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Published by Meredith Shamburger

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Published by: Meredith Shamburger on Mar 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bill Number: F-09-10-06 Final Vote:Authors: Jack Benage, Jake Torres, Alex Ehmke _Student Senate Secretary: Peter GoldschmidtDean of Student Life: Dr. Lisa Webb Student Senate Chair: Alaa Al- Barghuthi 
WHEREAS SMU has been presented with two mustangs in the hopethat their “rugged determination to survive and thrive” willbe put on display as a symbol of the rugged determinationof SMU’s football team and athletic programs, andNOTING WITH SATISFACTION the selfless and honorable work of the National Wild HorseFoundation and the generous Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, andDEEPLY THANKFUL for the Pickens’ dedication and commitment to the spiritand traditions of Southern Methodist University, andCONSCIOUS of the universitys plans to have these new mustangsrepresent SMU at university events as well as at footballgames and on the boulevard as supplements to our currentmascot arrangement and not as replacement mascots, andMINDFUL that some of the only time that our university interacts withother institutions is at athletic events, and that this time isoften the only opportunity that other colleges anduniversities have a chance to form opinions about who weare as a university, andNOTING that our current mascot and symbol of the student body, ablack shetland pony named Peruna, has represented us sowell in the past, andRECALLING
Peruna’s history as the most dedicated fan of SMU footballfor the past 77 years, having been in attendance at everyhome game since 1932 and having led us to three NationalChampionship titles, 10 bowl games, and over 350 totalwins during his tenure as our mascot, andDEEPLY DISTURBED with respect to Coach Jones, about his statement that his“football team wants to come out behind a mustang. Imean, that’s really what it’s about” and differing fromCoach Jones in suggesting that “really what it’s about” istoughness, strength, dedication and “All Grit. No Quit,” allqualities possessed by our current mascot, Peruna, and1
RECOGNIZING that this tradition is one of the most deeply ingrained andlong-lived traditions of SMU, with stories and facts aboutPeruna and his history being shared and taught to everyincoming student, including our “Pony Up!” tradition, atour AARO and Mustang Corral events, and
DEEPLY TROUBLED that university decision makers did not seek the opinionof the student body (represented by the 96
Studentsenate) in this matter, one which affects therepresentation of the entire SMU community,specifically students and alumni, whose image is the oneactually being represented by either Peruna or anyother mascot-like additions such as these mustangs, and
CONFIDENT that based on Perunas career history he will continue torepresent the ideals and strength of our university and itsathletic programs with class and honor, andCONCERNED
that any additional symbolic representation of our university will be destructive to a legacy that SMU is tryingto achieve through it’s hard work with the “Unbridled”campaign, and particularlyCONSIDERING that mustangs at our events would be
whichcontradicts the spirit of our current capital campaign whichaligns very well with Peruna,
who is
, andFURTHER NOTING that while the spirit of the mustang is, in many ways, inkeeping with our ideals as a university, the student body isconcerned that the addition of the new mustangs willdetract from a long-standing and important universitytradition, however,ENDORSING the work being done by Mr. and Mrs. Pickens to help themustangs across the country through the National WildHorse foundation, andHOPING that SMU can somehow partner with Mrs. Pickens and theNational Wild Horse Foundation to establish sanctuariesfor these mustangs, so the university can be responsible for the rescue of these proud animals which are indeedrepresentative of the spirit of our university in many ways,be it thereforeRESOLVED
I. The Student Senate urge the university toconsult the opinion, spirit, and wishes of the studentbody prior to making important decisions that affectthe image of the university and its students.
II. That the student body supports Peruna as SMU’s onlymascot.III. That the student body wishes Peruna to be the onlyfigure symbolically representing SMU at university athletic5354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106

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