing a Plan ofOperations. The area does have access to the Arkansas River andis BLM land. Historically, Lake County has been an important miningarea and we hope to continue this tradition!We would like to thank The Roc Doc for volunteering to be aresource where you can buy your permits for motorized equipment.Please be courteous and patient when visiting them, they may bebusy and it will take some time to get to you.
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No. 4 WE ARE ELECTRONIC atwww.gpoc.com
meetings meetings events eventsca en ar 
For further information contact:
Bob Hale(719) 213-3383www.gpoc.com
April 13th GeneraMembership Meeting -GPS 
Steve Baker and two (2)assistants will be coming to givea class on GPS.Don't forget your GPS unit.Anyone who has additional GPSunits, if you could please bring
Board Meeting
Gold Hill PoliceStation7:00 PM955 Moreno Avenue,CS, CO
10 AM - 1 PMWestern Museum ofMining & Industry225 N. Gate Blvd.CS, CORichard Stockton(719)-233-0098
GPS Map &CompassClasses
9-11 AM & 12-4 PMDenver FederalCenter Building 810Lakewood, CO(303) 202-4689see info below
CSMS SilentAuction
10 AM-2 PMMuseum of Miningand Industry225 N. Gate Blvd.CSsee info below them for those that wish toparticipate.
April 1st
- Permits go on sale
April 1st
- Motorized equipmentallowed on Arkansas River only
June 15th
- USDA FS gatescheduled to open on BeaverCreek. & motorized equipmentallowed on GPOC claims ONLY
Please refer to the information below for further events as well as on page 8.
7:00 PM3400 N.NevadaCS, CO
Heritage LecturePolitical Natureof Energy
7:00 PMWestern Museum ofMining & Industry225 N. Gate Blvd.Colorado Springs(719) 488-0880
Keep What YouFind
Museum ofMining and Industry225 N. Gate Blvd.Colorado Springs((719) 488-0880see info below
Colorado Mineral& Fossil Show
4849 Bannock St.,Denver, Coloradosee info below
USGS Free GPS Map, and Compass Classes 
second Friday
of each month. The sessions are held in Building810 at the Denver Federal Center, Lakewood; Map and Compasssessions are in the morning, 9-11 a.m., and "Using GPS with TopoMaps" in the afternoon, 12-4 p.m. You may sign up for either or bothclasses. Call for reservations: (303) 202-4689 or send an e-mail to gpsworkshops@usgs.gov.
Museum of Mining and Industry April 7th 
Heritage Lecture Political Nature of Energy 
Robert E. Ebel presently is Senior Advisor to the Center for Strategicand International Studies (CSIS) and is co-director of the Caspian SeaOil Study Group and of the Oil Markets Study Group. Free. To reserveyour spot, call 719-488-0880 or e-mail rsvp@wmmi.org.
Museum of Mining and Industry 
Keep What You Find Gold & Gemstone Panning 
April 16 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Take a tour of the museum to learn how to pan for real gold. Eachvisitor gets to keep whatever treasures they find! Daily tours begin at10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. No reservations required.
Use your GPOC membership card for free admission.
Colorado Mineral and Fossil Spring Show 
April 22-23-24 
Holiday Inn-Denver Central, 4849 Bannock St. (Retail and Wholesale)Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Free Admission – Free Parking
Garmin Handheld Basic 101
April 23 
12 PM-2 PM 
s Warehouse 55 N. Chelton Road, CS, CO
Garmin Handheld specific GPS demo.This course will includewaypoints, yardage and giveaways.
 Steve Baker 
Basic Pistol Class Saturday, April 02 10 AM - 4 P
s Warehouse 55 N. Chelton Road, CS, CO
Class qualifies the participant for a Colorado Concealed Permit. Theclass is $100.00 per person.
 Jack B
State Gold Championships 
A date and location has been tentatively set for the 2011 State GoldPanning Championships sponsored by the GPOC. If we receive afinal confirmation the championships will be held at the WesternMuseum of Mining and Industry in Colorado Springs. Through theefforts of Shirley & Larry Weilhnau , Victor Mine will be sponsoring theevent. The dates are tentatively set as the first full weekend in August.
Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society Second Annual Silent Auction & Bake Sale
April 23, 2011 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the WMMI 225 North Gate Blvd.CS, Colorado
Lots of fun for the entire family! We will have an assortment of mineralspecimens, slabs for lapidary work, fossils, and finished pieces for folks to bidon. There will also be some special items of interest to capture your attentionand earn a bid. Club members will be donating an assortment of homemadegoodies to purchase. Come see the Museum, have fun bidding on favoriteitems, and take home a few goodies to eat later.
Admission: Standard WMMI Admissions apply. CSMS members and otherWMMI supporting clubs admitted free.

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