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Rh Bill Reflection

Rh Bill Reflection

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Published by: Ranin, Manilac Melissa S on Mar 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rañin, Manilac Melissa S.
ReEd 1:30PM to 2:30PM MWF Sister MaryMartha Fe, OSF1. After watching the movie, what similarities and differences can you seebetween their situation and the situation here today?Philippines being the only Christian nation in Asia- so much have beensaid about this. Yet the benefits of having most of the people as Christiansare hardly felt in our country. Poverty, corruption, criminality, immorality bypushing the RH Bill to be imposed in law and other harsh realities that we seeeveryday in our society are definitely not the fruits of Christianity. Some of these problems were present in their situation eons ago.Next similarity is that- Jesus in His time performed lots of miraculousdeeds like healing, feeding the thousands and preaching. But still the peoplein those times still were looking for the signs of His divinity. Presently, we toosometimes question God. We always ask for more. We don’t have that solidfaith. We refuse the feel God’s presence with the full use of our physical andspiritual sense.Up until now, there is still that ultimate test of genuine faith. ManyChristians still have doubts about God. We are still blind because we refuseto see and feel God in our hearts. We still allow evil spirits to come into ourlives because we don’t have solid faith in God. Physical abuse of the soldiers(men of Herod), adultery, constant criticizing, lying, stealing and the like arethe evil spiritual forces that are attempting to influence our spirit-minds.Number one similarity is that we are still choosing to remain under thecontrol of our sinful nature.As an advocate of change, we Christians must always remember thatwe can do little things with love.2. List the major characteristics of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, theZealots, and the Sanhedrin. Do you see any people today who are similar tothese groups?
always preach but they do not practice. They tie up heavyburdens and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger tomove them. We can be one of the Pharisees who are hypocrites. We arehypocrites because we try to look good in order to hide the dark side of us.Politicians are the Pharisees in this contemporary world. These are the
politicians who do things well just to make sure that they are noticed byothers or in the public in general. They are very religious in God’s law of cleansing their hands yet they are missing the very important part which isthe cleansing of the heart.
are very subtle compared to the Pharisees. They are equallylikely the same. They are the self-righteous person. They’re like those greedybusinessmen who only think for themselves not for the welfare of everyone.They have a strong influence towards people. They’re one of the black listand hypocrites also. They’re too proud for their own self. They want to dogood things so that they will be praised.
wealthy people. They can be compared to those peoplewho focus MORE on politics rather than religion. They are unconcerned withJesus until they became afraid He might bring unwanted Roman attention.More particularly, they are like the scientist who denied the existence of spiritual world. We are also like the Sadducees who are so self-sufficient tothe point of denying God’s involvement in our everyday life.
are the true devout Christians. They were the ones who wereslaved by King Herod or any Roman ruler. We are Zealots. We are trying ourvery best to have a leader who is God-fearing and for this we will do anythingjust to achieve justice. Zealots are the people who obey the law of Godsincerely. This actually talks about the true and real Christian who is willing tosacrifice and who is willing to pay the price and who is willing to offer his lifeto God.
is a juridical and administrative body. It is like the SupremeCourt of the Philippines that were composed of influential people that willjudge about the culprit. Sanhedrin is like soldiers who only did thingscommanded to them. They accused someone falsely like Jesus. It loses theircredibility seeing the Sanhedrin who bribed Judas Iscariot by just paying asilver-Unworthy dollar.3. How did John the Baptist’s approach to Religion differ from the approach of the Sadducees and Pharisees?John the Baptist was a righteous and a holy man, but this cost him hislife. Truly humble in character, he accepted the thought that Jesus had toincrease in popularity while he had to decrease. John the Baptist was aprophet who spoke boldly compared to the Sadducees and Pharisees whowere bragging and who always pretend that they’re good even though it’sobvious that they were so unmerciful. John did not tolerate hypocrisy from
anyone, not even Herod the ruler. John publicly condemned the adulterousaffair of Herod which leads him to imprisonment.John the Baptist is indeed a Christian model worthy of emulation. Hepreserved in his faith, seeking nothing other than to serve and obey God inhumility.4. At the time of Jesus, what was the idea of the kingdom of God of each of thefellow groups:a. The
I remembered the one line of Beatitudes in which it states“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs Kingdom in Heaven.” The poorall depended their life to God. They viewed the Kingdom of God astheir life and happiness. Their joy and blessedness comes out due tothe utter dependence on God. They are walking joyfully in thecompany of God. The poor were favored in the Kingdom of God notonly because injustice is done to them
but because they put all theirtrust to God.b. The
(as what stated) was a glorious military ruler who wouldoverthrow the Romans. For me, they are like militant nationalists whosought liberation from the oppressive Roman Empire.
They are alreadyready for the Kingdom of God to be established on earth, particularlytheir spot here on earth.c. The
are so selfish and insensitive. They separatedthemselves from others, especially the poor and the sinners. Theymemorized all the scriptures and commandments but they don’t havethe ability to love. They judged that depressed and deprived people donot fit for the kingdom of God. They were judgmental of others.5. Explain the symbolism of the temptations of Jesus according to Luke 41-43.These are the temptations of God as stated according to Luke 41:43.First temptation is about turning stones into bread. Indeed,Temptations starts with doubt. Jesus was tempted by making stones intobread. This is the first temptation in which the devil gave him the suggestionon what to do in that time where Jesus is hungry. The devil tempted Jesusthrough his human physical wishes. What Jesus wants us to know is that our

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