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Origin 13

Origin 13

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: SUPERALEXtheGREATEST on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Now if the forces just unify at lower dimensions, the strong force maybe takes on the role that thephoton and graviton have. In our dimensions the strong force is restricted to decay within theatom. With less dimensions, maybe that restriction is lifted and the strong force does in 2+1 whatgravity/EM do in 3+1 and the the cosmological models remain correct? There are someindications of this already, with the strong force acting like gravity on a lower level.... so we mightbe looking at a gravity-strong, electroweak unification at that level, and a complete unification of all forces as all the dimensions unify at 1+1. Also, this would work with quantum loop cosmologyquite well, as it predicts gravity becomes a repulsive force at distances of less than 10 plancklengths..... perhaps 2+1 dimensionality is the reason why and that is where dark energy takesover. Note that in the subject header I said "No time"-- this is because, from an outside view, alltime exists simultaneously, so even though our universe evolved from 1+1 to 2+1 to 3+1, since allthose states exist simultaneously (because all pasts, presents and futures coexist), all threesolutions are applicable. The recent proven violation of the Heisenberg Principle on the quantumlevel is proof of this (see article and earlier Origin chapters.) The point that the interior of theuniverse increases in dimensions, while the outside decreases in dimensionality also indicatesthis, as well as an intrinsic fractality that exists on every level.Hopf fibration shows alternate timelines emerging from the big bounce (as single dimensionalmobius strips, upon which the basis of quantum 2D and relativity 3D is based, which explainsquantum nonlocality, chemical bonds, subatomic particles, the behavior of photons, etc.),diverging as the universe expands and converging as it collapses..... when gravity vanishes at2+1... universe rebounds! (See graphic on my website). Fermions and Bosons are probably alsounified at 2+1, so their separation at 3+1 is probably symbolic of a phase transition in the earlyuniverse. The presence of anyons in 2+1 might be indicative of the fact that superconductivityabounded at this early stage of the universe (especially if partial unification was present) and thisoffers up yet another connection between string theory and cosmology. The connection betweenthe early universe and graphene (see chessboard space) is also indicative of this and of quantumloop cosmology, and the fact that this geometry may still exist in quantum foam (with the holesbetween the mesh indicating wormholes) shows that superconductive fractality remains and the2D background of the universe is still there (this is also indicated by the CMBR and the duality of light as it passes between dimensions as shown by the double slit experiments.) This is also thereason for quantum nonlocality, as quantum only exists in 2D but intersects several differentlayers, so two seemingly unconnected points actually are connected on another layer viawormholes. The fractional electron effects being mentioned may well indicate magneticmonopoles and freeform quarks at that level-- that is BEC (a necessary component if the strongforce is to unify with and take over for gravity at 2+1.) It would also mean there is no black holesingularity problem (and by extension, no big bang singularity problem!) It's a big bounce!And throughout the Origin series I have mentioned that the universe is a 1+1 mobius strip thatexpands to a 2+1 surface sphere (appears planar because of the small curvature of the sphere)and 3+1 torus ..... but these conditions still exist since all time exists simultaneously. It is possiblethe gravitational wave anomaly they mentioned is what led to inflation. The 4+1 hyperspherethey mention could actually be the bulk of the omniverse, and as our universe expands into it, ittoo will expand into additional extra dimensions, always staying one step ahead of us.The energy hiding between two folds of our 3+1 space time sounds like another representationof the luxon wall and the folds could be parallel timelines.Hopf fibration models not only show all space, they show all time also. The areas between thetimeline strips are boundaries where the luxon wall exists, just like the one which separates theuniverse from its antiverse. The existence of this wall explains the double slit experiment and theduality of light, as it exists on the boundary not only between our universe and the antiverse, butalso between all the timelines, and is able to go back and forth between each of them (becauselight does not experience our time..... it exists in the second temporal dimension, imaginary time,which separates the timelines.) Back and forth behavior can be accomplished through micro
wormholes in the quantum foam.The connection between dimensionality evolution, toric knots and hyperspheres, offers up yetmore connections between string theory, quantum mechanics and early Universe geometry, andthe anyon connection also indicates how the universe acted like a quantum supercomputer andcontinues to do so.Almost seem to be describing an Entropic effect- as energy decreases, degrees of freedom/randomness increase. Perhaps only a symptom of the process, but still related. Opensup plenty of room for speculation, though. If gravity/dark energy truly is an entropic effect, thisprovides the vehicle for delivery.I imagine that the transition from a 2+1 to 3+1 could explain our inflationary period as well asflatness.Because 3+1 is stable, there is no hierarchy problem..Extra- or intra-dimensions is everything what deflects the path of light and/or violates the inversesquare law. Even CMBR noise and photons in general are manifestation of 3-dimensionalityviolation - not to say about massive objects composed of low-dimensional particles. This is just arequirement of consistency in thinking.The mathematics behind the potential for creating a universe in a particle accelerator areincredibly interesting. As the created Universe increased in interior dimension, the mathematicsshow that it would appear to be decreasing in physical dimension from a perspective outside of that universe.SH, this would actually take on the structure of a multilayered fractal as viewed from the outside,one that eventually "winked" out of existence (as seen from the "outside") as it appeared to growsmaller.Sounds like they fit the timing of their dimensional expansion to inflation and the next step from3+1 to 4+1 to DE behavior?BTW Skeptic Heretic, you and I are thinking along the same lines with regards to 2+1 --> 3+1transition causing inflation; as you'll notice in the article they mention a period when gravity wavescannot be produced.if you had an object that could withstand the 10 TeV and you surrounded it at that temperature,would the object cease to be 3 dimensional? could you travel beyond light speed because youwould no longer effect the laws of physics known to be 3 dimensional.That's an interesting thought. Length contraction based on the laws of special relativity do causeone dimension of an object to diminish when accelerated to close to the speed of light. If it weren'tfor the mathematical singularity in these equations, you could think that at some point that onedimension would vanish, reducing the object to just two dimensions. It would require amodification of Einsteins formulas though, something that would only add a meaningfulcomponent at energies approaching the TV range ...If gravity disappears under 2 dimensions, could the electro-weak force disappear under 1?I think the electro-weak force will disappear in the zero dimension, unless this is a trick question?It is thought provoking.
I wonder if it actually "disappears" or just becomes unified with the other forces. Perhaps theadditional dimensions are "unified" and when they separated to create our 3+1 reality, so did theforces.Im thinking that in the particle collision tests being conducted at Fermi and LHC these kinds of discrepancies will show up-- the same kind that could lead to the confirmation of the sterileneutrino. It's intriguing that these may already have been discovered emanating from neutronstars, and is in line with the material already published concerning superfluidity/superconductivityat their cores being linked with possible wormhole formation there.0D in higher universe.... we only exist on the inside surface of a point particle expanding in 3D allequal distances from the BB we are expanding from as timelines diverge and will contracttowards as timelines converge (and dimensions and forces reunify until gravity "vanishes" in 2+1and the universe bounces back and starts all over again).... Gravity/DE are the entropic force thatcreated that 3D.... outside of that we are inside a point particle that exists in dimensions other than ours (nested inside a higher universe inside a higher universe and so on, which fractallyloops back to ours-- thanks to gravity, both in space and time.) Gravity is the only force thatexists through all dimensions, and any kind of long distance space or time travel will requiretraveling through a gravitic hole (wormhole). The quantum exists in 2D, which is why gravity ismuch weaker there (gravity/DE created the third dimension via entropy.) Black hole andwormhole formation on the quantum level is a result of the strong force, not gravity (they becomeunified at that level.) Gravity is actually a macro version of the strong force (as EM is a macroversion of the weak force)-- it decreases at the square of the distance now, but when the universebecomes much larger, gravity will grow stronger and snap it back-- much like how the strongforce snaps quarks back into confinement inside subatomic particles. This may occur when theboundaries of the universe reach the inner Cauchy horizon of the Kerr black hole our universeresides within. This will be the start of the process of contraction of the universe, also spurred onby dark matter and timeline convergence. Perhaps this is what the strong force actually does inmicrouniverses nested inside our own (which would be their gravity.) The quantum forms the"surface" of the 3D sphere and all points are equidistant from the BB. This also explains electronspin; even though it is a point particle in our universe, it is actually a multidimensional universe inits own spacetime. BEC gives us a window into the world of single dimensional quantum statesand nonlocality on the macro level, where room temp superconductivity, partial unification (andperhaps wormhole formation) can reside. BEC represents an early phase transition of theuniverse that still exists, much like the CMBR. BEC originates inside the parent black hole thatspawned our universe and is the seed from which the new universe is born (superfluidsuperconductive quark gluon plasma that originates from infalling strings.) So, while wormholesinside neutron stars produce and emit gamma radiation and sterile neutrinos, the even moreextreme gravitation of black holes causes the creation of a new baby universe/quadverse. Lightitself exists in the luxon wall, which explains why it violates 3D and acts more like a 1Dcomponent (duality via double slit experiment.) An intriguing facet of all this is that atoms of quantum gas in a crystal lattice actually behave like electrons, indicating that our universe itself may exist in a lattice-like omniverse and is also used to explain superconductivity andsuperfluidity at high temperatures as well as quantum nonlocality on a macro level as thewormholes connect all the universes together just like intrauniverse wormholes have done fromthe beginning (because BEC mimics the early universe fractally.) Quantum nonlocality couldrepresent the gravity-strong unification, while electro-weak unification is represented bysuperconductivity and superfluidity. In both cases, greater freedom of movement is achieved bybringing quantum properties into the macro world (fractally, like black holes do naturally.) Bigflows may exist between component universes, as they do within each universe fractally, asenergy is conserved through the whole system and results in expansion and contraction of thecomponents (depending on the dark matter to dark energy ratio.) Because these only rely ongravity, they are freely able to travel throughout the quadverse and indeed the omniverse viawormholes. The fact that stringy black holes (fuzzballs) solve the information paradox indicatesthere are many different types of black holes, each with their own interior structure, and thisindicates inner universes with different properties (physical laws) dependent on the physical

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