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Published by Ali Akbar Khan
Islamist plan to rule the world.
Islamist plan to rule the world.

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Published by: Ali Akbar Khan on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sometimes word of an action leaks out ± this was even the casewith September 11
: Mamdouh Habib's foray into Islamism began in1991, when he took his family to New York, where two sisters lived. Heran into two friends from Cairo who were followers of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. At their urging, Mamdouh Habib went to the federalcourthouse to protest the prosecution of El Sayyid A. Nosair, who wason trial for murdering Rabbi Meir Kahane. Mr. Habib held rallies in1995 for Sheik Abdel Rahman, who was then on trial on charges of conspiring to blowup New York City landmarks, charges on which he was convicted and remains in jail. Afew days before September 11, 2001, Mr. Habib called his wife from Pakistan, and aswas the will of the disbelievers, her phone was being monitored. In the conversation Mr.Habib said something big was going to happen in America in the next few days. ThePakistanis were alerted and kidnapped then tortured him and turned him over to theAmericans who brought him to Egypt where he was subjected to more torture thentransferred to Guantanamo then released.
Another man who was indirectly connected to our network was knownas Anthony Elgindy. At a court hearing the prosecutor, Kenneth Breen, saidthat Anthony contacted an unidentified broker at Salomon Smith Barney onSeptember 10, 2001. Predicting that the Dow Jones industrial average wouldsoon collapse by about two-thirds, the prosecutor said that Elgindy asked thebroker to sell $300,000 in his children's trust funds. Elgindy, however, was unable to sellthat day and did not sell until the markets reopened for trading on September 18.
 Elgindy was arrested but not because he had foreknowledge of 9/11 but because hewas caught manipulating stock prices along with a corrupt FBI Agent. It would havebeen very embarrassing for the FBI to be so connected to a man who knew about 9/11ahead of time. So, to avoid that embarrassment, the Justice Department avoided anyindictments relating to terrorism, and junked any such investigations into Elgindy despitethe profile of Khaled Elgindy, his brother. Khaled Elgindy used stints at the StateDepartment and a U.S. government commission to carry out the edicts of SheikRahman in regard to Egyptian Coptic Christians. He worked for a Michigan Islamiccharity that openly funded Hamas, secretly raised money to fund Iraqi insurgentsagainst American soldiers, and has ties to Al-Qaeda. Finally, there is Khaled Elgindy'sgood work for the Palestinian Authority and his work for various pro-Islamist ArabMuslim groups, like the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
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As the big day drew near Mohammad Salameh became more and careless. Helisted the address of the Islamic
Center Of Jersey City
17 Park St, Jersey City on hisrental slip for the van that would transport the bomb, as he worshipped there regularly.We thank Allah [subhanahu wa ta¶ala] that he did not list Masjid al-Salaam. That is theaddress of the oldest mosque in Jersey City that was headed by Hamas fundraiser Muhammad Al-Hanooti at the time of the bombing but is now as close to a pro-American mosque as you are going to get. Abdul Rahman Yasin taught him how todrive the van. As identification, he used a New York license bearing his own name andEl-Gabrowny¶s address, 57 Prospect Park Southwest, Brooklyn, New York, instead of using a forged document. This was the same address that was used by El-SayyidNosair before he blasted Kahane. Salameh was convinced the van would be destroyedbeyond identification in the explosion. The night before the bombing in order to distancehimself from the Ryder van should it be identified, Salameh falsely reported to the policethat it had been stolen. Another brilliant move!Eyad Ismoil, a 21-year-old Palestinian Brother and Jordanian citizen who hadentered the United States in 1989 on a student visa agreed to helptransport the bomb to the World Trade Center. After a brief stint studyingengineering at Wichita State University in Kansas, Ismoil dropped out of school and stayed in America as an illegal alien. He would tell theJordanian police that while in America, ³he had been working odd jobs indifferent stores and of his two day stay in New York before returning toJordan. Ismoil stated that while in New York, in a pornography or sex shop on 42
 Street, he was confronted by a male from Kuwait, possibly a Pakistani who was in thecompany of another male. This male told him they had a cleaning business, like soapsand things, and the male asked Ismoil if he wanted to work for them as a driver. Ismoilsaid that he had initially refused the offer but the male persisted, telling Ismoil that heshould give it a try. Ismoil agreed and drove a van with these men into New York andthen into a large building, the Trade Tower. Ismoil stated that after they had driven downinto the building he was told to stop, the van was left there and all three of them entereda small car and left the building. After leaving the building Ismoil heard a big explosionand he was then told to leave the United States.´
 On February 26, 1993 Eyad Ismoil and Mohammed Salemeh drove to the TradeCenter and parked in its basement. Salemeh drove even though he had three accidentsrecently, one of which landed Ramzi Yousef a hospital. They had planned to arrivethere early in the morning, at about 9:30 a.m. but one of the Brothers had forgotten togive them a wake-up call, and they overslept. Because of their tardiness, MohammedSalemeh was unable to park the truck next to a key column, which might have resultedin toppling the Trade Center and killing at least 250,000
It has been alleged by one Peter Lance that Ahmed Amin Refai,an accountant at the New York City Fire
4. 93CR180 Doc #599
Department came into possession of the blueprints for the Trade Center. Theseblueprints would have been invaluable in determining the best location to park the truck-bomb. Robert I. Friedman got this statement out of an FBI explosives expert: ³If theyhad found the exact architectural Achilles' heel of the World Trade Center I think itwould have brought her down.´ Refai attended both the Al-Farooq and Abu Bakr Mosques and had been photographed with Sheik Rahman, who he served as a³translator´ for during the Sheik¶s immigration trial. Peter Lance discovered that Refaiknew Brothers Nosair, Salameh and Ahmed Sattar and was interviewed by the FBItwice in 1992. He revealed Refai called in sick on the day of the first World TradeCenter Event and that in 1999 he lied about having lost some Fire Departmentidentification, so that he could gain access to a facility that housed more recentblueprints. Refai claimed the 1992 FBI interviews concerned a money launderinginvestigation, not so-called terrorism and that he did NOT obtain any blueprints nor didhe call in sick on the day of the first World Trade Center Event. When the Brother saidthat the United States Government carried out our September 11
action on behalf of Israel he erred and only aroused more suspicion
but the Islamist line must be followed.Later, the Imam Intikab Habib was forced to resign his post as New York City FireDepartment Chaplin because he said this in relation to our 9/11 Victory,I as an individual don't know who did the attacks. There are somany conflicting reports about it. I don't believe it was 19 hijackers who didthose attacks. I've heard professionals say that nowhere ever in history dida steel building come down with fire alone. It takes two or three weeks todemolish a building like that. But it was pulled down in a couple of hours.Was it 19 hijackers who brought it down, or was it a conspiracy?
 On June 20, 1993, shortly before Sheik Rahman¶s followers would be arrestedfor plotting to destroy the bridges and tunnels leading to New York City Emad Salemrecorded this conversation between Siddig Ali Siddig and a male called whom thetranscriber spelled as ³Rafhi.´Siddig Ali: (UI). (Beeper sounded off). 795 02Salem: Samir.Siddig Ali: This will be in Jersey. Dial 201 let us hope it is something good.Salem: By God.Siddig Ali: Dial 201.Salem: 7
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. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/newyork/nyc-imam0930,0,6360713,print.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

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