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9.05 Feature Summary
Epicor 9.05 Feature Highlights
Epicor 9.05.604 Feature Highlights
Capture COS for Projects
Capture Project Revenue
Select Range of Dates
Reference Rules
BAQ Search Dialog Enhancements
BAQ Support for Windows Server ODBC Data Sources
Handle Business Entities in BAQ Designer
Debugging Customizations in Visual Studio
Import Active Directory Users
Status Balloon Properties
Support Customizable Tracker in ESP
Adding AppBuilt Dashboards to MES
Epicor 9.05.603 Feature Highlights
Demand Contract Entry - Close a Contract
Demand Contract Entry - Open a Contract
RMA Inspection Sample Size
Multiple Inspection Plans
CRM User Interface
Multiple System Agents
Alternate Clients BPM Messages
Required Field Visual Indicator
Epicor 9.05.602 Feature Highlights
Epicor 9.05.601 Feature Highlights
Close Case
Reopen Case
Synchronize Revision Approval
CRM Call Enhancements
Case Entry - People Sheet
Customer Tracker - Tree View
Task List - People Sheet
Quote Order Wizard - One Time Ship To
Alternate Parts
Opportunity/Quote Entry - People Sheet
Quote Header Miscellaneous Charge
Employee Expense Report
Add and Remove Items
Invoice Contract
Renewal Codes
Renew Contracts
Capture Revenue and COS Recognition Activity
Recall Previously Approved or Rejected Transactions
Default Shift
Restrict Time Entry
Production Detail Report - Exclude Miscellaneous Charges
Employee Training
Engineering Workbench - People Sheet
VAT on Settlement Report
Legal Numbers
Asset Depreciation Forecast Report
Petty Cash
•Revenue Recognition
Revenue Amortization
Revenue Recognition
Hold/Unhold Amortization Periods
Annual Total Journal Report
Move WIP
BAQ Zone
Epicor SharePoint Publisher
Copy to Excel
Excel Uptake Enhancements
URL Query Phrase Subscribers
Integration with Performance Canvas
Epicor Web Access Data Tag Support
Email Attachments
Alternate Report Styles
Enterprise Quick Search
Epicor Search Anywhere
Epicor 9.05.600 Feature Highlights
Epicor 9.05 Functionality Chart
Contact Attributes
Customer Quick Entry
Industry Classification Types
National Account Visibility
Person Contact Maintenance
Shared Contacts
CRM Cases
Multiple Forecast Confidence Factors
EDI Enhancements
EDI/Demand Management Configured Parts
Mark For Customers
Multi-Level Capable to Promise (CTP)
Multi-Level Configured Sales Kits
Single Level Configurations
Approval Workflow
Employee Maintenance
Expense Search
Purchasing Miscellaneous Charge/Credit Maintenance
Quick Entry Codes
Reimbursable Check Box
Time and Expense Entry
AP Invoice Entry
Invoicing Methods
Other Direct Costs
Project Billing
Project Duplication
Project Entry
Project Revisions
WBS Phases
Maintenance Job Prefixes
Labor Interface Options
Maintenance Job Approval Options
Maintenance Jobs
Preventive Maintenance Planning
Restrict Entry Check Box
Time Booking Exception Report
Time Entry and Approval Workflow
Time Report
Time Types
Auto Job Firm Process
Auto Job Release Process
Job Types
Lean Metrics
Production Activity
Scheduling Factor Send Ahead
Calculate Manufacturing Lead Time
Plan As Assembly
Recycle Jobs
Rough Cut Scheduling
Start Minimum Quantity
Equipment Calibration
Inspection Attributes
Inspection Data Collection
Inspection Plans
•Inspection Plan
Part Revisions
Skip Lot Control
Skip Lot Processing
Serial Number Capture
Enhanced Work Queue
SSCC Codes
Non-Inventory POs
Use Tax
Adjust Sales Accounts on Invoice Lines
AR Prepayments
Free Form Invoice Numbering
Letters of Credit
Payment Instruments
Process Credit Card Transaction
Settlement Taxes
AP Prepayments
Subcontractor Invoices
Allocation Codes
Allocation History and Reversal
Allocation Processing
Advanced Financial Reporting
Asset Management
Asset Activities
Asset Register
Depreciation Methods
Module Integration
Multi-Currency Support
Physical Asset Tag
BAQ Directives
External Update Method
Updatable Business Activity Queries (BAQs)
Custom Web Forms
Dynamic User Defined Fields
Non-Customizable Forms
Dashboard Interface Types
Dashboard Mass Update
Publish Dashboards
Updatable Dashboards
Uptake From Excel
Performance Canvas
Server and Cube Connect Tools
Epicor Information Worker Overview
Information Worker Re-Architecture
Epicor Web Access Flexibility
Available Country Specific Functionality Packs
Available Languages
Country Specific Functionality
Enterprise Search Management Console
SQL Server Reporting Services Overview
Epicor 9.0 - 9.05 Cumulative Features
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management Overview
Account Information
Call History
Call Log
Campaign Creation
Campaign Management
Complete Editing Tools
Contact Information
Contact Management
Contact Name Field Enhancements
Convert Quotes to Orders
Data Management
E-mail Design (HTML or Text)
Hub mConnect
Import Wizard
Information Worker Integration
Integration with E-Mail
Lead Management
Marketing and Sales
Metrics Reporting
Opportunity Development
Performance Analysis
Permission-Based Opt-Out Control
RMA Processing
Sales Engineer mConnect
Sales mConnect
Manual Creation of Demand Reconcile Records
Manual Processing
Price Discrepancy Validation
Reservation Priority Codes
Sales Order Review Process
Allow Non Perfect Match
Unmatch Process
Order Management Overview
Bill-To Customer Logic
Blanket Orders
Build Order From History
Buy To Orders
Calculations at the Header, Line, and Release Levels
Contact Tracker
Copy Order Enhancements
Create Demand Entries
Credit Card Authorization and Encryption
Credit Checks
Delivery Days without Trading Partner
Drop Ship
Fulfillment Processing
Fulfillment Queue Management
Fulfillment Workbench
Fulfillment Workbench - Reserve Parts Updated
Lock Order Line Quantity
Miscellaneous Charge Maintenance - Percentage Charge Codes
Multiple Ship-To Addresses
Online Reservation
Order Job Wizard
Order Tracker
Order-Based Discounts
Price Lists
Project Management
Sales Commission
Sales Kits - Capable to Promise
Sales Kits - Customer Shipments
Sales Kits - Packing Slip and Invoice Print
Sales Kits - Parent Parts
Sales Kits - Part Type
Sales Order Entry - Copy Order
Sales Order Entry - Sold To in Different Territories
Ship from Multiple Locations
Wave Picking
Miscellaneous Charge - Type Options
Invoice When Complete
Configuration Overview
Automatically Mark Method Materials Global
Bill of Materials
Configurator - Tree View
Configurator Technical Reference Guide
Configure Subassembly Transfer Parts
Configured Parts within Configured Parts
Cost Rollup Group Report
Create Part Numbers
Do Not Display Input
Do Not Process On Leave Expressions When Page Loads
Ensure Rule Accuracy
Excel Interface
Global Input Variables
Move Inputs Between Pages
MRP Inclusion
Multi-Company Rules
Page Level Control
Process Dynamic Lists
Screen Input Builder
Skip Page
Smart Part Number
Sub-Component Configuration
Use Alternate Methods
Configured Status
Get Details From Generated Method
EDI Overview
EDI Interface and Integration
Net Change
Outbound EDI Documents
Third-Party Suppliers
Trading Partners
Service Management
Expense Management Overview
Field Service Overview
Automated Dispatching
Contract Renewals
Inventory Allocations
Invoice Directly
Labor Charges
Material Charges
Service Call Center Workbench
Service Contracts
Service-Level Agreements
Time and Material Billing
Tracking Service Inventory
Maintenance Management Overview
Project Management Overview
Time Management Overview
Production Management
Job Management Overview
Burden Rates
Customized Views
Drag-and-Drop Interface
Job Adjustment - Reopen Subcontract Operation
Job Closing and Completion Process
Job Costing
Job Costing Technical Reference Guide
Job Entry
Job Manager
Job Tracker
Material Shortage Flag
New/Change Order Notifications
Online Cost Tracking
Order-to-Job Linking
Planned Overproduction of Assemblies
Planning Workbench
Production Detail Report
Production Planners Workbench
Quality Control
Reference Designators
Serial Matching
Yield Scrap
Capture COS for Revenue Recognition
Scheduling Overview
Automated Scheduling by Capability
Capabilities with Zero Priority
Change Impact
Conditional Forward Schedule
Dependent Capabilities
Dual Resource Constraints
Finite Load Horizon
Finite or Infinite Capacity
Finite Scheduling
Global Scheduling Component Process
Material Constraints
Material Constraints Displayed
Memos on Multi-Resource Scheduling Board
Minimize WIP
Move Time and Queue Time - Production Calendar Constraints
Multi-Level Assemblies
Operation Complete Quantity Displayed
Operation Complete Time Displayed
Overload Informer
Reschedule Delta
Resource-Based Schedule
Resource Group
Rough Cut Scheduling - Save Resource Load
Scheduling Technical Reference Guide
Start Time
Visual Alerts
Visual Production Scheduling Board
Engineering Overview
Alternate Methods
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Capability Planning
Cost Load
Cost Rollup
Cost Set Grouping
Costing Workbench
Costs Stored
Critical Path View
Dimensional Planning
Document Linking
Engineering Change and Revision Control
Engineering Workbench
Engineering Workbench - Reference Designators
Engineering Workflow
Get Details
Mass Replace/Delete
Multiple and What-If Cost Sets
Part Cost per Plant
Part Unit of Measure - Conversion Factor Update
Phantom Structures
Requirements Reporting
Resource Planning
Revision Compare
RoHS Compliance
Subcontracting Services
UOM Class Maintenance - Conversion Operator
Visual Display
Material Requirements Planning Overview
Bill of Material
Log File
Master Production Schedule
Material Planning
Material Requirements Planning Technical Reference Guide
MPS Entry - Combine Forecast Quantities
MRP Generation
Multi-Level Pegging
Multiple MRP and PO Suggestion Processes
Part Planning Tools
Planning Horizon
Planning Types
Short Horizon Days of Supply
Short Horizon Planning
Smart Forecast®
Sourcing by Plant
Data Collection
Data Collection Module - New Location
Material Movement
MES Access to User-Defined Tables
MES Material Handling
MES Menu
Shop Warnings
Work Queue
Enhanced Quality Assurance
Inspection Results Entry
Handheld Overview
Serial Number Scanning
Process Material Queue
Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Overview
RMA Processing and RMA Disposition
Quality Assurance Overview
Audit Trails
Certificate of Compliance
Corrective Action
Cost of Quality
Course Request Browse
Debit Memos
Discrepant Material Report Processing
Inspection Workbench
Material Review Board
Non-Conformant Records
Non-Nettable Bins
Packing Slips
Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management Overview
Allocation Views
Assign Serial Numbers to Parts
Country of Origin
Cost Tracking
Custom Serial Number Format
Customer and Supplier Managed Inventory
Cycle and Physical Counts
Dimensional Inventory
FIFO Costing Method
Flexible Costing
Global Trade Standards
Inventory Clarification
Inventory Lot Tracking
Issue Material in Decimals
Lot Control
Lot Generation
Lot Number Entry
Mass Issue
Material Backflush
Multiple Warehouses/Bins
Non Quantity Bearing Parts
Part Cross Referencing
Part Master Price Breaks
Part Tracker
Physical and Perpetual Inventory
Serial Control
Serial Documentation
Serial Number Tracker
Substitute Parts
Time-Phased Material Inquiry/Report
Unit of Measure Features
Voided Serial
Shipping / Receiving Overview
Bill of Lading
Customer Shipment Tracker
Customizable Packing Slips and Labels
Divert Receipts into Inventory
Inbound Container Tracking
Landed Costs
Mass Receipt/Ship Button
Mass Ship
Miscellaneous Receipts
Miscellaneous Shipment Tracker
Pack and Ship/Packout Processing
Pack IDs
Payment Vouchers
Phantom Packs
Receipt Tracker
Shipping Labels
Shipping Performance
Subcontract Parts
Two Stage Shipping and Receiving
Default Receipt Line Quantity
Purchase Management Overview
Approved Suppliers
Automated Purchasing Tools
Change Unit of Measure
Conversion Factor Override - Purchasing UOM
Inter-Company PO - Automate Drop Shipments
Mass Purchase Order Receipt
Multiple Location Receipts
Phased Out Parts Suggestions
Purchase History
Purchase Order Printing
Purchase Order Tracker
Purchase Order Types
Purchase Requisition
Redirect Purchases into Inventory
Supplier Tracker
Supplier Tracker - Logged Invoices
Purchase Contracts Management Overview
Part Schedule
Periodicity Code
Supplier Relationship Management Overview
Buyer's Workbench
Data Mining
E-mail Integration
Epicor Sourcing Integration
History Reports
Part Price-Break Tables
Partial Job Quotes
Review Worksheet
RFQ Decision Wizard
RFQ Search Capability
RFQs for Materials or Services
Supplier's Workbench
Advanced Material Management Overview
Advanced Shipping
Assign Material Requests
Bar Coding on Demand
Divert Planned Receipts to Inventory
Label Printing
Material Handler Interface
Part Identification
Pick Face
Prioritizing Orders
Reporting Scrap
Reserving Inventory
Sales Order Allocation
Shipping and Receiving
Shop Floor Interface
WIP Locations
WIP Staging
WIP Traceability
Financial Management
Accounts Receivable Overview
Aging Information
AR Interest Invoices
AR Invoice Entry - Multi-Currency
AR Invoice Tracker
Consolidated Invoice Reporting
Create Invoices Per Packing Slip Line
Credit Card Authorization
Credit Card Processing
Credit Holds
Credit Manager Workbench
Customer Receipts
Customer Reminders
Customer Tracker
Debit Notes
Finance Charges
Finance Charges - Include CM
Invoice Entry
Invoice Tracker
Invoice/Statement Forms
Manual Selection of Shipments and Invoices
National Accounts
Report Format Transmission
Sales Analysis
Sales Commission Report
Sales Commissions
Sales Tax Register
Settlement Currencies
Soft Formats for EFT
Storno Accounting
Tax Regimes
Taxes on Detail Lines
Terms and Conditions
Void Invoices and Cash Receipts
Accounts Payable Overview
Central Payment
Exchange Rate
Future Dated Payment Instruments
General Ledger Interface
Job Cost Updates
Payment Entry
Purchasing Variance
Recurring Entries
Three-Way Match
Voided Numbers
Advanced Allocations Overview
Asset Management Overview
Cash Management Overview
Bank Reconciliation
Currency Management Overview
Accounts Payable
Bank Accounts
Cash Receipts
Currency Hierarchy
Customer Orders
Customer Price Lists
Exchange Rates
Gain/Loss Calculations
Multi Currency
Purchase Orders
Revaluation Options
Supplier Price Breaks
Three Decimal Multi-Currency Support
Deferred Revenue Accounting Overview
•Hold/Unhold Amortization Periods
General Ledger Overview
Account Tracker
Auto-Export GL Data
Balance Control
COA Generation
Correspondence Accounting
Enhanced Chart of Accounts
Financial Report Writer
Flexible Posting Times
General Ledger Report Writer
GL Controls
GL Distribution Report - Book Selection
GL Transaction Detail Tracker
Global Rounding Engine
Global Tax Engine
Invoice Logging and GL Accounting
Journal Detail Tracker
Legal Numbering
Multiple Books
Multiple Company
Multiple Fiscal Calendars and Adjustments
Multiple Validation Rules
Multi-Company Journal Processing
Posting Engine
Currency Transactions GL Import
Multi-Site Overview
Alternate Bill of Materials per Plant
Alternate Routings per Plant
Cost by Plant
Financial Consolidation
Global Customers, Parts and Suppliers
Global Supplier Price Agreements
Information Sharing
Inter-Company Eliminations
Inter-Company Trading
Microsoft Project Integration
Multi-Company Purchasing
Multi-Company Security
Multi-Site Consolidation - Sonic Installation
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Project Contacts
Plant Scheduling Functions
Production Plants
Project Analysis
Project Budgets
Project Generation
Project Invoicing
Project Schedule
Responsiveness and Visibility
Revenue Analysis
Shared Warehouses
Single Company or Global Credit Checking
Unique Accounts
Unlimited Parent-Child Hierarchy
Virtual Multi-Company Views
Virtual Plant Support
Payroll Overview
Automatic General Ledger Entries
Check History
Direct Deposit
Magnetic Media Reporting
Pay Types
Payroll Check Entry
Payroll Check Form - Pay Rate Field
Payroll Taxes
Personnel Information
Tax Deductions
Transfer Labor Hours
Voluntary Deduction
W-2 Forms
Rebates, Promotions, and Royalties Overview
Generate Rebate Transaction Process
Get Rebates
Rebate Contract Entry
Rebate Trackers
Rebate Transaction Adjustment
System and Tools
Administration Console
Advanced Print Management Overview
APM Plus Sub-Module
Color Prints and Scans
Document Distribution
Document Management
Document Splitting
Microsoft Office Integration
Multiple Data Formats
Multiple Image Formats
Multiple Output Methods
Advanced Quality Management (AQM) Overview
Audit and Cost Monitoring
Customer Communications
Employee Database
Epicor 9 Integration
Manage Documentation
Quality Management
Supplier Communications
AutoVue Overview
Cimitry-Autovue Integration
BAQ Report Designer Overview
BAQ Report Tools
Custom BAQ Report
Deploy Reports to the Main Menu
Export and Import BAQ Report
Standard BAQ Report
Bartender Overview
Auto-Print Integration
Business Activity Management Overview
Auto-Print Reports or Labels
BAM Rules
Business Activity Manager
Change Logs
Custom Global Alerts
Custom Procedures
Executive Dashboard
Business Activity Query Overview
BAQ Designer
Data Form Designer
Informational Messages
Method Directives
Multiple Changed Row Support
Property Bag Support
Service Connect Integration
Customization Overview
Customization Wizards
Dynamic Extended Properties
Embedded Dashboard Panel Wizard
Export Customizations
Grid Customization
Image Column Row Rule Wizard
Image Column Wizard
Multiple Customizations
Revert to Original Format
New Standalone User-Defined Tables
Toolbox - New PictureBox Control
Web Form Customization
Work in Process Stages
Dashboards Overview
Custom Dashboards
Dashboard Assemblies
Dashboard Charts
Dashboard Crystal Reports
Dashboard Image Column
Dashboard Properties - Disable Refresh All
Dashboard Style Sheets
Dashboard Tech and User Notes
Deploy Dashboards to the Main Menu
Executive Dashboards
Export and Import Definitions
Grid, Chart, and Tracker Views
Process Links
Publish and Subscribe
Report View and Report Link
Standard Dashboards
URL and XSLT View
Data Tagging Overview
Documentation and Education Overview
Embedded Courses
Field Help
Improved Help Search
Links that Open Programs
Reorganized Help System
Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise Performance Management Overview
Epicor Information Worker
Information Worker Data
Information Worker for Excel
Information Worker for Outlook
Information Worker for Word
Information Worker Installation
Epicor Service Connect Overview
Convert Data
Custom Workflows
One-Stop Administration
Service Connect -- Additional Parts Functionality
Transform Data
Unified Processes
Epicor Tax Connect Overview
Real-Time Tax Calculations
Tax Solution Integration
Verify Customer Addresses
Epicor Web Access™
Browser Support
Support for Customization
Localization Overview
Language Maintenance
Multi Language
Right to Left Text Support
Satellite Assemblies
Translation Utility
User Entered Language Elements
Management Reporter Overview
Management Reporter
Management Reporter Tools
OPEN4 Overview
Epicor Integration
GL Information Extraction
Productive Time Extraction
PayPal Service Update - 4.3 Version
Personalization Overview
Favorite Groups
Interface Layouts
Options Window
Reset Layouts to Base
Save Personalizations
Shortcut Bar
View Menu
Product LifeCycle Management Overview
Export or Import Documents
Workflow Management
Replication Server Overview
Report Tools
Searches Overview
Advanced Searches
Business Activity Query Searches
Enterprise Search
Named Searches
Quick Searches
Standard Searches
Security Overview
Menu Security Report
ShopVision Overview
Cash Flow
Customer Shipping Performance
Plant Performance
Sales Order Backlog Analysis
Supplier Performance
Sourcing Overview
Sourcing Integration
Styling and Themes Overview
Load Style Theme
RunTime Styler
Style Tracking
Theme Maintenance Wizard
System Management Overview
/RPT Run Time Argument
BI Web Parts
Company Configuration
Context Menu Maintenance
Cube Connect
Customization/Personalization Maintenance
Document Attachments
External Company Maintenance
Implementation Checklist
Multi-Company Menu
System Tasks
Performance Tuning Technical Reference Guides
Plant Configuration Control
Report Style - Output EDI
Sales Connect
TIE Commerce Overview
TIE Commerce Integration
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