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1001 sayings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

1001 sayings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Published by aciyer

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: aciyer on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Left Vishuddhi you cannot see but feel. Left Vishuddhi creates all kindsof social problems. Right Vishuddhi creates all kinds of politicalproblems. For example, those who have right Vishuddhi are speakers. They have to talk too much. They may create problems with their rightVishuddhi, by talking too much, or by keeping quiet – both ways. Theleft Vishuddhi people say something sarcastic, horrible, nasty, sly, non-aggressive but screwing type. They might create holes into people yousee. They don’t believe in killing directly like that so they want toscrew the person up here and there. The relationship between rightand left Vishuddhi is very close, as much as two sides of a coin. Rightside is extremely aggressive, oppressive, boastful. One party man willstand up and say, ‘I am the one’, the other will say, ‘I am the one’. Therelationships between the political parties are ruined, neither canarticulate. Left side, the sly people, when it goes down too much endsup in perverted sex life. They go to a friend’s house to stay and runaway with the mother, or some sort of nonsense like that. So, on theleft side, this kind of a funny relationship, when you do not understandthe purity of relationship in social life, that drops down, that createsproblems. So, in relationship, right and left Vishuddhi, both of themplay a very big part.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p11.
 Then comes the Sahasrara. You know Sahasrara, what it is
. Peoplewant to judge Me.
 They have a right to do it; I mean, I cannot say,‘No, you cannot judge Me’. You can do whatever you like, I cannot say. You go on judging Me.
Now, what is the instrument you have got to judge Me?I have such a camouflage, just a bubble, and such a recedingpersonality. How are you going to judge Me? Is there any wayof judging Me? You can never catch Me anywhere! It’s acamouflage.Firstly, I am prideless,I am egoless,I am actionless.Where are you going to catch Me?On the contrary, by all these attributes I create a problem foryou, that I am MAHAMAYA.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p11.
 You cannot understand a person who does not have pride. Becauseyou call can talk to me very nicely, you can be very sweet, and you can just sit next to Me, and suddenly you come out with a remark whichshows
you are not conscious to whom you are talking,
suddenlysomething you do, where you are not conscious.
Because I go on playing,
I am extremely friendly with you,extremely nice to you. Absolutely prideless. You see anybody who haseven this much position in life he has a nose like that (up). Mine isbent down all the time!
Nothing but humour
, and then how are yougoing to understand My position? You see there is no outward sign. There are no horns; there is nothing that I could be a cinema star. I amtoo simple, too sweet.
There is no way by which you can
feel that I am Great. I am absolutely mundane, ordinary, butextra ordinary of the ordinary, I am.
 This is a thing which people do not understand. It’s alright for thosewho are not realised – excused, but you have felt the vibrations andgot your realisation through Me. I must be ‘something’ – put yourattention like that to understand.
Must be Tremendous thinginside this body.
It’s so obvious otherwise to you people.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p12.
 This is to be understood, that so far, Krishna, Christ, Rama – all of them– nobody gave Self-realisation to people
en masse
. They had otherPowers, like Krishna had Samhar Shakti; He could kill anyone like this.I have also these powers within Me, but obviously I am a very simple,mundane type of an Indian lady. And Christ had a Power to get Himself crucified. I too have that, but I am not going to do all that.I have a Power to resurrect also.
Why these Powers are not used?
One should understand,
because now the main attention is toraise the Kundalini
– and for that these powers are not required.Give realisation to any number of people. What’s the use of gettingcrucified? Who is going to raise the Kundalini? I would like to do it. Imean, if I were at that time I would have said, ‘Keep your cross for awhile, I will have it later on’ What’s the use, just now to destroypeople?
Let’s see how many come around, you see. So thesePowers are not required. Today the power of raising theKundalini of thousands and thousands and millions andmillions of people is required.
V 5. no 30.Nov 85. p12.
I am going to be just like you all My Life, in the sense that I am going toget old, as you’re going to. I mean, today, I should be old; I will be andbe just like you. I am not going to do anything outside.It’s like a German car, but it is you who have to know the power of theGerman car. It’s the best type, and once you realise that, that all isdeliberately made like that, in the beginning, of course, you cannoteven understand it. It goes on; ‘How can it be?’, ‘How can it be Shedoes this? She does that…’ it goes on like that.
 You do not judge Me, because that’s not the way you willunderstand. Just
realise and recognise
that there has to be
something tremendous.
It was necessary to have someone like that to do this
task. And it was necessary for you to be born, tobe with Me to help.I know those who are with Me. They’ll stand by Methroughout. I may judge them a little hear and there, but Iknow they will come round. You
to stand by Me. Thosewho want to run away, they’ll run away today or tomorrow. I’lltry; I’ll try to get them round as far as possible.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p12
So we come to ‘collectivity’. To understand
that you are the cells inMy body and I have awakened you. If you degenerate, Mybody degenerates. You have all seen that. When you are sick,I am sick. In the sense I emit, liberate, more vibrations, and Ifeel sick with that, because you can’t take it.When you
vibrations I feel well.
But only those who have faith in themselves can understand this – andnot those who have superiority complex, or inferiority complex.Complex means, no faith in yourself.
 You should have faith in yourself – that you are the chosenones. You are really the people, especially made for this greatwork. It’s a tremendous thing that you are all born.
Once you realise and recognise it, you would not bother about small,small things of life.
It’s the quality in you that has to be nurtured and looked after,through collectivity, but collectivity of the Sahaja Yogis.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p13
(907)This is a new race that is coming up.
 The others are humanbeings, you are not,
you are not human beings any more, you areSahaja Yogis. It’s a different race. All over the world this racehas to come up. So we have to build up ourselves, in onegroup, in one understanding. Absolute unison.
 There should be no secrets, no domination, everything shouldarticulate. Everyone should talk to each other; everyone should knowwhat is happening with the other. You have to be
frank –open – with each other. Absolutely. Tell them your problems. ‘I catchon this, what should I do? How to clear it out?’ Not to feel shy. Wehave to enjoy ourselves. Also enjoy our weaknesses, so that we clearthem out. Laugh it out. That’s the best way to do it. The differencebetween a human being and a Sahaja Yogi is the same as a humanbeing and a drunk fellow. This is the difference, so what is the use of arguing with them and getting angry, getting into tension. I mean,they are drunk. If you see a drunkard, run with the speed of fivehundred miles an hour, that’s My principle, no use arguing with a madman or a drunkard.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p13
Maybe a mad man may be alright, but a drunkard – till 3 hours hewouldn’t digest his drinks, so that is what is the difference. They aredrunk by power, money, this, that, something that is there.
And youare filled with the light of God Almighty. That is what thedifference is.
If you understand the difference you will realise that it’sno use fighting with these people. They are drunk. They are like that.If you talk to them, what can you say? I mean, they don’t understand.
Let’s forget it. I will give you some tests and things, by whichyou will come in contact with them, see them, and get out of it,without any harm being done to you. This is necessary, youhave to touch them, go near them, be with them, you areoutside.
I give such tests to people and that should work out! I knowyou can.
That’s why I give such tests only to people aboutwhom I’m sure that they will come out.
This I think we shoulddecide today, that
we are all going to live with One Heart, andOne Desire, with One Head and One Liver!
All of us. Let’s seehow it works out
. Why waste energy on decision and arguments. You have seen your Mother, no choice about food, just enjoyment,where is the time to argue? It’s Joy pouring in. Let’s enjoy. May GodBless you.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p14
See, why is the problem?
That you have a will. That anything else does
not have a will. You have the will.
And once you try to bring the will intune with each other, you feel your ego is there, your ego hurts. You don’twant to be. You don’t want to lose that, or think that by doing so you havebecome sub-normal. No.
 You are a realised soul, and a realised soul issomething so
that you cannot give a parallel to it.
There cannotbe a parallel. For example I can say, if there is a wind blowing, then all thetrees move in the same way, but human beings, if the wind is blowing …supposing any wind is coming, somebody will go that way, somebody will gothat way, because they have a will.
But Sahaja Yogis, if the wind is blowing, all of them will put theirheads together against the wind and fight it. This is a thing whichcannot be given any parallel, because you are going
humanbeings. So far never such a thing has existed. You are such uniquecreations that there is … I cannot compare you with anything that wasbelow
or, I should say, on this level. The level is different.
So when you doeverything the same way, you are doing it because you are aware of that Collectivity of the Primordial Being within you. This transition isthe point which you should catch.
 V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p14
How can you give an analogy for something that never existed before? Never.
 Atula –
which cannot be compared. That’s one of the names of the Goddess.So I cannot give you an analogy, but I can make you understand that, if yourSpirit is awakened – in everybody is the Spirit, which is a Collective Being –then you do it because your Spirit does it. You don’t care for ego or superego,and all these nonsensical things, which are barriers in the growth of 
LivingCollectivity. Now you have become
livingly collective
and you are
. It’s a new being that is within you.
If you try to do something else,you will not like it, because this time it’s not your ego, it’s your Spirit.
Asbefore this, you listened to your ego and were happy with it, now youwill be happy if you listen to your Spirit. Because now you have
the Spirit.
And when you
the Spirit then you become different.What analogy can I give? Then the
is more also to understand.In that when you say
, another says
. Let us go to the right, everybodywill say, ‘yes, let us go to the right’. Unless and until there is somebody whoknows the job and says, ‘No, no, this is not the way. Right is not the way, letus go left.’ Everyone should know that he know the way. Arguments will fizzleout, because you are in unison
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p11
(910)Sri Ganesha’s Birthday Puja
 Yesterday we had many new people, so I could not talk to you very clearlyabout
Sri Ganesha’s deeper Manifestations. You know that He residesin us. We have a very great asset within us
, that we know about SriGanesha and that we can excite His Powers.
To manifest Sri Ganesha
, we have to do a certain amount of Tapasya(penance). First we have to day, when we sit for meditation, that, ‘I am goingto be worthy of your appreciated.
Make me humble
so that I am appreciatedby You and
My only desire is to please You
.’ Then you sit down, incomplete preparedness, meditating over your Mooladhara, putting yourattention to it with absolute purity. Now, you have My photograph before youand
you tell the photograph, ‘Mother, You are Sri Ganesha. You giveme wisdom and discretion.’
So, attention is at the Mooladhara chakra,which is actually below the sacrum bone. You put your right hand towards thephotograph and your left hand on Mother earth. Now this will tell you that
your mind, or your brain, which is full of confusion
, has not discretion, iscomplicated, which does the same mistakes again and again, which does notunderstand how to cure the ills of bad feelings, all that
can be cured if youput your Right had towards Me, and the Left hand to Mother earth.
Soin action you do like that.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p15
Now, as He, Ganesha is the essence of everything that has been created, thatis material, that has
bhava –
through him everything has been created.
When you develop that, you
your sense of 
subtle creativity
, andthe sense of 
subtle appreciation of creativity
– then you develop yourdiscretion of how to behave with others, in a beautiful manner, so that yourego is controlled.
The behaviour should be such that there should be no expression of ego in your behaviour.
Your Mother is a good example.I think you know that I know quite a lot of things, but I never show off, nor everassert that I am so knowledgeable, I live like a very, very ordinary person withyou, and I do not in any way assert My personality that gives you a shock. Sowith your intelligence, or with your other powers – like if you are a moneyedman, or more efficient or anything – you should not try to impress on others,but you must deal with it beautifully.
So the beauty comes when you areefficient and you are loving. That is the central point, that is theresult, that you are knowledgeable and you are humble.
 That you knoweverything about everyone, but you are
Only a complete personalitycan give that very soothing effect. So the soothing effect comes as a result of beauty. To develop it, you have to
meditate on your Mooladhara Chakra.
V 5. no 30. Nov 85. p11
Fanaticism and temper go together. There is no love in fanaticism. If you tell them, ‘don’t be a fanatic’,they will start crying. So the fanaticism of Sahaja Yoga is mostblinding. It is something like in front of the Temple of God you begfrom other people for money. Sahaja Yoga is one thing which should

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