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IMG Italy1977 8 Red Notes

IMG Italy1977 8 Red Notes

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Published by: ThefreeUniversity Ofthe GeneralStrike on Mar 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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'liuinguith unEurt
r'Theonly unexpecteal feature in the Spanish situatiolr-a!.d outsicle Spain it hascausedanj.loroe4see.inountofmisunalerstandiDg-is that a-ooogthepartieson LheGoverrment siale, the Connlrnistsstooalaot upon theert?eroel,eft, but upo4 the extreloe Right. In reality tlds shoufdcauseno sulprise, becausethe tactics of the ConnrrllistPerty elagwhere, especiafly in tr'rance, hav- roadciLclear that official Coenu.nisn nust be regariled, at anyrate fof, the tine beitrg,asan anti-revofutionary force.rrGeorge or:Ire1l-,,I{I'itingaboutParty in&@C_!9_..lqg!e199!1,the Corinuni st1917
ASfoganof the Moveloent:I],ETISBMI,D A NEI] IIIEIN*******+*+*****+*********
a"ITArr1q?7-8:I]VrI{6IIITE .AXEARIE0UAm".(ISBNO9o63o5OO4)Thispsn?hletor anypartof itnaybe freely reproaluceal by anytetralency itr the revolutionaly novenent. Copyrightprotectsitfronbeingpoachealby cspitalist s,alEgg-glql&Scan be obtainealfronlPublicatj.ons Distrj,bution Coolerative,27Cle"kenve1l Close, l,ondon EClR 0AT.a-Ei!gLe--g-9-p!9ecan be obtaineal(pleasesend t1 .1a r.ithyourorile") fronrFEDNoIES,Boa 15, 2a St PaulrsRoad,LondonN.1.
+*+****++*l-**+*X*****++********t*The SlogaE of Bologna,March 19??:\IO !iAXT TO SPEM:
tlE l l'lt T0 3E EEAxt!n
lreface-Alrief Introductio!Intloituctlon-lack€loundnotee lor r€ade4 notf@ilia! rtth Ita1y.Chropoloav-3rief outline ofevents in ltalyJ lebruly-ay 19i7
A llsp of ltafr. p.l2I'Drat istRedELilia,?}! eco&Eic and!,titicalanalyEisoftuilia, the resio!i! rhic! Soloera ti€€.p.1llhe nventsof March 19?7: A day-by-day accodtof thalsttlesin 3o1oem, ilcludinethe death olconlade lldceBco lonsso.!.17Th. Real!olo@: the backeiou4dof recebt st!4glesih !oloe!a.!,29ReyolutiomaRadio: 4n accoat ofthe Gvolutionatg !16€ladiodin It,.ly,includins theclcs.fe of Radio r\tice!ythe!ol1ce.t.ilsartrersA!!eal: Tle allear by llenchintellectsls o!leha.lf oftnose snested ddiopdsoned drilethe eventE of llalch.p,36Tle lole ol the co@uist!adr:A short accobt of tne rolFsstvercledatedby tleComuist larty.!.lalelt Presslaids: Iheporiceraid ald!6nBack hob6s,shop! eitoffices of l,eftrinsluuisiers.p.40SoneConcluslcm..A !t.ad s.seBgbent ol the nepoov@ent ed theloliticaleeanins of theevebts of !oIos@.!.41soneIscis aloutRone. A sholt social anit econo4icoutline.!.50Rone Univer.itv-Iebrury 17th.The Co@udst Psrty'eltr lucieoLda is chased .:floEe Universlty canpu6.!.51The uarchl2t! Dero: A hueedenonstlation asainstthe Covelrenttuds intostleet-fightins. the A@yisputob a16rt.!.59Ilonv-I4axch 2rrd: A ress fladeUnion 811y,qithl@a as stds!e€.ker, neetEan iroricaL coDte!-ileEoby tb€ ltoveueDt.ctaudiaCaluti: The Eass roben's nobiistiorin sullort of aet6te! ta.Irina charses agaiDst nensho !a!ed h6r.p.69Policem!Passeonti: Police intenene to clea!Ro4,Aftlvelsltyc4!us. In street-fiehtioe alolicdants shotdearl.p.71CiorqiaE Masi: ay 12th-a nasspoLice!,lovocationeeailst 6leac€ru1ral1ylesults itr Ure death ol a conraite,ciofg,iaE Masi.!,75
TI{E rlllINICoNCIISS 0l 1,0?TACoN,IINUA-NoVEIIER 1976:44 iDt&-ductory accoutof this ConfeEnceis fouored !y a s!€ech€s,includinaCenela1Secretaryddriano sofrilsself-cfiticis.!.41.Tne ktters Paee of 1,ottaContinu. 11 lettels e!ri!t€d, Bhoningthep&b1ensfaced by the Left nov@ent,and tlle leve1 ot theloliticaldebate in ltaly.!.9?T!€ ltalian Revolutio@lvleft: A4-!aeeaccout of the lains?ou!6addtheir lackaFuds.!.109lhe {oberrs Movenent in ttalv:lnouttilep!e!6!ed!y coDlades in1taly.!.11134_-!.g941e!:Anarticle tyconlade Selgio lologa, o! the state ofthe Uoveeent, thelroblenslor the rorkilAclass, @Be coliladict-iors, aldlNspectEfor a ner revolutionarylNj€ct. !.1i?Notes and Corrcctiors: Sore finaiDoiats: clarificatioD of iteDt*r"rtrg;".tt""u"".fFintins/tr?inseEors.!,123social D6rocracv. Euocompisoed ReplesElo!: 0u oE sl@aryof sone lelevantlointsfor the rcvolutionary doveEent ia Euo!€.tr Readlna List: Sone rorth{hiLe itds fo!fulthe! !eadi!S.(!ac)<Corer)

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