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Diseases cured f

Diseases cured f

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Published by junver

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Published by: junver on Aug 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reishi Ganoderma classified as King of all herbs. It works in each cell of our body.100% natural. No side effects has been reported even on prolonged use. It has along history of safe use (more than 3000 years). Suitable for all as a foodsupplement.
Reishi Ganoderma works at cell level on the entire body. When cell is corrected, organs comprising of cells are corrected and thus our body comprising of organs is corrected. Reishi Ganoderma protects bodyfrom diseases as well as disorders. Gives health, vigor and vitality. Reduces stress, retards ageingprocess and increases life span. Effective for all age groups, from womb to tomb. Suits anybody andeverybody. Has no interaction with other lines of treatment, It complements the same. Overcomes theside-effects of other medications and relieves the patients. No diet restriction. Liberal dosage schedule,mega dosage not harmful at all. No side effects, no addiction. Gano is for everybody, healthy as well asunhealthy. This single herb Gano gives recovery from the earlier ailments, maintenance of the presentgood health and protection from the future problems to health.
Reishi is the Japanese name for Ganoderma Lucidum. The Chinese call it Lingzhi.
Reishi contains 252 active elements. It contains Proteins, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals and dietaryFiber which are essential nutritional elements to build the body strong and healthy. Important 5 activeelements which are available in Reishi for therapeutic benefits are as follows: (This 5 active elements insingle herb makes Reishi Ganoderma a special herb.)
Human body - The best doctor in the world.
The doctor here referred to is the one on call inside our body. He works 24 hours a day to keep ushealthy. When we catch a cold, he creates a river of mucus to carry the bacteria out of our body.When our cold settles in our chest and our lungs get congested, he makes us cough in order to rid ourlungs of the congestion. When we get a fever, it is an indication that our own personal doctor isfighting off infection. If we eat something that does not agree with our body, our doctor inducesvomiting to rid our body of the culprit. When our doctor senses abnormal cells, he immediately beginsto encapsulate the suspected cells and form a tumor. A splinter is detected and in a few days, ourdoctor forces it out. While we are sleeping our doctor continues to work, cleansing our body andgetting us ready to fight another day.If you want to keep your doctor in tip-top condition, give him plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetablesand proper nutrition and exercise. Remember your doctor is working harder than ever these days. Whilewe want to keep him alert, we also want to give him the help that he needs to keep us healthy byleading an active life.
Courtesy - DXN News letter June 2004.Help your doctor with DXN's RG & GL (100% Ganoderma) daily which he needs.
If you are taking any other medicine under the advice of your medical practitioner, you should continueto use the same while taking this Reishi Ganoderma.Reishi Ganoderma has got very good effect if combined with other line of treatments.Become member of DXN and avail great discounts/bonus on your purchases and on the purchases of yourdown lines (conditions apply) , enjoy good health and get the blessings of persons relieved from thediseases.If you search for 'Ganoderma" in internet using search engines, you will get more than 45,000 pages. Thisshows the awareness among peoples and research institutes, world wide.
Diseases cured by taking Reishi Ganoderma (as Claimed by the users)
The followingtestimonialsare taken from DXN's News letters, Internet articles and DXN's organizedmeetings. I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in anyway. But it can be worth a good try. I am along with my family taking DXN's RG & GL (contains 100%Reishi Ganoderma) daily to maintain good health and found useful. Please note that Ganotherapy differsperson to person depends up on their body composition and toxins deposited in the body.Ganoderma does not have any side effects, however after using the product you might experience areaction for a while. This is good sign and it means, the product is removing toxins from your body thatare settled. After a few days, these reactions will diminish. For instance, if you suffer from Migraineheadaches, your headache might even worse for a few days, but then it will disappear. If the reactiongets too severe, cut your doses in to half for a few days.
Ganoderma does not cure any disease by itself, but it builds up your immune systemand restores the body functions. Your body, when in good shape is the best doctorand can fight off any disease.
The interesting factor is that RG/GL pairs are used here for all the diseases/ailments. This RG/GL istaken for all the diseases since they contain 100% Reishi Ganoderma which works on cell level. When cellis corrected, the organ, composition of cells is corrected and hence whole body, composition of organs iscorrected. Some are using Ganozhi (tooth paste), Lingzhi Coffee, Cocozhi (health drink) as a supportwhich also contain (15-28 %) Reishi Ganoderma.The scientific data accumulated over the past 30 years help explain why Reishi Ganoderma is effective inall the parts of our body:
Our Body Systems and associated diseases

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