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Carrier 3-31-11

Carrier 3-31-11

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Published by whateverbrother
ncluding stories on: room selection, HOPE, ACE Chef competition, the Japan earthquake, March Madness and more.
ncluding stories on: room selection, HOPE, ACE Chef competition, the Japan earthquake, March Madness and more.

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Published by: whateverbrother on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ashley McIntyre
While Berry students took aweek off from academics duringspring break, the Georgia statelegislature changed the way stu-dents across the state will fundtheir educations for the 2011-2012school year.The HOPE scholarship’s face-lift became law on Mar. 15, whenGeorgia governor Nathan Dealapproved the changes to the pro-gram from the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate. Pub-lic school HOPE scholars will nolonger have their books and feescovered by HOPE, and HOPE willcover 90 percent of tuition insteadof 100 percent. Private schoolHOPE scholars will see theiraward from the state reducedfrom $4,000 to $3,600 per year.GPA requirements have alsochanged. In order to have, stu-dents will have to qualify for anew category of scholarship: theZell Miller HOPE Scholarship.Incoming freshmen will have tohave at least a 3.7 HOPE GPA outof high school with a 1200 on theSAT, and maintain a 3.3 GPA tomaintain the scholarship. Return-ing students who qualify as ZellMiller scholars need to make andmaintain a minimum 3.3 GPA. Re-turning HOPE scholars will haveto have and maintain a minimum3.0 GPA.
Qualied students will see
The Georgia Tuition EqualizationGrant reduced from $750 per yearto $700 next year.While funding from the stateis decreasing, tuition and fees willincrease for Berry students next
year. Vice president of nance Bri
-an Erb said tuition will increasesix percent (totaling $1,470) andthat room and board will each
increase by ve percent. Parkingfees will increase ve dollars per
semester.Erb said the budget advisory
committee spends a signicant
amount of time deliberating ontuition hikes.
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Volume 102 ∙ March 31, 2011 ∙ Number 20
please recycle our paper.
Page 8 - 9
Quote of the week:
“People think dreams aren’treal just because they aren’tmade of matter, of particles.Dreams are real. But theyare made of viewpoints, of images, of memories andpuns and lost hopes.“-Neil Gaiman
pArker seAly,
Staff Photographer
Students wait
anxiously for their lottery numbers to be called. There were several changes made to room selection this year, including a liveonline feed of the activities happening such as what lottery number was being called.
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March MadnessSpringFashion
Letters from Japan
Housing restricted
Fob o aiaiz o im aig o ud
kelly DIckersOn
Deputy News Editor
Politician, entrepreneur and editor-in-chief: Steve Forbes is a newkind of triple threat.Forbes will be speaking tonight at 8 p.m. in the Cage about his lat-est book “How Capitalism Will Save Us” as part of the Gloria ShattoLecture Series.
Forbes is chief executive ofcer of Forbes Media and Editor-in-Chief 
of Forbes magazine, the nation’s leading business magazine.Forbes campaigned for the Republican nomination for President in
1996 and 2000, and advocated for policies such as a at tax, a new social
security system and strong national defense.Chair of the Department of Economics Frank Stephenson said he
hopes students will benet from such a inuential speaker.
“It’s exciting to bring someone of such national and internationalrenown,” Stephenson said. “It will be great opportunity for students.”Forbes frequently writes editorials for Forbes and is the only writerto win the Crystal Owl Award four times. Forbes has a circulation of about 900,000 within the U.S. Combined with Forbes Asia, the two edi-tions reach 5.5 million readers.Forbes media has launched several new publications and businessesunder Forbes leadership such as Forbes Life and Forbes.com. Forbes.com receives more than 18 million monthly visitors.Forbes studied history at Princeton University and helped foundBusiness Today, a student-run magazine at Princeton.Forbes currently serves on The Ronald Reagan Presidential Founda-tion board, the Heritage Foundation board and The Foundation for theDefense of Democracies board.Director of News and Editorial Services Christine Kozelle said therewill be a question and answer session and a dinner prior to Forbesspeech.Stephenson said that the students invited to attend the question andanswer session are from the business, communications and govern-ment departments.
P. 3
kelly DIckersOn
Deputy News Editor
Last night Residence Life ran out of roomsto assign to returning students.The rooms ran out around 9 p.m. HeadResident of Alternative Housing Kelsey Trustysaid the remaining students were wait listed.
“The students on the waiting list will ll out
a housing preference form of what area theywould like to live in next year,” Trusty said.“The students will be taken off the waiting listby lottery number and assigned to a room.”Trusty said she did not know what the planis to make room for the students on the wait-ing list but she said Residence Life has a planand Associate Director of Residence Life Den-nis Goshorn and Assistant Dean of StudentsLindsey Taylor will be able to clarify what theplan is soon.Trusty said students were of course upsetwhen they were told no more rooms wereavailable, but they handled the news verywell.“I saw tears and angry faces,” Trusty said.“Emotions run high even for students whohave great lottery numbers but I was reallyproud of the way the students handled them-selves. It could have been a lot worse than itwas.”Trusty said there are still certain halls thatare blocked off for incoming freshmen nextyear.Residence Life made changes to the roomselection procedures this year with hopes of asmoother process.Goshorn was the guest speaker at the SGAmeeting on Mar. 15. Goshorn said that theroom selection process would be a little differ-ent this year.Goshorn said there would be no makeupday for students who paid their prepaymentlate or for students without a roommate.“We will assign those students as soon aswe are able,” Goshorn said.Goshorn said there was a bulletin board onVikingWeb this year that allowed students tosearch for a roommate. The goal of this changewas to decrease the number of students atroom selection without a roommate.
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PAGe 2, CAMPUs CARRIeRMARCh 31, 2011
Eye SafetyAt Work 
Is Everyone’s Business.
Prevent Injury. Use Protective Eyewear.
May is Healthy Vision Month
Each day about 2,000 U.S. workershave a job-related eye injury thatrequires medical treatment. Join usin May 2006 to help promote eyesafety in your workplace.
continued fRom pg. 1
Goor aid tat Ridc Lif tri to mak tproc a moot ad pail a poibl.“w at t proc to b ay ad ru a mootlya poibl, tat’ y t cag av b impl-mtd,” Goor aid.Morto Lmly had Ridt Racl start aid a plad it o room lctio t tiyar.“A a ior, ti i t tird yar tat I av aitdit t room lctio proc ad ti a t bt yartat I av xpricd,” start aid. “Di Goor
and the Residence Life Ofce worked extremely hard to
guarat tat ti a a plaat a xpric a po-ibl for Brry tudt ad I ko tat ty ill ork v ardr to mak ouig aigmt for vry tu-dt tat i currtly o t aitig lit.”T Ridc Lif Facbook pag icludd atroom r till op aftr ac igt ad potd atlottry umbr a currtly big calld.sopomor sa Gardr aid t Facbook paga lpful to om xtt.
“It was benecial to know what rooms were still avail
-abl,” Gardr aid. “But potig at lottry umbrty r o probably did’t do muc good. Prtty mucvryo a alrady tr aitig for tir umbr tob calld.”sopomor Btay McDail aid  tougt roomlctio t prtty mootly ti yar.
“They have a good, efcient system,” McDaniel said.
“Oc my umbr a calld,  r out of tr il ta 5 miut. It’ jut t aitig ad opig oo tak your room tat uck.”som tudt r frutratd by t umbr of group of tudt i diffrt cla.sopomor Kati Burto aid tat  t o t3000 umbr igt but ad to ait a log tim bcautr r till may 1000 ad 2000 umbr o adot lctd a room yt.“I tik it t prtty ll for t mot part,” Burtoaid. “But it a aoyig tat it took 45 miut to actu-ally gt to t 3000 umbr.”For ummr ouig, Goor aid tudt ill btayig i Daa ti yar ic t toou ill b it proc of rovatio.Bcau t room i Daa do ot av kitc,Goor aid mal pla ill b a optio for ummrtudt.“T diig all ill b op to tudt durig tummr ad multipl mal pla ill b availabl totm,” Goor aid.studt o av ot prrgitrd for cla byMay 1 ill av tir ouig aigmt for t Fall2011 mtr droppd.
Who?What?When?Where?Why? How?
TheAmericanRed CrossNorthwestGeorgiaChapterFreeadult CPRTrainingSaturday,April 912 p.m.Berry Collegeat theKrannertBallroomBeing CPRCertifiedcould savethe life ofa friendor lovedone.Why riskit?Just registerfor theevent onlineor theday of theeventat theregistrationtable
Register online @
March 31, 2011 caMPUs carrIer, PaGe 3
Gtar St Rctal
com njoy bot olo ndnmbl pfomn bymmb of t By col-lg guit tudio tonigtt 7:30 p.m. in Fot c-pl. ce dit offd.
Glra Shatt SpakrStv Frbs
Ln fom ceO of FobMdi stv Fob  diu i mot ntbook “ho cpitlimwill sv U” tonigt t 8p.m. in t cg. ce ditoffd.
Bsss Wk Ckt
Join t Buin Dpt-mnt fo  f ookoutFidy apil 1 t 12:30 p.m.on Gn ln.
Jstr’s Ball
Join t sing & BlloomDn lub fo  ingdn it  liv bnd fomatlnt Fidy apil 1 t 7p.m. in Fod Dining hll.
Gala fr Grs
com uppot ti fund-i fo smil Tin Fi-dy apil 1 t 7:30 p.m. int Jl Box.
Battl  th Mta
Join t Blok n Bidlclub fo t tid nnulbull iding omptition onmountin mpu t 8 p.m.t Gunby equin cnt.
Fl Frzy
enjoy f food, mui,gm nd t tivi-ti study apil 2 t 12p.m. on t Tom ByLn.
Prjct Gr Brry
com   uniqu fiono tt ftu lot-ing md out of yldmtil Mondy apil4 t 7 p.m. in t spuillBlloom.
Glbalzat Flm Srs
Join tudnt pntfom t Globliztion ndLol communiti lnd t t movi etPy Lov Tudy apil 5t 6:30 p.m. in evn audi-toium. ce dit offd.
Fr Clr Grls M-lgs
h you fllo tudnt
read poetry that reects the
tuggl afin aminomn f wdndyapil 6 t 7 p.m. in Kilpt-ik common. ce ditoffd.
ConTinued FRoM PG. 1
eb id tt fto tt  diud int diion inlud “…ou ommitmnt to
nancial aid, student work, academic pro
-gm, liby mtil pi, tlti [tddition of lo nd oftbll], t otof utiliti nd novtion, lt  ndmploy li.”sin By ngd t nl itifo dmi olip, Mi Mcon-
nell, director of nancial aid, said she expects
mo tudnt to qulify fo nl tn in
prior years. McConnell said the nancial aidofce awarded almost $50 million dollars to
tudnt in id.“It’ ou gol fo tudnt o noll fmn gdut fom By collg,” id.collg Pidnt stpn r. Bigg joind21 pidnt of indpndnt ollg ttmk up t Gogi Indpndnt collgaoition (GIca) to dut lgiltobout indpndnt ollg. Bigg ot inn opinion pi  pt of t GIca ntitld“Fou Myt about studnt t Gogi’Indpndnt collg”, i  ndodby t ot 21 pidnt nd pntd tot lgilto.Bigg id tt om indpndnt ollgpidnt, (cty cox, fom Gogi -ty of tt nd unt pidnt of Younghi collg, nd M. Bill Undood,pidnt of M Univity)  pntt t tt pitl il t lgilto in ion.sGa pidnt Mlloy On id sGaognizd  ltt iting mpign to lgil-to, imil to t lt y’ ffot dd-ing t Gogi Tuition equliztion Gnt.s id t  75 nvlop ditibutdt sGa fo tudnt to nd out to ti p-nttiv, it poto, -mil dd ndpyil dd of  t ltt ouldb nt.On id tudnt  nougd toit ltt, but mpiz o t mony lpd tm individully, nd poitivlytll ti individul toi.“w ntd popl to tll ti pn-ttiv o t mony ty v bn givn lpd tm in ti dution, ttn y ‘you’d btt not tk tt monyy,” On id. “You’ mo likly to gtt ult you nt if you put  poitiv pinon it.”On id Dn of studnt Dbbi hidlo -mild By tudnt’ pnt, nou-ging tm to ontt ti pnttiv.“Pivt ool  looking t it fom tpinipl of ‘d pin’,” Bigg id. “Pi-vt ollg nd publi ollg didn’t qully
share in the benets over the past decade, andpublic schools beneted greatly.”
Bigg id pivt ool tully du-t  ig numb of onomilly did-vntgd tudnt tn publi ool ndltoug t ng to hOPe  ndd,t  dp poblm tt nd to bddd.“a hOPe ol in t tt of Gogii bd on mit, not nd,”  id. “stu-
dent who are most likely to get it are afuent
noug to gt  to  btt dution,tfo btt gd.”
The HOPE scholarship, nanced by the
tt lotty,  fundd pool nd ollgdution fo Gogi idnt in 1993.“It’ no t tt hOPe  unning out,”Bigg id. “T tt d to do omting,nd t gol till  to b to lp u dut mny tudnt   poibly n.”
“We deliver anything from pizza to ourdelicious steak!”
Bella Roma Grill 
10% OFF with Berry I.D.
We cater for parties allthe way up to 500!
Private rooms for club meetingsor board meetings equipped withprojectors for presentations
(706) 291-4050
www.bellaromagrill.com770 Braves Boulevard
rnk NmNt ot
J Knnsn sundJop Mhunt cpmnM wlnNtn stzMil emnnloabigll Mognhly atnKt Fittt
Ld in t By Invtmnt Goup’vitul tok mkt gm
ConTinued FRoM PG. 1
T Gloi stto Ltu
Series began ve years ago and
 ftud Mdlin albigt,Dvid Book, Tony Dungy ndBn con.Kozll id pk ltd by t Gloi sttoLtuip committ.“T ommitt i ompidof fulty, tff nd tudnt ndmt nnully to diu nomi-ntion fo t nxt ltu,”Kozll id. “w tk nomin-tion nd tn look t vilbil-ity nd  o ill b bl toom.”Kozll id t ommitt iopn to nomintion fom ny-on in t By ommunity.Kozll id t ltu i
began in honor of the rst female
By pidnt Gloi stto.stto’ fmily nd findv tivd to ono  lgy
through their nancial support
of t ltuip.

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