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week-4 reflection

week-4 reflection

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Published by Aybikee Beğde

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Published by: Aybikee Beğde on Mar 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LANGUAGE ACQUISITIONWeek -4What I learnt was theoretical information about FLA in general. Firstly, Ihave had specific information about nativists and functional approach andtheir limitations. According to nativists, we born with a genetic capacityand with the help of this we can easily acquire a language. Sincebehaviorists cant explain the creativeness of language, nativists come upwith the idea US(well beyond what is originally proposed the LAD) As toUS, no matter where they come from every child brings to acquire thelanguage in the same way and they make same mistakes more or less.Another thing is children see language in holistic perspective and use itsystematically. For example every child uses pivot grammar beforestarting make a sentence. Secondly; as the nativists only deal with theforms in the language, functionalists try to explain the functional way of the language and its underlying meanings. According to them,there shouldbe meaningful interaction between the hearer and listener. The more inputa child get , the more productions occur. Thirdly there are other topicswhich are given importance for FLA. For example, competence is theunderlying knowledge of the system,but performance is overtly observableand actual production.Competence is idealized by Chomsky ;however,there could be some fault in our competence knowledge. Another topic iscomprehension and production. Of course production can be directlyobservable but at the same time comprehension is facilitate production.nomatter which age we are we can have problem to show it is as aproduction , so production requires more than comprehension. Moreover,we discuss what the role of nature and nurture is. We come up aconclusion that even though our bio program is more important thanenvironment we shouldn’t ignore our nurture, because our languagebecomes rich by the help of social dialogs. Finally, all the children in theworld have basic steps to acquire language. They systematically overgeneralized the rules and use it every single thing they learn.When topics came to my profession there are most of things which Ishould take them into my pocket. Since we have an innate capacity toacquire a language, I should help my sts to use it. I should encouragethem and I try to motivate them to it reinforcement can be really useful todo it. Moreover, sts don’t care the structure of language they accept it inwholly perspective, therefore I should try to organize my teachingaccording to it and ıf the structure should be teach I will remember using itin a context or both songs and games can effective than the other ways.Lastly, I will try to encourage them work with group ,as I see it really useful

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