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April fundraiser

April fundraiser

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Published by Rick Karlin

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Published by: Rick Karlin on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date Location
Elected official
10­Jan­11 University Club $300 Senator Diaz10­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $1,000 Senator Skelos24­Jan­11 Crowne Plaza $1,000 DSCC24­Jan­11 University Club $350 Senator Hassell­Thompson24­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Johnson25­Jan­11 Albany Room $300 Assemblymember Benedetto25­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $200 Assemblymember Murray31­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Assemblymember Kolb31­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember Lopez31­Jan­11 Albany Room $250 Assemvblymember DenDekke31­Jan­11 Maguires $500 Senator Ball31­Jan­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Larkin7­Feb­11 Eldas $250 Assemblymember Burling7­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Assemblymember Magnarelli7­Feb­11 University Club $500 Assemblymember Pretlow7­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $300 Assemblymember Tedisco7­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $1,000 DACC7­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Bonacic7­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $400 Senator Lanza7­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Ranzenhofe7­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $500 Senator Valesky7­Feb­11 The State Room $1,000 SRCC8­Feb­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Latime14­Feb­11 Victory Café $250 Assemblymember Cusick14­Feb­11 University Club $750 Assemblymember Hoyt14­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $300 Assemblywoman Calhoun14­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $350 Senator Farley14­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Golden14­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Marcellino14­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $750 Senator Maziarz14­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $500 Senator Oppenheime17­Feb­11 Harvard Club, NYC $$500­$10,000 Comptroller DiNapoli17­Feb­11 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC $15,000 & $25,000 Governor Cuomo28­Feb­11 Victory Café $250 Assemblymember Bronson28­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza $250 Assemblymember Lavine28­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Assemblymember Morelle28­Feb­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Raia28­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Assemblymember Schimminge28­Feb­11 Corning Tower Observation Deck $500 RACC28­Feb­11 University Club $400 Senator Gallivan28­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Rivera28­Feb­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Robach
28­Feb­11 University Club $500 Senator Saland28­Feb­11 Fort Orange Club $600 Senator Young1­Mar­11
Angelo’s 677 Prime
$250 Assemblymember Amedore1­Mar­11 University Club $250 Assemblymember Conte1­Mar­11 74 State $350 Assemblymember Jacobs1­Mar­11 74 State $500 Assemblymember Towns1­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Griffo1­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Peralta2­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Johns2­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember Katz2­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Reilly2­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $200 Assemblymember Tenney2­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $400 Senator Grisanti2­Mar­11 University Club $750 Senator Libous3­Mar­11 Moda Restaurant, NYC $1,000 DACC/Speaker Silve7­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember Barclay7­Mar­11 Bayou Café $300 Assemblymember Lupardo7­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator McDonald7­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Seward8­Mar­11 Sign of the Tree $275 Assemblymember Butle8­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Dinowitz8­Mar­11 University Club $250 Assemblymember Hayes8­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember McLaughlin8­Mar­11
$250 Assemblymember Molinaro8­Mar­11 Liberty Café $300 Assemblymember Peoples8­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Sweeney8­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza $500 Assemblymember Weprin8­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Carlucci8­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $350 Senator Huntley8­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $750 Senator Nozzolio9­Mar­11 Taste, 30 So Pearl $500 Assemblymember Cahill9­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Crespo9­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Gabryszak9­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Gibson9­Mar­11
$250 Assemblymember Jordan9­Mar­11 University Club $250 Assemblymember Palmesano14­Mar­11 University Club $250 Assemblymember Crouch14­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember McDonough14­Mar­11 University Club $200 Assemblymember Smardz14­Mar­11 Sign of the Tree $400 Assemblymember Weisenberg14­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $1,000 Senator DeFrancisco14­Mar­11
Anna O’Keefe’s
Senator O’Mara
14­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Zeldin15­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $300 Assemblymember Hevesi
15­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Markey15­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Montesano15­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $250 Assemblymember Reilich15­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Schimel15­Mar­11 University Club $500 Senator Flanagan15­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $450 Senator Fuschillo15­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Klein15­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $400 Senator Little16­Mar­11 Sign of the Tree $250 Assemblymember McEneny17­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Senator Dilan21­Mar­11 Victory Café $500 Assemblymember Wright21­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Hannon21­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Martins21­Mar­11 University Club $400 Senator Ritchie22­Mar­11 The State Room $250 Assemblymember Abbate22­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $350 Assemblymember Braunstein22­Mar­11 Albany Room $100 Assemblymember Curran22­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Heastie22­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Malliotakis22­Mar­11 Albany Hibernian Hall $250 Assemblymember Schroede22­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $650 Senator Alesi22­Mar­11 University Club $500 Senator Breslin22­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $250 Senator Savino22­Mar­11 74 State $500 Senator Smith22­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Stavisky23­Mar­11 Albany Room $200 Assemblymember Ceretto23­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Ortiz23­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $250 Assemblymember Rodriguez23­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember, Rivera P.28­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $250 Assemblymember Gra28­Mar­11 Albany Room $200 Assemblymember Losquadro28­Mar­11 Pinto & Hobbs $250 Assemblymember Zebrowski28­Mar­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Senator Gallivan28­Mar­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Kennedy29­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Aubry29­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Castro29­Mar­11 Albany Room $200 Assemblymember Murray30­Mar­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Jaffee31­Mar­11 Albany Room $500 Assemblymember Lancman4­Apr­11 El Mariachi $200 Assemblymember Fitzpatrick5­Apr­11 Albany Room $250 Assemblymember Saladino11­Apr­11 Rocks $250 Senator Duane11­Apr­11 Crowne Plaza Hotel $500 Senator Sampson12­Apr­11 Fort Orange Club $500 Assemblymember Gantt

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