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Table Of Contents

1.1. Overview
Figure 1.1. General Architecture of Vaadin
1.2. Example Application Walkthrough
1.3. Support for the Eclipse IDE
1.4. Goals and Philosophy
1.5. Background
Getting Started with Vaadin
2.1. Installing Vaadin
2.1.1. Installing the Distribution Package
2.1.2. Starting the Content Browser
2.1.3. Package Contents
2.1.4. Demo Applications
2.2. Setting up the Development Environment
Figure 2.2. Development Toolchain and Process
2.2.1. Installing Java SDK
2.2.2. Installing Eclipse IDE
2.2.3. Installing Apache Tomcat
2.2.4. Firefox and Firebug
2.2.5.Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse
2.3. QuickStart with Eclipse
2.3.1. Starting Eclipse
2.3.2. Importing Vaadin as a Project
2.3.3. Running the Demo Applications in Eclipse
2.3.4. Debugging the Demo Applications in Eclipse
2.3.5. Using QuickStart as a Project Skeleton
2.4.Your First Project with Vaadin
2.4.1. Creating the Project
2.4.2. Exploring the Project
2.4.3. Setting Up and Starting the Web Server
2.4.4. Running and Debugging
3.1. Overview
3.2.Technological Background
3.2.1. AJAX
3.2.2. Google Web Toolkit
3.2.3. JSON
3.3. Applications as Java Servlet Sessions
3.4. Client-Side Engine
Figure 3.2. Architecture of Vaadin Client-Side Engine
3.5. Events and Listeners
Writing a Web Application
4.1. Overview
4.2. Managing the Main Window
4.3. Child Windows
4.3.1. Opening and Closing a Child Window
4.3.2.Window Positioning
4.3.3. Modal Windows
Figure 4.3. Screenshot of the Modal Window Demo Application
4.4. Handling Events with Listeners
4.5. Referencing Resources
4.5.1. Resource Interfaces and Classes
4.5.2. File Resources
4.5.3. Class Loader Resources
4.5.4.Theme Resources
4.5.5. Stream Resources
4.6. Shutting Down an Application
4.6.1. Closing an Application
4.6.2. Handling the Closing of a Window
4.7. Handling Errors
4.7.1. Error Indicator and message
4.7.2. Notifications
4.7.3. Handling Uncaught Exceptions
Figure 4.9. Uncaught Exception in Component Error Indicator
4.8. Setting Up the Application Environment
4.8.1. Creating Deployable WAR in Eclipse
4.8.2.Web Application Contents
4.8.3. Deployment Descriptor web.xml
5.1. Overview
Figure 5.1. UI Component Inheritance Diagram
5.2. Interfaces and Abstractions
5.2.1.Component Interface
5.2.3. Field Components (Field and AbstractField)
Figure 5.4.Field Interface Inheritance Diagram
5.3. Common Component Features
5.3.1. Description and Tooltips
Figure 5.5. Component Description as a Tooltip
5.3.2. Sizing Components
5.3.3. Managing Input Focus
5.8. Date and Time Input
5.8.1. Calendar
5.8.2. DateField Locale
5.11. Selecting Items
5.11.1. Basic Select Component
5.11.2. Native Selection Component NativeSelect
5.11.3. Radio Button and Check Box Groups with OptionGroup
Figure 5.20. Option Button Group in Single and Multiple Selection Mode
5.11.4.Twin Column Selection with TwinColSelect
5.11.5. Allowing Adding New Items
5.11.6. Multiple Selection Mode
5.12.1. Selecting Items in a Table
5.12.2. CSS Style Rules
Figure 5.25. Cell Style Generator for a Table
5.12.3.Table Features
Figure 5.27. A Table in Normal and Editable Mode
5.12.4. Generated Table Columns
5.15.1. Embedded Objects
5.15.2. Embedded Images
5.15.3. Browser Frames
5.17.1. Form as a User Interface Component
Figure 5.34. Layout of the Form Component
5.17.2. Binding Form to Data
Figure 5.35. Form Automatically Generated from a Bean
5.17.3.Validating Form Input
5.17.4. Buffering Form Data
5.18.1. Doing Heavy Computation
5.19. Component Composition with CustomComponent
Managing Layout
6.1. Overview
6.2.Window and Panel Root Layout
6.3.VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout
6.3.1. Sizing Contained Components
Figure 6.2. Component Widths in HorizontalLayout
6.4.1. Sizing Grid Cells
Figure 6.4. Expanding Rows and Columns in GridLayout
6.10. Layout Formatting
6.10.1. Layout Size
6.10.2. Layout Cell Alignment
6.10.3. Layout Cell Spacing
6.10.4. Layout Margins
6.11. Custom Layouts
Figure 6.16. Example of a Custom Layout Component
Chapter 7
Visual User Interface Design with Eclipse (experimental)
7.1. Overview
7.2. Creating a New CustomComponent
7.3. Using The Visual Editor
7.3.1. Adding New Components
7.3.2. Setting Component Properties
7.4.2. Sub-Component Builders
7.4.3.The Constructor
Chapter 8
8.1. Overview
8.2. Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
8.2.1. Basic CSS Rules
8.2.2. Matching by Element Class
Figure 8.4. Matching Only HTML Element Class
8.2.3. Matching by Descendant Relationship
8.3.3. Using Themes
8.3.4.Theme Inheritance
8.4. Creating a Theme in Eclipse
Chapter 9
Binding Components to Data
9.1. Overview
9.2. Properties
9.3. Holding properties in Items
9.4. Collecting items in Containers
9.4.1. Iterating Over a Container
10.1. Overview
10.2. Doing It the Simple Way in Eclipse
10.2.1. Creating a Widget Set
10.2.2. Creating a Widget
10.2.3. Recompiling the Widget Set
10.3. Google Web Toolkit Widgets
10.3.1. Extending a Vaadin Widget
10.3.2. Example: A Color Picker GWT Widget
10.3.3. Styling GWT Widgets
10.4. Integrating a GWT Widget
10.4.1. Deserialization of Component State from Server
10.4.2. Serialization of Component State to Server
10.4.3. Example: Integrating the Color Picker Widget
10.5. Defining a Widget Set
10.5.1. GWT Module Descriptor
10.6. Server-Side Components
10.6.1. Component Tag Name
10.6.2. Server-Client Serialization
10.6.3. Client-Server Deserialization
10.6.4. Extending Standard Components
10.6.5. Example: Color Picker Server-Side Component
10.7. Using a Custom Component
10.7.1. Example: Color Picker Application
10.7.2.Web Application Deployment
10.8. GWT Widget Development
10.8.1. Creating a Widget Project in Eclipse
10.8.2. Importing GWT Installation Package
10.8.3. Creating a GWT Module
10.8.4. Compiling GWT Widget Sets
10.8.5. Ready to Run
Figure 10.6. Annotated Project Contents
10.8.6. Hosted Mode Browser
10.8.7. Out of Process Hosted Mode (OOPHM)
Advanced Web Application Topics
11.1. Special Characteristics of AJAX Applications
11.2. Application-Level Windows
11.2.1. Creating New Application-Level Windows
11.2.2. Creating Windows Dynamically
Figure 11.2. A Dynamically Created Window
11.2.3. Closing Windows
11.2.4. Caveats in Using Multiple Windows
11.3. Embedding Applications in Web Pages
11.3.1. Embedding Inside a div Element
11.3.2. Embedding Inside an iframe Element
Figure 11.6.Vaadin Applications Embedded Inside IFrames
11.4. Debug and Production Mode
11.4.1. Debug Mode
11.4.2. Analyzing Layouts
Figure 11.8. Debug Window Showing the Result of Analyze layouts
11.4.3. Custom Layouts
11.4.4. Debug Functions for Component Developers
11.5. Resources
11.5.1. URI Handlers
11.5.2. Parameter Handlers
11.7. Printing
11.8. Portal Integration
11.8.1. Deploying to a Portal
11.8.2. Creating a Portal Application Project in Eclipse
11.8.3. Portlet Deployment Descriptors
Figure 11.10. Portlet Categories in Add Application Window
11.8.4. Portlet Hello World
Figure 11.11. Portlet Project Structure in Eclipse
11.8.5. Installing Widget Sets and Themes in Liferay
11.8.6. Handling Portlet Events
11.9. Google App Engine Integration
11.10. Common Security Issues
11.10.1. Sanitizing User Input to Prevent Cross-Site Scripting
User Interface Definition Language (UIDL)
A.1. API for Painting Components
A.2. JSON Rendering
Figure A.1. Debugging UIDL Messages with Firebug
Songs of Vaadin
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