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Basic Experiment on Apple Controls Diabetes

Basic Experiment on Apple Controls Diabetes

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Published by dpparkhe
It explains how I have done experiment on myself and arrived at the solution for diabetes, methodically and with factual data
It explains how I have done experiment on myself and arrived at the solution for diabetes, methodically and with factual data

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: dpparkhe on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 D.P.Parkhe Consultants-InnovationsSwapnanagari, A-10, Karve Rd. Pune 411004<dpparkhe@hotmail.com>Mobile - 9767173860; Ph - 020 - 25469027www.applecontrolsdiabetes.com
Sugar Wheels showing my Blood Sugar Position in 24 Hours for day and night 
Apple controls Diabetes
My above finding got an" Innovation 2011 Award"
on Jan 8, 2011 from IIT Bombay Alumni Association Pune Chapter
Basic Experiment
I had diabetes in 1998 and my sugar was 355 so I went to doctor for medicine who gave me pills and on fourth day I went in toICU due to Hypoglycemia.
Doctor lost all hopes of my survival. but somehow I survived and went home where I could not walk even a step, because of weakness.
When I came out from ICU, being a research worker I planned an experiment, to first find out how my blood pattern will be in 24hours. This itself was a Novel Experiment for Diabetes Research. Normally sugar counts are taken only 2 times which I felt willnot give the real pattern
I took counts of Urine sugar and Blood Sugar for every half an hour, then plotted graph and projected it on 2 wheels for a day andnight. For each 12 hours as shown above.
This experiment has given me first time, a clear Pattern of Sugar Movements in my body equipped with this basic data.
I started Superimposing various factors on these wheels by testing various foods, exercise, sleep etc. that has given me moreinsight and I started testing fruits for sugar pattern, and ultimately got reduction of 180 to 120 mg//dl by Apple. Thus I found
An Use of Apple for sugar control as a NOVEL finding” which eliminates pills and insulin.
Thus this is an experimental Proof and is based on a Factual Data.
Later on I tried this experiment on my friends in India and in California and results was very good and now it is a history.
Then to make awareness in public on this finding, I wrote a research paper and this work was approvedby “
Academy Health Research Org. USA” for poster reading in their conference held in themonth of June 2003. And is published in various forums in USA. and also in BimonthlyMagazine of Diabetic Association of India, Pune Branch, India. It is also published inMagazine of “Health Care Net work Magazine” of New Zealand. And a full article waspublished in Pane’s, Sakal Daily News Paper of 4 Sept 2005 which is having 2.5 millioncirculation. And in Gavakari Daily News Paper of Nasik.And Recently people themselves have Proved it by adopting this method, on Mass scale that too spontaneously from 7 Dec 2009in Pune- Maharashtra State, India. when my letter appeared in Sakal on Diabetes cure andsubsequently a letter from Shri Anil Barve, was published in Sakal itself on 11 Jan 2011saying that his
diabetes was curedwithin a month because of use of Apple , this letter hasgiven more imputes to people and subsequently have
proved on mass scale, that Apple is as asure solution for Diabetes II
even eliminating Pills and Insulin
result is,
First Time in the History of Diabetes.
Later on I studied the chemistry of it and put forth my probale Hypotheses that Malic Acid and Citric acid present in applemight be taking part in the KREB Cycle and creating ATP as an energy, there by consuming glucose from the blood, alternatelyI also feel that Malic acid might be forming an instant chelating with metal molecules forming biocides and acting on pathogenswhich might be living as in symbiosis manner, on beta cells of pancreas, and blocking the insulin secretion. For more detailsplease see the chemistry part in my web site.
This is my earnest appeal to all persons, Media, and Institutions, who matters, that in view of Epidemic Nature of Diabetes; my singular voice is a drop in the ocean, so they should takeinterest. And give maximum publicity through all medias
Attached 42 nos. On case studies along with remarks given by patients.
Srno.Name-Age-Male-FemaleMobile- EmailDurationOf DiabetesFastingSugarBefore& AfterPPSugarBefore& AfterInsulinbefore&afterPillsbefore& afterDaysrequiredRemarks by Patients1 D.P.Parkhe age83 M-M-9767173860dpparkhe@hotmail.com12yrs 124 135 Nil 0--0 I have done experimentson myself and inventedthis Therapy2 Barve Anil62-M9403185502Letter published inSakal Paper forachieving goodresults on 11 Jan2 Yrs 90--86 130--121-- 2 --0 28DaysIt is very nice Therapy andworks positively if sugarintake is avoided3.Joshi S.R.Age 70—F242284239 yers170--100200--15045Nownil-0--0 15daysApple reduces sugar andgives good energy4 Beskar M E.57—M020-2421379617Years136--107260--112Nil 2 -- nil Onemonth 5 Mawal S.D.M---59992280168012Yrs180--108260--1270--0 2--half 30Days
I thought Diabetescannot be cured butApple has provedfalse
6 Dafal S.B.62—M9850053274 7years127--96 220---132- 2---0 OnemonthOK 7 Patil Sindhu39—F344646445 yrs 300—70 350--129NA 4- 0 3monthsApple reduces the sugarand gives energy8 Patil M.R.#31-M98509003854 yrs 175—95 400--136- 0--0 2monthsApple has helped me a lotcontrolling the sugar andkept me fresh all the time9 Katdare Rekha-61-F020-254364813yrs 100--92 160--94 -- 1- 0 14Days--10 Prof. Padalkar R.K.63—M02347-2738066months205—98-230-105- 0---0 22days
Excellent results
11 Vavhal N/A.57—F9763399023 ?3 Yrs 124--132148-148-- 1--o 20Days12 Mrs Chavhan S.R.51—F24449995r 325--103325--121- 0 15daysApple works very well andgives energy13 Joshi Mugdha--F— - 62--116 185--135-- 0 - Referred by Dr. DangeMBBS9422526143

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