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Why will Islam dominate over all religions?

Why will Islam dominate over all religions?

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Published by Moinullah Khan
Why will Islam dominate over all religions? Its answer is here.
Why will Islam dominate over all religions? Its answer is here.

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Published by: Moinullah Khan on Apr 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Show Recent Messages (F3)cheryl gara: salamusaisamuslimcountry41: Walaikum Salaamcheryl gara: how many non-muslims you met?cheryl gara: onlineusaisamuslimcountry41: manycheryl gara: difficult in the beggning to share islam to the non-muslim right?usaisamuslimcountry41: but only 4 accept Islam till nowusaisamuslimcountry41: yes u r rightusaisamuslimcountry41: but it is possible in a cool waycheryl gara: what is the first step to do?usaisamuslimcountry41: I mean on the basis of definitionscheryl gara: goodusaisamuslimcountry41: ask them the definition of Godcheryl gara: inshallahusaisamuslimcountry41: n then u will b able to disprove their definitions very easily with the help of urdefinitionusaisamuslimcountry41: Definition of the Almighty Allah: He is the One, Eternal, Absolute, Hebegetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him (Chapter no. 112 of Quran).cheryl gara: okay brothercheryl gara: inhallahusaisamuslimcountry41: this definition of Allah is one third of quran
cheryl gara: i believe you are very good muslim.i salute uusaisamuslimcountry41: no need now but I need in paradisecheryl gara: inshallahusaisamuslimcountry41: Ameencheryl gara: i pray for youcheryl gara: mshallahusaisamuslimcountry41: yesusaisamuslimcountry41: surelyusaisamuslimcountry41: And I will pray for ucheryl gara: i met muslim men but carzycheryl gara: crazyusaisamuslimcountry41: do u know I marry a widowerusaisamuslimcountry41: and that widower is having one daughtercheryl gara: mshallahcheryl gara: inshallah you will go paradiseusaisamuslimcountry41: I love her n her daughter because our prophet loves women and childrencheryl gara: she's very lucky and im sure she deserves youusaisamuslimcountry41: yesusaisamuslimcountry41: u r rightusaisamuslimcountry41: Allah is greatcheryl gara: mashallahusaisamuslimcountry41: He is the greatest of allcheryl gara: im happy for your good deedscheryl gara: allahu akbarusaisamuslimcountry41: N I m happy to meet u
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