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Monastery of the Seven Rays, Year 1, Student Degrees

Monastery of the Seven Rays, Year 1, Student Degrees



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Published by axomatamoxa
The first year curriculum of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, connected with Michael Bertiaux. In English.
The first year curriculum of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, connected with Michael Bertiaux. In English.

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Published by: axomatamoxa on Mar 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright 1969 Monastery of the Seven Rays Quito Ecuador, All rights reserved
Monastery of the Seven Rays
First Temple of the Outer CourtStudent I Degree, I. "What is Occultism ?"Lesson : ATHE OCCULT UNIVERSE AROUND USOrdinarily, we would not expect to tell you that the universe around us isfifty-per-cent occult. This might sound like too much of a claim, and the reader mightbe tempted to say, to himself, "what type of overstatement are they asking me to thinkabout, and possibly to believe?" But, in actual fact, this claim that we are making isreally an understatement; we will add the much needed qualifications and say that theuniverse around us is at least fifty-per-cent occult, and obviously -- and, as you willfind out in due time -- it is much, much more. It is much more occult, much moremagical, much more psychical, much more mystical: in a word, it is much more than youare used to thinking either possible or alive and full of activity! Yes, of coursethere is an occult world around us;! but let us make the first efforts to explore it,and then we will appreciate more of the truth contained in the above statements.The nature of the universe being such a puzzle to the human mind, unaided bycosmic assistance, that philosophers for hundreds of years have tried to define itprecisely, in order to be able to explain it, but every philosopher brings about onlyhis system of thought, which is replaced by the very next contender. Philosophy tellsus what men have thought about the universe, it cannot tell us what it is. Science issomewhat different, but equally unsuccessful in telling us what the universe is,although it certainly can tell us how to manage the universe, and this would seem to beits value. But, we know that science changes, so that we manage the world of nature alittle different from our parents, and much different from the mediaevalists andancients. Does this tell us anything? Not quite, except by way of a negation of ' whathas been attempted in the outer world, clearing the field so to speak for the initiaticdoctrine. When we say that the universe is at least fifty-percent occult, we imply ormean that accordingly the initiatic doctrine, (that which is taught by masters, such asmyself, and what you are studying, at this very moment,) holds the truth about thebeyond, the world that exists not even so far as the tips of our toes, (unless what onemeans is also the edge of my skin,) and this beyond is not only outside of us, it iswithin us, very deeply placed within us, and this doctrine of the beyond which iswithin has been taught since the creation of the world, or its esoteric equivalent, bythe masters to the initiates. That is why it is being taught to you, now.The average person reading the papers, magazines, listening to other people talk,and often attending some kind of meeting hears quite a lot. Everybody claims to havethe truth, so either most are wrong or else they have discovered that the universe ismuch more complicated, so complicated that they cannot all explain it. If we were topaste all of the teachings together would the resulting patchwork be the truth abouteverything? would we be able to see there on that paper with all of the occult claimslisted like the columns of the newspaper some kind of basic idea? We might be temptedto say to ourselves that something must be true. Our answer is that while all others byhuman efforts have been moving towards the universal truth about man and his world,they have only generated a profound confusion by their endless errors, which appearmisdirected. The initiatic doctrine alone presents the truth in its essence, because ithas never been the possession of ordinarily human nor superficially initiated teachers.But, let us look at this problem for another few minutes, as it shows us anotherapproach to the truth about the universe.Why am I so confused, so mixed-up, if I am, by the various occult claims around me?After all, can they all have some claim to the truth, can they possess some germ ofthat which goes so far beyond my ordinary experience, and strikes at the very heart ofthe invisible? Then, I have my own problems, so I can't very well seek to solve others'when my own seem to me so very important. But why do I seem to wonder, to feel
uncertain, while the world about me is so certain? It does indeed appear to be verycertain --- I am the element of uncertainty. If I could solve the inner problem of myown selfhood, I would be able to find out what it is about me that aims at the truthand never misses its mark. Then so I would think everything would be settled and Iwould be able to face each day with the feeling that all was well "in heaven and onearth". Keeping in mind what I have said, if it can be established that the sciencesgive us the rough-outline picture of the world of natural things, a picture to beimproved upon each day, indeed each minute, or so we would expect the sciences to tellus (as they always have in recent times at least) then human nature is the elementwithin the universe most in need of exploration, for human nature, destiny, whateveryou want to call yourself (and only yourself, don't try to talk about, blame, or wonderabout others, stay with yourself) is the mystery and so really these variousoccultists, we would assume, if they are followers of the initiatic doctrine, which fewcan have any claim to be , -- they must want-me to wonder about myself, to thinkdeeply, to meditate, to probe my own inner self. That is the field of exploration, andwe have come to erase that element of the uncertain, we have come to help you findanswers, which go beyond, far, beyond just talk. For we have come to tell you theultimate fact, truth, principle, idea, or whatever else you might seek to grasp hold ofas a basis of your life: for according to the initiatic doctrine "to explain the occultuniverse around us is to explain that world within us, which is the ultimate I am of myexistence, and the existence of all things beyond, as well."According to the initiatic doctrine the occult universe around us is a projectionout from the initiatic consciousness of masters and gods, who are the instruments ofthe Divine and Eternal, and thus the doctrine, or body of knowledge to be taught tothose students, who inspired by holy things seek to be taught these truths in order tobecome initiates, states as its first axiom this law of universal validity andapplication, which can be validated upon any planet of the universe, which is: THATWHICH IS BEYOND IS WITHIN JUST AS THAT WHICH IS WITHIN IS BEYOND. Consequently, by anexploration of my own self, each person can now say within his heart of hearts, I willfind the key to the universe and to myself, upon which I can depend for strength toface the every-day problems of existence.My blessings always,The Master Mercurius AQUARIUS
Copyright 1969 by Monastery of the Seven Rays, Quito, Ecuador, All rights reserved
Monastery of the Seven Rays
First Temple of the Outer CourtStudent I Degree, I. "What is Occultism ?"Lesson BMY FIRST EXPERIENCES OF THE OCCULTAs we have said before, within ourselves rests the key to our awareness of whatis beyond. But there are other ways in which we can also approach occult experience.For example, every sensation that I have contains the element of the mysterious aboutit, and the more I concentrate upon a feeling the more it seems to me to becomedetached from my body, just like the contemplation of a colour takes me away from mybody, and separated from the body, with the colour separated from its background therejust seems to exist the act of experiencing the colour, everything else seems farremoved and actually foreign. it is really in experiences of this sort which everyoneshould try (for if they did they would become spiritual and occult, liberated from thecauses of materialism and inner strife) that the world of the occult is firstexperienced by the child. This is quite interesting because we are trying to developsome sense of the beyond which is within, but for the most part we can only examine ourown impressions and become one with them. This is an attempt to expand consciousness,and as such it is the secret of yoga and the eastern mystery schools, but for us, it isthe most elementary experience of the mystical world, which lies beyond the veil ofmatter, and sensation. We do not ask you to ignore matter and sensation, which is theway in which, (I am referring to sensation) the world of matter is known. Thus, trythis little exercise each time you feel the need to approach the occult, for it is mostcertain that my means of identifying with sensations in this impressionistic way youwill become able to grasp the inner truths, which teach that we are in the midst of thespiritual world and the very essence of the mystical; yet mankind has sought to ignorethis simple form of approach, 'and has sought to concentrate upon book learning anddogmas, which tend only to dull the senses, rather than to quicken them, making themalive, keen, and doors to the extra-sensory world.It is also possible to become lost within one's self to such an extent that it isdifficult to become free. This means that the person who seeks to meditate reachesdeeply within his own self and then finds a strange new world, which he cannotrecognise, for this is a world beyond all the known images and dreams, he has everexperienced. Therefore, we ask only that when we realise this world we are able tounderstand that it is substantially the same as the world we touch with our meditationson impressions and sensations. But, we will not allow you as students to plunge intothis inner world which is in truth the most difficult of the genuine mystical worlds toexplore without the masters' assistance, for he who meditates apart from our, directionon any specific point is really in danger of falling into one of the icy realms ofnothingness, called the "Meon" which exist both beyond and within the very spheres ofmy own awareness of the concrete. However, it can be explored safely and withdirection, for from it come into being those wonderful worlds of spiritual light andholy radiance which are called together, or collectively "Pleroma", that which fillsthe spirit and the void. But, we now just want to cite the fact that meditation canlead to an inner occult experience, which often wells up during dreams, fantasies, andsimple imagination, and which can be explored by our techniques of spiritualliberations and self-discovery. This inner world is a wonderful realm of light, indeedit is the source of all light and thought and experience, so much so that to thespiritually oriented person, every thought and feeling that he has, once he hasattained the true goal of his mystical voyage, becomes in actually verificable factbathed in the lumen, or the light of the initiates and the gods. Many individuals havewritten books about this experience of the light, but none so far have brought out sowonderfully clearly that the beginnings of this experience are quite simple and are tobe found as my first experiences of the occult.

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