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Published by Sunil Pillai

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Published by: Sunil Pillai on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 © All rights reserved. Career Launcher India Limited. 2008
India’s Fifth Man Booker!
Aravind Adiga became the fifth Indian to win The Man Booker Prize for 2008. Heis the fourth debutant winner to the prize. He now joins the hall of fame that sitspast Booker winners that includes such literary giants as V.S. Naipaul, NadineGordimer, Iris Murdoch, Kingsley Amis and Salman Rushdie. He won the £50,000[About 4,200,000 Rupees]prize for his book The WhiteTiger, a book that presents"the dark heart" of IndiaShining. Some have blamedAdiga, the 33-year-oldChennai-born Mumbaikar, of painting a negative pictureof modern India and its hugeunderclass. The awardsadministrators emphasized,“The White Tiger is the ninthwinning novel to take itsinspiration from India orIndian identity.” TIME Magazine, for which Adiga has worked as an Indian Correspondent, reportedAdiga’s book being “extraordinarily accomplished,” “The tale of an Indian servantwho kills his boss, it's written with wit and panache and crackles with a kind of joyfully subversive energy. Yet it is also a shocking portrait of Indian corruptionand social injustice at a time when the media has tended to focus on sunnier talesof the nation's economic transformation.” Time commented. Adiga told TIME thathe had initially struggled to write the book in the third person and had thenrewritten it in just 40 days in the voice of the murderous servant.Adiga is the fourth native Indian author to win the Booker. He joins compatriotsArundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie and Kiran Desai. A fifth winner of the prize, V.S.Naipaul is of Indian ancestry. Adiga was the youngest of the finalists for theliterary prize. He, among other authors short-listed for the prize, was among theonly two debutants this year. Others short listed were Steve Toltz, SebastianBarry, Amitav Ghosh, Linda Grant, and Philip Hensher.
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…And so is born a New Celebration!
Those who feel Democracy is too good to share with just anybody give it a secondthought. No pun intended. It’s the second most exciting thing in our ownDemocratic Republic of India. Need I mention state assembly polls? Hold yourbreath, they are announced in six prominent states. Stated by the media as adress rehearsal for the next year’s general elections the elections are slated tooccur November 14th thru December 04th. The report card will be shown onDecember 08th.The states going polls are Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh andMizoram. The Election Commission initially left out J&K for what they insistedwere logistical reasons But later made up their mind setting aside differences. J & K will see polling go on for over a month. The electoral semifinal before the nextLok Sabha polls will see Mizoram going to the polls along with Delhi on November29, Madhya Pradesh on November 25, Rajasthan on December 4 andChhattisgarh in two phases, on November 14 and 20. In Chhattisgarh, the two-
 © All rights reserved. Career Launcher India Limited. 2008
phase poll has been plannedto deal with possible violenceby Naxalites. The EC fearsthere could be renewedattacks on supporters of 
Salwa Judum
. Results in allstates will be declared onDecember 8, whereas theseven-phase polls for the 87-seat Jammu and Kashmirassembly which will bespread for over more than amonth – the first phase of polls will be held onNovember 17, followed byNovember 23, November 30,December 7, December 13,December 17 and December24. Results for Jammu ansKashmir will be announced onDecember 28. The modelcode of conduct comes intoeffect immediately.As they say “Lies, damnedlies, and statistics,” the Mathon this looks a littlecomplicated. More than 150 Million voters will exercise their fundamental right todemocracy in this election. Three of the poll-bound states – Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh –BJP Ruled and Congress’ success in overthrowing itsrival will help it erase the psychological pressure it has accumulated from asequence of losses. BJP, which hopes to exploit Congress’s sitting in Delhi, willappear the favorite for the LS polls if it manages to hold on to the states where itis in power. BJP also hopes to gain at Congress’ expense in Jammu after thecommunal division of the vote bank over the Amarnath issue.
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Sachin breaks Lara’s Test Record in Mohali!
There were celebrations for Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – named after legendarymusic director Sachin Dev Burman by his father – in Mohali as he overtook theWest Indian legend, Brian Lara's,world record of 11,953 Test runs,and then became the first man inhistory to go past the 12,000-mark. Twice over. The 35-year-old batting whiz is already theworld's top-scorer in One-DayInternational [ODIs] with over16,360 runs to his name and hasthe most centuries in Testmatches, thirty nine to date, andin One-dayers too with fourty two
 © All rights reserved. Career Launcher India Limited. 2008
till date.It was a delight watch Tendulkar play. It always is. But however Tendulkar, thistime could not add the statistical milestone he really wanted to; that of a fortiethcentury in his 152nd Test. possibly the most moving congratulation came fromRicky Ponting, the Australian captain, who must be measured the man most likelyto eventually surpass Tendulkar's run aggregate - if anyone ever does. Also he isa year younger to Sachin and Australia plays more test matches a year than Indiadoes on an average.Sachin made his Test Cricket debut at a tender age of 16 against Pakistan in1989 in Karachi. From there on the little master of world cricket has never lookedback. "The journey over the last 19 years has been fantastic," Tendulkar said."There are stones thrown at you and you turn them into milestones. When I gotout in Bangalore a few guys made it a point to remind me about the record.Today the focus was just to watch the ball. I tried to continue and not loseconcentration." He Added.
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Glory. High Up!
India launched its first unmanned mooncraft to orbit the moon, part of an effortto avow its muscle in space and aver some of the business opportunities there.Chandrayaan-1 is an unmanned lunar exploration mission by the Indian SpaceResearch Organization (ISRO), India's national space agency. The spacecraft willnot land on the moon, though it is supposed to send a small “impactor” probe tothe surface. The mission also includes a lunar orbiter. The spacecraft waslaunched by a modified version of the PSLV [Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle] onOctober 22, 2008. The launching of Chandrayaan-1 comes about a year afterChina’s first moon mission.Indian’s moon mission is scheduled to last about two years, whilst it[Chandrayaan-1] would prepare a three-dimensional atlas of the moon and scenethe lunar surface for possibly available natural resources, including uranium, acoveted fuel for nuclear power plants [Who knows it better than India?].Reactions from across theworld have alreadystarted pouring in. mostof then being very warmand positive. Britain hashailed India's successfullaunch of Chandrayaan,"Bravo, we are delightedto see it (the successfullaunch of India's firstmission to the Moon),"Lord Malloch Brown,Foreign andCommonwealth Office minister in charge of Africa, Asia and UN has said. After thesuccessful launch of Chandrayaan-1, the Indian Space Research Organisation isplanning to send its second lunar odyssey, Chandrayaan-2, an Indo-Russian jointventure, likely by the end of next year or early 2010.

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