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Published by Balasubramanian
This yoga and the corolloray ‘Parijata Yoga’ , place emphasis on dispositor of a dispositor and the Lagna Lord.

Before proceeding with the explanations and effects of the Kalpadruma Yoga let me present a few charts.

This yoga and the corolloray ‘Parijata Yoga’ , place emphasis on dispositor of a dispositor and the Lagna Lord.

Before proceeding with the explanations and effects of the Kalpadruma Yoga let me present a few charts.

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Published by: Balasubramanian on Nov 24, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kalpadruma – Parijata Yogaby yenbeeyeswritten on 10.10.2007
This yoga and the corolloray ‘Parijata Yoga’ , place emphasis on dispositor of adispositor and the Lagna Lord.Before proceeding with the explanations and effects of the Kalpadruma Yoga let mepresent a few charts.Abbreviations used in all charts: Planets are denoted by 2 letters. As = LagnaSu = Sun; Mo = Moon; Ma = Mars; Me = Mercury; Ve = Venus; Ju = Jupiter;Sa = Saturn; Ra = Rahu; Ke = Ketu; Retrograde Planets denoted within brackets.Chart 01: Adolf Hitler
 Ma MeSu (Ve)RaRasi-D-1Sa Ju KeMoAsRaMeSu SaNavamsa - D-9 JuMo (Ve)Ke MaAs
Let us focus on Lagna Lord:Lagna Lord venus is in Aries. Its dispositor is Mars who is also in Aries.Latters’ i.e. Mars – dispositor is again Mars in Rasi and in Navamsa also it is onlyMars as he is placed in Scorpio.So we arrive at the planets – Venus, Mars, Mars, Mars and their positions are -Venus is placed in a Kendra in Rasi Chart.Mars is also in a Kendra and is in his own Rasi in Rasi chart.Mars is again placed in his own house (Scorpio) in Navamsa.Let us look at one more chart.
Chart 02: Bill Gates
Mo KeAs Rasi-D-1 JuRaVe SaSuMeMa As JuVe SaMaRaSuNavamsa - D-9MeKeMo
Kalpadruma/Parijata D-1 - Planets involved - Me, Me, Me, MoLagna lord (Me), his dispositor (Me), latter's rasi & navamsa dispositors (Me, Mo) areall in own/exaltation sign or kendra/konaLet us now study what the ancient texts have to say in these combinations:
Parasara – Chp. 36- Many other yogas
33-34. Kalpa Drum Yoga. Note the following four Grahas: Lagna’s Lord , thedispositor of Lagna’s Lord (a), the dispositor of the Graha “a” (b), the Navamsadispositor of the Graha “b”. If all these are disposed in Kendras and in Konas fromLagna, or are exalted, Kalpa Drum Yoga exists. One with Kalpa Drum Yoga will beendowed with all kinds of wealth, be a king, pious, strong, fond of war and merciful.Kalpadruma means “tree of plenty”. This yoga illustrates the concept of dispositors,including the navamsa dispositor. The more times a dispositor of a dispositor is wellplaced, the more auspicious the original planet in question becomes. KalpadrumaYoga, like Parijata Yoga, helps the native to fulfill every desire.Now it becomes essential to explain ‘Parijata Yogaalso. It goes like this: Thedispositor of the lord of lagna lord, and the navamsa lord of that dispositor must bein an angle, trine, own rasi or exaltation rasi.Result of this yoga is One will be a sovereign, attentive to their duty andengagements, of compassionate disposition, destined to be happy in the middle andlatter portion of life, respected and obeyed by other kings, fond of war, andpossessing elephants and horses.Parijatha and Kalpa are celestial tress that has the power to grant wishes. Theseyogas therefore, helps the native to get each and every desire of him fulfilled.There is another yoga called ‘Chandra Kalpadruma Yoga’ which has nothing to dowith the above Kalpadruma Yoga. However for the benefit of the readers I am givingbelow the planetary definitions for the Chandra Kalpadruma Yoga:1.Moon or Venus occupying a Kendra and aspected by Jupiter.
2.Presence of planets in Kendras from Lagna.3.All planets aspecting the Moon.4.A full Moon occupying the lagna in conjunction with a benefic planet.
A strong Moon in a Kendra associated with or aspected by benefics.6.The Moon associated with a benefic planet or located between two beneficsand aspected by Jupiter.7.The Moon occupying in the Navamsa chart its exaltation sign or the house of avery friendly planet aspected by Jupiter.8.Presence of planets in Kendras from the Moon.
Moon exalted in the 10
house and aspected by a benefic.10.If at birth, Mars and Jupiter are in Tula, the Sun in Kanya and Moon in Mesha,even if the other planets do not aspect the Moon, the Kemadruma standscancelled.Expected results of this yoga: The adverse Kemadruma yield place to a highlybenefic kalpadruma yoga which bestows all comforts on the native.So now it becomes essential to explain what is Kemadruma Yoga.
No planet/s with Moon nor any planet in either side of houses i.e 12
and 2
to Moon (Rahu & Ketu not to be counted).b.No planet in Kendra houses- Sun, Rahu and Ketu will not be counted.c.No planet aspecting the Moon.Results of this Yoga: “Daridra, deen and dukhi’ will be the native who has this yoga.He will be in abject poverty and will have all sorts of troubles. He will be totally bereftof intelligence and learning. The native will be deprived all the results of other yogaspresent in the chart. He may have to work very hard to succeed in life.However the ‘Chandra Kalpadruma Yoga’ alone has the effect of canceling the illeffects of this yoga.To summarise, in addition to the five Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas it is essential toverify the two other main yogas also namely – Kalpadruma Yoga and Parijata YogaA person having all these in his horoscope will be a divine person. Even 3 is enoughto make him a person of importance, respectable and famous. If 2 are there he maybecome a C.E.O. and so on.I present more charts here for the readers to verify the presence oKemadruma/Parijata Yoga and deduce the results:Chart 03: Chatrapati Shivaji

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