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Published by classandcoffee

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Published by: classandcoffee on Apr 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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your class has been observed. Attach your comments tothis form and submit online. If possible, it is best to meet with your observer todiscuss this observation experience before completing the questions.
 1. What did you feel went well in this class session?I enjoyed preparing this lecture on Proposal Reports and felt that I had worked to developsome in-class activities and discussion to keep students engaged during that portion of theclass. I was happy with the way that the lecture went. I have found this class moredifficult than my last semester¶s class when it comes to getting the students excited aboutthe material or engaged in the lesson. However, I¶ve found that integrating morediscussion questions into the lecture is one way to facilitate that communication. Readingthis observation report, I was not surprised to see Sarah¶s note about the low-energyclass, but I was happy to see that she also observed feedback and student participation.2. What would you like to change about this class session if you had to teach it again?When I was planning this class originally, I made time at the end for one final exercisebefore allowing them to break into groups. But, as I considered the day¶s structure, I feltthat I would be cutting it too close to the time limit. Since this class focused so much on aproject that they will be completing within their groups, I wanted them to have somegroup time afterward. So, I decided to cut the in-class exercise and push it to the nextclass. In the end, I do think I would have had enough time. That being said, I was happywith the amount of participation among the groups. While some students did opt to leaveearly, most groups stayed and worked on topic for the duration of the extra time. Near thebeginning of the semester, whenever we did group work, I told the students that theywere welcome to leave when their tasks were complete but that they should realize anywork not completed in class would need to be completed out of class later. I find thatmost students take advantage of the in-class time, but there are always a couple whosimply seemed focused on escaping class as soon as possible. As such, I don¶t want togive them too much time, as more students will be encouraged to leave earlier if theyhave an excessive amount of group time. So, I would have opted to one more tie-upassignment at the end to eat up a couple minutes of what felt like extra time at the end.3. In the light of the observer¶s comments, what aspects of your teaching approach willyou look at changing in the future? How will you do this?For some reason, I have never been one to close the door during teaching. I always closethe door when students are presenting, but I rarely close it when we¶re conducting normalclass. While I¶m not distracted by the noise outside, I immediately saw Sarah¶s commentsand thought about how other students might be distracted. I can most definitely ask astudent to close the door if classrooms nearby are louder or there is noise in the hallway.4. What have you found useful/not so useful about the observation process?I find this observation process to be extremely useful. Not only does it help me think of questions to discuss with my mentor at a later date, it also provides feedback about my

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