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Monastery of the Seven Rays, Year 2, Sexual Magic

Monastery of the Seven Rays, Year 2, Sexual Magic

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Published by axomatamoxa
The second year curriculum of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, focusing on Sexual Magic. Michael Bertiaux related.
The second year curriculum of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, focusing on Sexual Magic. Michael Bertiaux related.

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Published by: axomatamoxa on Mar 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright 1969 by Monastery of the Seven Rays, Quito, Ecuador, All rights reserved 
Monastery of the Seven Rays
The Monastery of the Seven Rays,IInd Year Course in Sexual MagicIntroductory Paper or Letter I. to preface the lessons."WHEREIN DOES SEXUAL MAGIC OCCUR ?"Today, we are living in a world which is undergoing a Transformationin its magical and occult thinking. It is longer possible for anyone tohold on to those concepts which have been proven by higher minds to be bothfalse and dangerous. Now, we must come to face the two greatest areas whichgive rise to all of the problems which plague the human
in his questfor perfection. I refer to the domain of sexuality.and to the domain ofmemory. All of the major problems of the human quest can be traced back toeither sexuality or memory, where the power, which is of an entirely astralor occult nature in both is weak, then the voyager of the astral is weak inhis capacity to attain to the grandeur of the divine vision. Yet, make nomistake, I do not refer to physical weakness, but to an entirely astralesoteric lack of magical force. I do not refer to physical impotencia, butto ignoranti occulta. which is an entirely different matter. For if theseat of the
is in human sexuality, as ancient magic and modernpsychoanalysis seemingly affirm. then the seat of the world of spirit istruly in memory, which is the most magical of man's natural powers, and yetat the same time it
the most materialistic of his spiritual capacitiesand drives. Thus, memory is caught between spirit and matter, and just assexuality seems to place man between animal and angel, so the true studentof occult and esoteric science must by all means take upon himself the trueoccult discipline which links both sexuality and memory in the wonderfulsynthesis of yoga, ere he perish in the abyss of nothingness and chaos. forsuch is the choice placed before all human beings who seek to walk the pathof enlightenment.Sexuality and memory both depend upon images which are at oncevisible as words and sentences, such as the images, symbols, or sigils ofthe language of these lessons. -- magical worlds revealed through technicalwords -- as for example in the classical systems of memory and mindtraining, as in sexual literature, which seeks to convey the impressions ofsensations by means of carefully descriptive passages, and which are "seen"by the total impression of the visual image within the human brain. Theimages of sexual magic being more visible, are more vivid by reason ofinterest than those of say "cosmographical metamathematics", and other lessimmediate-to-my-body subjects. Thus, by means of even the most abstractsexual images man becomes aware of the external world of impressions andsexo-magical realities, as well as by means of memories of things andpersons, stimulated as it were through the sense of sight, through thelight of intensified imaginatio or through recall of those matters ofassociated imaging -- which having been once perceived by the sense ofsight, perhaps constructed by sexual fantasy, are never lost to the innerworld of memory. In every instance, when the magician seeks thetransformation of these faculties by means of some appropriate methodology-- he too must use the images, which are the most suitable to convey theliving impression of the sexual experience and of the memory of past
experiences and sensual gratifications. Therefore, any science of sexualmagic and magical memory must be built up around the notion of a sexualmemory system of images, and this we are doing by means of our analysis ofconcepts, which are both vivid as memory seals and sigils, a system ofsexual and bodily correspondences of most intensified memory, which is thesystem of those representative elements, or clusters of ideas. which formtogether the yoga, whose web of sexual and memory magic, by constant use ofthe word "sexual" to modify, to intensify, to render more and more vivid,to concretise, and to lead the mind to associate sexual experience in orderto understand the most abstract notions, -this is the mental yoga ofsexuality, whereby the concreteness of association gives tangible anddirect meaning to the abstract.If the magician and his element of the image form one part ofreality, this system in his mind should represent as a seal the associationof various ideas and images of a sexual and remembered experience. Furtherimages come to add the elements of interpretation, for the experiences arebeing constructed, interpreted, and begin to grow under the influence ofconstant association with the sexo-magical parts of life, with the sexualareas of the human body, and the interpretation of various images and ideasas memory seals by means of the elements of philosophical category,principle, law, or residue of analysis as the next most important featurein the development of the experience of validity. How we interpret ourexperience is fundamental, for it is mainly by means of the method ofimplication known as association that the true master mind and memory powerof sexual magic is constructed. Not so much by skin to skin contact, butrather by idea to idea, one pattern of thought linked delightfully toanother. Please note the dual nature of sexual magic, for it is intendedboth as a physical form of magic, however refined, and as a mental systemof superior yoga. We can still and most reasonably claim this as sexualmagic, for by sexual magic we intend in our teaching that a third element,the energy for the system of magic which we are advancing is in realitysexual in the ultimate and metaphysical sense, so that the whole of ourteaching is simplified psychology, so that after the seal or the vividimage in memory, and after the categories, which follow upon the seals,there must come some wild and terrific energy -- this time of an entirelysexual nature -which drives the system of magic as some type of occult"fuel". Lastly, however, there is the magician and his magical reality ofBeing, which is the universe as the place wherein sexual magic does occur,by means of energies, categories, and images, in a definite sequence ofhedonic tones and radioactive magnetisms. The entire system of the world istherefore structured according to such an exact plan that only ourbrotherhood has been able to develop the techniques for entering into thisultradifficult research programme. The Monastery of the Seven Rays, havingbeen appointed custodian and guardian of sexual destiny, and consequentlyby means of these lessons, we very seriously intend to give forth the mostelaborate and yet exacting system of cosmic magic ever conceived by superhuman minds -- and our minds are fully human, -- which for all practicalpurposes, has such.a very practical purpose in teaching fellow humanbeings, fellow sexual realists what may be considered without doubt to bethe absolute key to power and magical consciousness, whereby he -- i.e.,man, -- is able to define his own destiny and life, as well as that of theentire cosmos, or that section of existence which shall be appointed untohim for his rule and occult responsibility. This we say to show that theuniverse moves according to a most wonderful occult plan and according to adefinite system of magical control, which the gods without folly andmumbo-jumbo gave to the capacities of man as the sexual realist, prior totheir departure for realms of bliss and ultimate detachment.
 Let us review what we have been saying before passing on to somethingeven more complicated and yet even more exciting than simple psychology.The elements of magic are to be found in consideration of four matters,which are thought to derive from the world of experience and whichconstitute the entire second year course of the Monastery. These are asfollows:1. consideration of images, words, vivid seals, sexual sigils, orelements which recall experiences past to the present life-subject andlife-style. These elements represent the concrete amid the abstract ofsexual memory and magic through visible association, of visualisedexperience, of the elements of consciousness in concrete form, and serve tofunction at the level of direct perception (when something like "sexual" isread in a lesson) and imagination (when something like "transcendentalpornography" suggests any number of meanings).2. Consideration of what is done to these images by means ofcategories of construction and interpretation whereby the lesson subjectmatter is desribed for understanding and explained as to its function incontext. Such processes function to give meaning to the seals of group 1,and which serve to provide us with a manageable form, magically understoodwhereby the sexual energy of the world which will provide the drive and theforce behind our system of magic is directly experienced. There are varioussystems of categories, and we will use four, eight, sixteen, etc. that isto say the basic structure or set of groupings with which you are familiarfrom the first year's course.3. Consideration of the sexual energy of the universe which can onlybe grasped through the categories of magic and which serves as theunderlying substratum of the whole field of esoteric science when it isunderstood in profundity. This energy or force can only come forth by meansof the evocation and invocation of the categories, group 2, and thenmanifest itself in terms of the images, group 1, which together form asexual system of reality as memory. It is our view that memory andsexuality are twin aspects of the same cosmic force which transcends insome wide and very obscure manner the attempts of even myself to capturefully to the limit of manifestation of this cosmic essence. This seems tosuggest the reality of the next element.4. Consideration of the cosmic essence of being, of which theuniverse is a manifestation, for it is my own view, based upon research andtradition, that the universe as a system of existence has certain qualitieswhich can be explored many times. Sexuality and memory riseimmediately to the surface, so to speak, now -- but later we know thatthere will be something entirely different to present itself for ourconsideration.This last point of course brings me to what I had in mind when Imentioned something more exciting than elementary sexual magic. This
ofcourse what we will be able to explore once we have constructed theinstruments of sexual magic as research materials to be used to deepen ourunderstanding of the principle discussed in group 4. By this I mean that weare moving more and more out from the confinements of the traditionallyoccult sexual conceptions. I do not need to tell you that this has happenedalready in the first year's course, for we have taught you many thingsnever before given out and we have intentionally withheld the teaching of

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