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HopeStreet News Autumn Winter 2011

HopeStreet News Autumn Winter 2011

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Published by Tim Kurylowicz

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Published by: Tim Kurylowicz on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inside this issue
Autumn / Winter 2011
My Year at HopeStreetNew Faces at HopeStreetHow HopeStreet Hooked Me
T (02) 9358 2388 F (02) 9358 4128 E admin@hopestreet.org.au www.hopestreet.org.au
By Tim KurylowiczA story about one of our cafes wentglobal in January when news got outabout the volunteers and regularsat the BackShed Cafe raising fundsto support QLD ood relief. Thestory was picked up in newspapersaround the country and the world.We commend our communitymembers - particularly those whoare living homeless at the moment -for acting so quickly and with suchcompassion for others in need, andwe’re proud as punch of our staff,who went the extra mile to makethe whole thing happen. We alsocommend the regulars of our Havea Chat cafe in Glebe (in partnershipwith the Glebe Area Tenant’s Groupand the Wheelie Warriors) for puttingon an Aussie Day bonanza whichraised over $1000 for ood reliefeffortsOur Community Development effortsin both Glebe and Woolloomoolooare all about creating spaces andactivities where community memberscan be safe, celebrate each otherand grow towards the fullness oflife for which they were created.Seeing two of Sydney’s ‘poorest’communities demonstrating suchrich generosity is what HopeStreet isall about.
To read the news story, visit www.news.com.au and insert ‘homeless dig deep for ood victims’ in the search eld.
At Christmas, we all like to be remembered and to givegifts as a sign of our love and support. We also lovethat feeling of warmth and wanting to share by giving toothers who aren’t so fortunate. At HopeStreet, we alsolike feeling that love and support, and receiving yourdonations every year is crucial for us because it meanswe can continue to give gifts of love and support to ourinner city communities.But something very strange happened last year withour 2010 Christmas Appeal. To date, we have receivedjust 15% of the total donations that were given in theprevious year’s appeal, and honestly, we don’t knowwhy. We were confused when we saw the numbers,and are keen to understand what happened. Was therea specic reason that people chose not to supportHopeStreet in 2010 or was it simply that people werejust busy and overlooked the opportunity? Please let usknow.It’s not too late to give and we still really need you to digdeep and help us out. We are committed to assistingthose living on the margins of inner city Sydney and thelast thing we want to do is now scale back programsthat are helping people who already experience so muchdisadvantage.Did you know that if all our current supporters gavejust $2 a day that would increase our income by over$700,000 per year! Isn’t it amazing the difference just$2 (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) can makewhen it is multiplied? And so we ask you, our faithfulsupporters, please take a moment right now and thinkabout what you can afford to give because we can’tafford to let this ministry down. Together we can makea real difference to the lives of people struggling withhomelessness, poverty and social exclusion.So here’s what we need you to do today:Ask God what he wants you to give and faithfully pledgethat amount as a one off donation, or If you are able togive a monthly donation, that would be an even greaterhelp.Just go to the website or ll in the donation slip on theback page of this Newsletter to make your contribution.Donate today and help us to give our fellow Aussies theopportunity for real change this year.By Amy Junor,HopeStreet Intern 2010How can I best describe 2010? massive learning curve, to say theleast. From the beginning of myinternship with HopeStreet untilmy last day, there was rarely a dullmoment.I have found Hopestreet to be adiverse, complex and challenginggroup of people who have stretchedmy understanding of what it meansto serve God and have shown mewhat it really means to love peopleunconditionally. I was inspired by thestaff at each of the projects I visited,like the Women’s Space, GlebeCommunity Development, andUrban Education. I also got involvedin other bits and pieces includingevents, churches, fundraising andtraining days. And I’m especiallyexcited to keep journeying with theImagine community beyond 2010.HopeStreet’s projects are uniqueand gave me the opportunity tomeet people from all walks of life.The contrasts were just one of thegreat teachers of my internship,giving me a deeper insight into thecomplexity, colour and “aliveness”of these inner city communities. Attimes I felt as though I was jumpingin the deep end but overall, thepeople I encountered along theway made the past year a realpleasure. There was a raw honestyabout them that was so vibrant andbeautiful. They taught me so manylife lessons and the stories thatthey shared, particularly the storiesof hope, will remain etched in mymind. They are stories of peoplewho have overcome incredible trials;people who make choices to leaveexperiences in the past and moveforward; people who look out foreach other, who visit each other andknow and understand each other -this is what community should beabout.2010 has shown me the power ofpeople working together to maketheir neighbourhood a better placeto live, the ownership that thisbrings, and the empowerment thatfollows. The value of each and everyperson and their unique contributionis something that has inspired meto consider my own contributionto life and how I respond to what Ihave experienced at HopeStreet.The things I have heard, seen andlearned this past year will stay withme. It has denitely changed theway I view life.
Amanda joined the HopeStreet team in October 2010 as a support workerwith the Employment Training Program.“Having spent the last 18 years as a swimming coach, working primarilywith people undergoing rehabilitation and people living with a disability, Ifeel well equipped for this role and excited about this opportunity.I feared I was beginning to develop ns and gills as a result of the hoursspent in the water each day so I decided to make the move to land. Whilstthis has been a huge lifestyle change for me, I believe it was the right time– I was ready for a new challenge. I’m slowly getting to know everyone atHopeStreet and am nding my new role very enjoyable and fullling”.
I feel blessed to be part of the wonderful HopeStreet community. I havespent most of my career self employed, running a small advertisingagency. I now enjoy the working experience that HopeStreet offers, beingpart of a dedicated and hard working team of people that really want tohelp the inner city community.I enjoy boating, walking and being in nature. When I’m not doing theseactivities I like to read. Eva and I have been married for 28 years and shewas instrumental in helping me to reorganise my working life after I retiredfrom my advertising business.With anticipation and good will my hope is that I continue to learn andgrow at HopeStreet
The Power of Good, a compilation of Australianessays published by McCrindle Research.
From small acts of charity to seless acts of kindness,The Power of Good, features seventy short, heart-warming true stories with contributions by prominentAustralians, including comedian Jean Kittson, writerPeter FitzSimons, news presenter Tracey Spicer, YouthOff the Streets’ Father Chris Riley, media personalityDavid Richardson, Wayside Chapel’s Reverend GrahamLong, politician Pru Goward, Pulitzer Prize winnerGeraldine Brooks, and many others. Among the ‘manyothers’ you’ll even nd a stirring story from HopeStreet’sown Helen Dwyer. The book is an optimistic look atwhat can happen when we look past our own backyardsand offer a helping hand to others.
McCrindle Research has also pledged adollar from each book sold to the work of HopeStreet. Tell your friends! 
RECOMMENDED FOR - Anyone who has ever offered tohelp for a good cause.AVAILABLE - Online, just visit www.mccrindle.com.au/ publications

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