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Published by: Samuel James Kingsbury on Mar 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Playwriting UnitLesson Plan Five
Personal Experience Monologue
Subject:Theatre Topic: PlaywritingTeacher: Mr. Kingsbury Date: April 29
NC Standard Course of Study Objective:
COMPETENCY GOAL 1: The learner will write based on personal experience and heritage, imagination, literature, and history.
1.01 Read, understand and relate the basic content of a play.
1.02 Understand and describe the form and structure of plays
1.05 Write a monologue.
1. Focus and Review (Establish prior knowledge)
(a) Description of Activities and Setting 
i. Have several students who are willing share their edited monologues with theclass.ii. After each monologue, have students point out how they covered the basicpoints of a monologue.
(b) Materials and Time 
i. Students' edited monologues.ii. 15 min
2. Statement (Inform student of objectives)
(a) Description of Activities and Setting 
i. Students will write a monologue based on personal experience and be able togenerate constructive criticism on each other's work.
(b) Materials and Time 
i. 2 min.
3. Teacher Input (Present tasks, information, and guidance)
(a) Description of Activities and Setting 
i. Explain to students that they must pull out their journal entry from the lesson onthe monologue, which contains the personal experience that they wrote on.ii. Students are then asked to write a monologue from their own perspective of thatexperience, keeping in mind voice, personality, emotions, etc., within themonologue.iii. Students will be given 20 min. to write their personal monologue.iv. Once the monologues are finished, students will be paired off, and will exchangemonologues with their partner.v. They will then construct a biography of the character in their partner'smonologue, solely based on what they can garner from the monologue.vi. After they have written the biographies on their partner's character, they will getback together as partners and see how accurate their biographies are, and giveconstructive criticism on improving their monologues.
(b) Materials and Time 
i. Students will need paper to write their monologues on

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