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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Apr 02, 2011
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By Michelle Durand
A private fire company hasthrown its hat into the ring to pro-vide service to San Carlos, givingofficials another option to consideralongside an arrangement withRedwood City, a stand-alonedepartment or patching up the bitterpartnership withBelmont.The bid camein Friday, justunder the pro-posal deadline,and staff is stillvetting itsdetails.More infor-mation will be available Monday,said Assistant City Manager BrianMoura who is overseeing theprocess.The city did not release the com-pany’s name but said it providesboth fire and emergency responseservices.The City Council will hear a fullpresentation on that proposal April18 along with proposals byRedwood City for both a completetakeover of services and a hybridmodel in which the two share man-agement.Redwood City submitted its orig-inal $5.9 million bid months agoand has since worked with SanCarlos to tweak the details. The twohave also discussed the hybrid, orfederation, model that mimics thestructure used by North CountyFire. In that model, partner citiesshare management but pay theirown firefighters.The city previously extended theproposal request deadline at the urg-ing of San Mateo County when itwas mulling the possibility of sub-
Private company bids on city fire
San Carlos weighs options as partnership with Belmont ending
Brian Moura
The Notre Dame High School cheer squad reacts as it is announced they won the United Spirit Associationnationals competition held in Anaheim.
By Heather Murtagh
For the second year, Notre DameHigh School’s cheer squad returnedfrom nationals with reason to bespirited — a championship title.Notre Dame was one of a numberof San Mateo County high schoolsto earn a bid to the United SpiritAssociation nationals competitionheld in Anaheim last weekend.While all squads showcased theirspirit, it was Notre Dame that suc-cessfully defended its national titlecoming home for the second timewith a first place finish in the largevarsity novice show cheer division.“It’s almost hard to explain. Wewere hoping we’d do well,” saidcoach Morgan Craig. “To defendyour title in any sport is amaz-ing. I’m proud of the girls.”Notre Dame had a largedivision, facing 23squads. Only fivemoved on to the finals,held on Sunday. NotreDame’s 20-girl squad hadplaced third after the prelim-inary round Friday.Cheerleading, like any sport, isabout the performance on any par-ticular day. Locally, squads fromMercy, El Camino, Sequoia,Hillsdale and Carlmont high schoolscompeted in a variety divisions aim-ing for a top spot.The rebuilding year for Mercy’sCrusader Rabbits earned the 24-girlsquad a fourth place finish in thelarge varsity novice division,said coach Rebecca Hazen.“They did great. I’mreally proud of them.They hit their routine.They did everythingsolid,said Hazen, whoonly expects her team toimprove.Hillsdale High School’s 13-girl squad — consisting of six sen-iors, a junior and six sophomores —took ninth out of 21 squads in themedium varsity show cheer interme-diate division, said coach StephanieSilvers.Sequoia’s 20-member varsity
Notre Dame defends title
Squad returns from nationals with second championship win
By Michelle Durand
A 55-year-old Redwood Citywoman awaiting trial for drivingwhile intoxicated is accused of thesame crime, but this time with her 5-year-old granddaughter in the vehi-cle.Alla Hajiyeva was arrestedThursday afternoon on suspicion of child endangerment and drivingwhile under the influence afterBelmont police and fire respondedto calls of an injury crash on ElCamino Real at Harbor Boulevard.At approximately 4:10 p.m.,Hajiyeva rear-ended a 2009 BMWSedan with her 2002 MazdaProtege, causingminor injuries tothe 60-year-oldfemale driverfrom Belmont,according to astatement byBelmont policeLt. Pat Halleran.Hajiyeva’syoung grand-daughter, who was in her vehicle,was also taken to an area hospitalwith non-threatening injuries whileHajiyeva was booked into jail. Sheis being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.The results of Hajiyeva bloodalcohol test are not yet available,
Grandmothercharged withDUI with girl
Redwood City woman arrested for childendangerment of granddaughter,5
LOS ANGELES — Police believemany baseball fans witnessed abeating that left a San FranciscoGiants fan critically injured after theseason opening game at DodgerStadium and they asked Friday forhelp in identifying the attackers.The victim has been identified inpublished reports as 42-year-oldSanta Cruz resident Bryan Stow. Hehad reportedly attended the gamewith three friends, at least some of whom work with him at AmericanMedical Response in San Mateowhere Stow is employed as a para-medic, according to KTVU.
Giants fan in criticalcondition after attack
Santa Cruz man works as San Mateo paramedic
Alla Hajiyeva
April 2-3,2011
Vol XI,Edition 196
April 2-3,2011
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Actor AdamRodriguez is 36.
This Day in HistoryInsideSnapshotThought for the Day
James Monroe became the seventh U.S.Secretary of State.
In 1513,
Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in pres-ent-day Florida.
In 1792,
Congress passed the Coinage Act, which authorizedestablishment of the U.S. Mint.
In 1860
, the first Italian Parliament met at Turin.
In 1865,
Confederate President Jefferson Davis and most of hisCabinet fled the Confederate capital of Richmond, Va., becauseof advancing Union forces.
In 1917
, President Woodrow Wilson asked Congress to declarewar against Germany, saying, “The world must be made safe fordemocracy.” (Congress declared war four days later.)
In 1932,
aviator Charles A. Lindbergh and John F. Condon wentto a cemetery in The Bronx, N.Y., where Condon turned over$50,000 to a man in exchange for Lindbergh’s kidnapped son.(The child, who was not returned, was found dead the follow-ing month.)
In 1956
, the soap operas “As the World Turns” and “The Edgeof Night” premiered on CBS television.
In 1974,
French President Georges Pompidou died in Paris.
In 1982,
several thousand troops from Argentina seized the dis-puted Falkland Islands, located in the south Atlantic, fromBritain. (Britain seized the islands back the following June.)
In 1986,
four American passengers were killed when a bombexploded aboard a TWA jetliner en route from Rome to Athens,Greece.
Ten years ago:
President George W. Bush demanded that Chinapromptly return a U.S. spy plane and its crew members. (Theplane had made an emergency landing in China after collidingwith a Chinese fighter.) Duke won its third national men’s bas-ketball championship with an 82-72 victory over Arizona.“Never think you’veseen the last of anything.”— Eudora Welty, American author (1909-2001)
Actress PamelaReed is 62.Singer Aaron Kellyis 18.
Thousands of attendees swarmed the Moscone Center in San Francisco asWonderCon opened its doors for its 25th year.
It all depends onhow you define it
See page 8
Wall Street
Stocks rise afterunemploymentdips to 2-year low
See page 10
: Mostly cloudy. A slight chanceof showers. Highs around 60. Northwestwinds 10 to 20 mph.
Saturday night:
Partly cloudy. Breezy.Lows in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 20 to30 mph.
: Sunny. Highs in the upper 50s.Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph.
Sunday night
: Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 40s. Northwestwinds around 20 mph...Becoming 10 to 15 mph after mid-night.
“It’s sad....It’s a shamesomebody’s in critical conditionbecause of a ball game.Whenthey’re out fighting in the parking lot,we’ve lost sight of what this is all about.Sounds like the guy got blindsided,too.” 
— Giants manager Bruce Bochy
“Giants fan in critical condition after attack,” see page 1
Local Weather ForecastLottoQuote of the Day
The Daily Derby race winners are Gold Ruch,No.1,in first place;Winning Spirit,No.9,in secondplace;and Solid Gold,No.10 in third place.Therace time was clocked at 1:48.13.
Actress Rita Gam is 83. Actress Sharon Acker is 76.Singer Leon Russell is 69. Jazz musician Larry Coryell is68. Actress Linda Hunt is 66. Singer Emmylou Harris is 64.Social critic and author Camille Paglia is 64. Actor RonPalillo is 62. Rock musician Dave Robinson (The Cars) is58. Country singer Buddy Jewell is 50. Actor ChristopherMeloni is 50. Singer Keren Woodward (Bananarama) is 50.Country singer Billy Dean is 49. Actor Clark Gregg is 49.Actress Jana Marie Hupp is 47. Rock musician Greg Campis 44. Rock musician Tony Fredianelli (Third Eye Blind) is42. Actress Roselyn Sanchez is 38. Country singer Jill Kingis 36. Actor Jeremy Garrett is 35. Rock musician JesseCarmichael (Maroon 5) is 32. Actress Bethany Joy Lenz is30. Singer Lee Dewyze (TV: “American Idol”) is 25. ActorJesse Plemons is 23.The punctuation mark that denotes sur-prise is a question mark superimposedwith an exclamation point. It is calledan interrobang.***In the 1995 movie “Gumby,” based onthe claymation series from the 1950s,Gumby and his pony pal Poky need tosave Clokeytown from the villainousBlockheads, who try to replace every-one with robots.***Before becoming a movie director,Martin Scorsese (born 1942) studied tobecome a priest.***The first item sold on eBay in 1995was a broken laser pointer, sold for$14.83.***The graduating bars of a xylophonewere originally made of wood. Theword xylophone comes from Greek origin. ‘Xylo’means wood and ‘phone’means sound.***Before they performed together in theboy band *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake(born 1981) and JC Chasez (born1976) starred together in the “MickeyMouse Club” (1989-1994).***A vowel on “Wheel of Fortune” (1975-present) costs $250. The price has notgone up since the game started in 1975.***The television drama “The Waltons”(1972-1981) followed the fictionalWalton family from the Depressionyears through World War II. The showwas narrated by the eldest son. Canyou name him and his siblings? Seeanswer at end.***Comedian Martin Short (born 1950)was the recurring character Ed Grimleyon “Saturday Night Live” (1975-pres-ent). Grimley, a pointy-haired nerd,constantly said “totally decent” and“I’m going mental.” There was a short-lived cartoon based on the charactercalled “The Completely MentalMisadventures of Ed Grimley” (1988-1989).***In the 1990s, Disney produced fourfeature films that began with the word“Mr.” They are: “Mr. Destiny” (1990),“Mr. Holland’s Opus” (1995) “Mr.Wrong” (1996), and “Mr. Magoo”(1997).***The L. in L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986)stands for Lafayette. Hubbard foundedthe Church of Scientology in 1954.***The first line of “The Tell-Tale Heart”(1843) by Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), a story of an insane and para-noid murderer, is “True — nervous —very, very dreadfully nervous I hadbeen and am; but why will you say thatI am mad?''***There is a term for that unbalancedfeeling you have onshore after a day of sailing. It is called mal de debarque-ment, a French term that means “dis-embarkation sickness.”***The town of Dresden, Ohio, is home tothe world’s largest basket. It is 48 feetlong and 23 feet high weaved fromhardwood maple trees.***
: John-Boy narrated the show.The other kids in the Walton clan wereMary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim Boband Elizabeth. The parents were Oliviaand John. The grandparents wereGrandma Esther and Grandpa Zeb.The family lived on fictional WaltonMountain in Virginia.
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(Answers Monday)FLICK PLANK REFUSE NOODLEYesterday’sJumbles:Answer: After today, Jumble will no longer be featuredin newspapers — APRIL FOOLSNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
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April 2-3,2011
Drunk driver.
A person was arrested andtaken to First Chance for driving while intox-icated at the intersection of Willow Road andBlackburn Avenue before 1:57 a.m. Sunday,March 27.
. A man was arrested andbooked into jail for trespassing on the 500block of Oak Grove Avenue before 8:50 p.m.Sunday, March 27.
. A vehicle was broken into and aGPS unit was stolen on the 100 block of Hedge Road before 12:53 p.m. Saturday,March 26.
Stolen vehicle
. A vehicle was stolen on the300 block of Newbridge Street before 4:19p.m. Saturday, March 26.
. The window of a vehicle wassmashed on the 300 block of San MateoDrive before 9:55 a.m. Friday, March 25.
. A laptop computer and a bicyclewere stolen from a building on the 1100block of Madera before 1:11 p.m. Friday,March 25.
. A home was broken into on the500 block of Highland Avenue before 2:28p.m. Thursday, March 24.
. A truck was unlocked and an iPad wasstolen on the 500 block of Highland Avenuebefore 11:01 a.m. Wednesday, March 23.
Suspicious circumstances
. A house wasbroken into on the 500 block of 29th Avenuebefore 12:23 p.m. Wednesday, March 23.
Stolen vehicle.
A vehicle was stolen fromthe 1500 block of Hemlock Avenue before5:58 p.m. Wednesday, March 23.
Police reports
Want a ride?
A man offered a woman a ride and, whenshe declined, he offered her money for sexat the intersection of De Anza Boulevardand Polhemus Road in San Mateo before1:40 p.m. Thursday, March 24.
By Michelle Durand
The San Carlos man accused of molestingand sending nude photos to a friend’s 10-year-old daughter who he tutored postponed enter-ing a plea Friday to a dozen counts of childmolestation.Yung Chi Chu, 46, is also charged withone count of sending harmful matter withthe intent of seducing a minor and anotherof communicating with a minor with intentto commit a lewd offense. At his initialarraignment Friday, Chu appeared withretained attorney Frank Bell and delayed aplea until April 7.A judge denied hisrequest to reduce bail andhe remains in custody onthe $250,000 warrant onwhich he was arrested athome Wednesday night.Authorities began inves-tigating Chu, who former-ly worked as an informa-tion technology technicianfor the Menlo Park City School District, lastfall after the girl’s parents grew concerned shewas receiving hundreds of cell phone calls andtext messages from Chu, often between 10p.m. and 3 a.m.Prosecutors say Chu fondled the girl onmultiple occasions and sent her photos of naked men. He alleged also asked the girl tosend him nude photos of herself but sherefused.Chu has no prior criminal history in SanMateo County, according to court records.If convicted, he faces more than 20 years inprison, said District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.
Michelle Durand can be reached by e-mail:michelle@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650)344-5200 ext. 102.
Tutor delays plea to molesting family friend
Yung Chi Chu
A parolee who allegedly led CaliforniaHighway Patrol officers on a high-speed carchase before fleeing on foot through SanMateo Thursday afternoon faces severalfelony and misdemeanor charges.Kenneth Roberts II, 27, is being held on a$100,000 bail and a no-bail parole hold. If prosecutors charge him with evading police,resisting arrest and several other crimes, hewill be arraigned Monday afternoon.The chase began Thursday afternoon oneastbound State Route 92 when officers triedstopping a green Nissan200 SX. The driverstopped after exiting atAlameda de las Pulgas butrestarted and nearly collid-ed with pursuing officers,according to officials.Officers spotted Robertsseveral minutes later driv-ing north near RalstonAvenue in Belmont andpursued him for about 10miles through San Mateo at speeds up to 80mph, through traffic lights and stop signs, andgoing the wrong way along parts of ElCamino Real, according to the CHP.After leaving the car, Roberts allegedly ledofficers on a foot chase through backyards andover fences until he was wrestled to theground on a front lawn.Roberts, who has a notice to appear in courtat a future date on a misdemeanor domesticviolence charge out of Daly City, was sen-tenced in June 2010 to two years in prison forpossession of stolen property form PutnamMazda Subaru. With credits earned, he wasout of custody but on parole at the time of Thursday’s arrest.
Parolee leads CHP on high-speed chase
KennethRoberts II
Filling a vacancy created by the recent res-ignation of Mary Huser from the HillsboroughCity School District Board of Trustees willcome through an appointment process.On Wednesday April 19, the board willmeet at South School to discuss the processand approve the application. The applicationwill become available to interested individualsFriday, April 15 and are due two weeks later,by 4 p.m. April 29. A special meeting will beheld 4 p.m. Thursday, May 5 to interview can-didates and vote to fill the vacancy, accordingto the district’s website.Appointments to the Hillsborough CitySchool District Board of Trustees is rare. Itlast occurred in 2001 when a trustee movedout of the district. The resignation by theattorney and mother of three went out via ane-news blast for the town of Hillsborough cit-ing personal reasons for the departure.Huser, who ran unopposed in 2007, was upfor re-election this November.Since Huser served as board president, theboard also elected a new president, GregDannis, and vice president, Lynne Esselstein.
Hillsborough trustee to be appointed

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