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76519927 Compare or Contrast

76519927 Compare or Contrast

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Published by Donna Marie

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Published by: Donna Marie on Mar 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Concept of Happiness 1Concept of HappinessRoanne Marie GacusanCourse
Concept of Happiness 2
 Being happy is hard to achieve. Many concepts of happiness have been made to guidepeople to be happy or to give people a grasp of happiness. One would be Aristotle¶s concept of eudaimonia(happiness) in his Nicomachean ethics. He argues that happiness depends on activityand the activities based on virtue. Another concept would be the modern concept of happinesswhere happiness is a ³state or mood of the consciousness´ and is not based onactivities.(Eagleton,146)
The position of this paper will be with Aristotle¶s concept of happiness
Happiness is achieved through activity and do not just come to people andbecome a mood. There is always an external thing that affects the mood of people that iswhy, even if happiness is just a mood, it is also affected by activities.
This paper will becomparing the two concepts of happiness.
ristotle¶s Concept of Happiness
 In general, Aristotle¶s concept of happiness circles around activities. The concept of selection, the activities based on the best virtue, and collection, the collection of all activities is aproblem in Aristotle¶s concept.(Pakaluk, 316) An argument of Aristotle also discusses thathappiness is achieved from activities of virtue. This is the main idea of his concept of happiness.This means that happiness is only achieved if an individual accomplished his or her activities,according to his or her standards. The standards come along with virtue.It can be seen that happiness is achieved by way of life. This is what Aristotle proposes.The problem here is that, once the standards are broken, or became inappropriate in a time or place, the happiness stops. For example, if an individual¶s standard of activities is appropriate for a democratic country, once the country enters war, it will not be appropriate anymore. This willstop the happiness of the individual.
Concept of Happiness 3
e Modern Concept of Happiness
 This concept suggests that happiness is just a mood of the conscious mind. It is not basedon the way of life a man follows. Here, happiness is something that one believes to exist in his or her mind. If a man believes he is happy, then he is happy. Also, the modern concept of happinessdejects the fact that happiness is based on activities. This is because, if happiness was to be basedon something, then if that thing is taken away, then happiness will also be gone. For example, if an athlete, who really loves being an athlete, becomes paralyzed, then he would not be happy.And he can only gain happiness from self-contentment where he should believe that all is well.Therefore, this type of happiness is only based on what one believes.Happiness, as a state of the consciousness, means that it can be easily taken away. Manyexternal things affect the emotions of individuals. If a man has an officemate that spills hiscoffee every day, even if they were just accidents, he will be angry. Here, if one believes that heis happy, then the cause of his happiness will be his belief. But because there are many other external things that can cause a change of emotion, then happiness is not permanent.
Comparison between t 
 In the Aristotle¶s concept, happiness will be based on activities. While in the modernconcept, happiness is based on beliefs. This shows that the modern concept has moreweaknesses. A belief can easily be swayed by some external thing. While for Aristotle¶s concept,one can only stop in being happy if he or she dies. For example, even if someone becomesparalyzed, he or she can still think. Thinking is the base of all activities. Without thinking, noone can even establish a standard for activities. And once the standards are established,everything else becomes easier. Happiness is longer and easier to achieve when it is based on theway of life.

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