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Published by Ali Akbar Khan
Islamic plot to control the world so that Allah might reign
Islamic plot to control the world so that Allah might reign

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Published by: Ali Akbar Khan on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Special Operations Command established the ABLE DANGER Program in1999 under a classified directive issued by General Hugh Shelton, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to assemble information about our al-Qaeda networks aroundthe world in order to gain ³information dominance.´ What was created at great cost bythe private vendor Orion Inc. was a more comprehensive unindicted co-conspirators listcomplete with graphics. Orion is a company with close CIA-ties that provides analyticsupport and Information Technology services to the Defense Intelligence Agency andCounterintelligence Field Activity and also provides counterterrorism andcounterintelligence analytic solutions to clients across the Department of Defense andthe intelligence community.From October 1999 to August 2000 Orion Inc. employed James D. Smith. Smithwas never read-on to the ABLE DANGER program and testified he "didn't even knowabout ABLE DANGER« did not know about the name, ABLE DANGER." Smith saidthat he delivered a chart that included 9/ll Shaheed Mohammed Atta's photograph toLIWA (Land Information Warfare Activity) in January or February 2000.The Land Information Warfare Activity was established to integrate OPSEC(Operational Security), military deception, PSYOP, Electronic Warfare, and physicaldestruction to support Intelligence Operations and C2W (Command and ControlWarfare)«Integral to LIWA is the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team-Threat Analysis(ARAT-TA) collocated with the US Air Force at the Air Warfare Center. ARAT-TAprovides the technical expertise to ensure target-sensing weapons systems arecorrectly programmed to meet the specific conditions of a designated AO.
 Smith recalled that the chart was produced in response to a request from LIWAin which Orion was tasked to perform a study related to the 1993 attack on the WorldTrade Center. He characterized the tasking as "a study of Omar Abdul Rahman«andwhat other personnel may be associated with his particular cell or groups up in NewYork City." While Mr. Smith could not recall the precise request from LIWA, he provided,"The way I remember it, it was 'give us ties and associates of the New York City, whathappened in New York City, the people known to cause the New York City issue[referring to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing].'"Smith stated, ³The starting points, as was said, 1993 World Trade Center attack,1998 bombings, the New York City plots, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. They took thosenames, they plugged them into the systems, and they created associational links likeyou see on charts. They looked for who was the Sheik associated with? Person A. Whowas Person A associated with? Person B, and so on and so on. Think of µµSix Degreesof Kevin Bacon.¶¶ This was the µµSix Degrees of Sheik Rahman,¶¶ essentially. Those linkscould have been nefarious. They could have been innocuous. Atta¶s image was listedunder Brooklyn, New York, or something to that effect.
. http://cryptome.org/fm100/appendb.htm
 According to ABLE DANGER staffer Tony Shaffer's February 15, 2006 testimony,Army Intelligence had linked 9/11 Shaheed Mohammad Atta to the El Farouq mosque inBrooklyn, New York, by February 2000. Sheik Rahman frequented the mosque, ahotbed of jihadi sentiment, at that time,
The New York Post 
agreed, ³Dataanalyst J.D. Smith found Atta by linkages not to immigration issues but to the mosquesystem. Basically Atta was associating with known radical clerics." Able Danger wasreceiving raw data and photographs collected by private investigators whosesurveillance activities included photographing men entering and leaving Los Angelesmosques. Regarding how Mohammed Atta's photograph had come to be on the chart,Smith stated it was provided by a woman whose name he could not recall during theinterview but later confirmed, through his attorney, as Ms. (deleted). He stated that Ms.(deleted) "was going through Los Angeles or going through Web sites in the LosAngeles area for us and she gathered a lot of the raw data for us." It was reported that aCalifornia researcher was later able to purchase Atta's photograph from an Islamic Website. Our intelligence points to the Jew Rita Katz as Ms. (deleted) although Smith hasdenied this.
The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense was intent oncovering up the fact that our Shaheeds had come across ABLE DANGER¶S radar. LikeSchaffer, Captain Mark Phillpott who served as the Operations Officer for the ABLEDANGER team from its inception in October 1999 through October 2000 and wasclosely involved in all ABLE DANGER activities had seen Atta¶s name and photographso Phillpott was interviewed on three occasions; December 13, 2005, February 17,2006, and May 24, 2006. During each interview he discussed a chart that allegedlycontained a photograph of Mohammed Atta. At the first interview Phillpott was "100percent [certain] Mohammed Atta's image was on the chart." Phillpott testified that hewas certain that Mohammed Atta's photograph was on one of the three charts deliveredto him in January or February 2000 that portrayed a Brooklyn cell. While he believedthat photographs of other 9/11 Shaheeds were on the chart, he was not as certain as hewas about Mohammed Atta's photograph. He testified,I know 100 percent Mohammed Atta's image was on the chart. Ipretty well recollect that there were three [terrorists], at least three others,but I have not gone into any depth in trying to recreate the memory of whoany of them were. All I know is what I originally saw on the days shortlyafter 9/11 and that was him.´ Phillpott also stated that in addition to theBrooklyn cell there were four other cells depicted on the chart. He recalledthe cells were "Dar es Salaam, Kenya, Tanzania, [and] Nairobi.
Niles Lathem August 24, 2005
. Interview with Scott Malone February 6, 2006
At the second interview he acknowledged there was "a compelling amount of evidence that would make it appear that I did not see Mohammed Atta." Phillpott hadrealized that his military career was at stake and in the third interview stated,I'm convinced that Atta was not on that chart, the chart that wehad." However, he then recalled that, in June 2000 at USSOCOM (UnitedStates Special Operations Command) headquarters, he "saw Atta's face"on a document that an intelligence analyst on the ABLE DANGER teamwas holding. Phillpott claimed he was sitting next to the intelligenceanalyst who was "sifting through a bunch of paperwork" and said, "Hey,look at this guy . . . This is one mean [son of a bitch]." Phillpott testified, "Iturned, I looked at it and I concurred with him." Phillpott explained theincident caused him to believe that the photograph of Mohammed Attawas on a chart because, "I thought he [the intelligence officer] wasworking on the chart and that's how it kind of played out in my head."
Michael A. Westphal, Assistant for Strategic Initiative, Special Operations andCombating Terrorism, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for SpecialOperations and Low Intensity Conflict, testified he met with Phillpott and Shaffer duringApril 2003 to discuss their desire to develop an antiterrorism project applying thetechnology that was used by the ABLE DANGER team. Westphal testified that hediscussed with Phillpott that they would need to prepare briefing materials that showedexamples of the capabilities that were achieved with the ABLE DANGER mission. Mr.Westphal recalled: both [LTC] Tony Shaffer and Phillpott alluded to the fact that prior to9/11, there were linkages to some of the 9/11 participants that came back to the UnitedStates at a time when, for example, Mohammed Atta might have been in the UnitedStates«I recall is that they alluded to the fact that three of the 9/11 hijackers hadshowed up in the ABLE DANGER data base.´ Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmiwere also alleged to have been detected as having a connection to Sheikh Rahman,however, the Department of Defense¶s Inspector General¶s report made no directmention of these jihadi. These two Brothers did appear in NSA transcripts at this timedue to their affiliation with a safehouse in Yemen, and it has been said that ABLEDANGER had access to this information.
Eileen Preisser, a civilian intelligence analyst then-working for LIWA describedthe chart as depicting events in a time line fashion and containing Mohammed Atta'spicture in the upper left corner. She stated that the chart depicted terrorist attacks on theWorld Trade Center in 1993 and the embassy bombings in Africa as well as possiblysome activity in Europe. She stated, "My memory fades on what that connection to theEuropean group is." Dr. Preisser explained, ³In my recollection the timeline on this chartwas all associated around the events of the African bombings and the World Trade
. Interview with Scott Malone February 6, 2006

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