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Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Manual

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Manual

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Published by Jeff

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Published by: Jeff on Apr 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2007 b Natinal Prst Industris, Inc.
Visit us on the web at 
Wafe Maker 
Peial-yle aig deig bake exa-hikBelgia wafe i mie.
 Flip 180˚  evely pead bae  wafe ha ae ipy ide ad fy iide.
 uiqe dal i bae ae veie ai ad lk wafe make iveial pii  mpa age.
 cdw ime wih digial diplayigal whe bakigime i p.
Tis is a Listd applianc. T llwing imprtant saguards ar rcmmndd b mst prtabl applianc manuacturrs.
T rduc t ris  prsnal injur r prprt damag, wn using lctrical appliancs, basic sat prcautins suld alwasb llwd, including t llwing:1. Rad all instructins br using t wa mar.2. D nt tuc t suracs. Us andls r nbs.3. T prtct against t ris  lctrical sc, nvr put t crd, plug, r unit in watr r tr liquids.4. Cls suprvisin is ncssar wn an applianc is usd b r nar cildrn.5. Unplug rm utlt wn nt in us and br claning. Allw t cl br putting n r taing  parts, and br clan-ing t applianc.6. D nt prat an applianc wit a damagd crd r plug r in t vnt t applianc malunctins r as bn damagd inan mannr. Rturn t applianc t t Prst Factr Srvic Dpartmnt r xaminatin, rpair, r lctrical r mcani-cal adjustmnt.7. T us  accssr attacmnts nt rcmmndd r sld b t applianc manuacturr ma caus injuris.8. D nt lt crd ang vr dg  tabl r cuntr r tuc t suracs.9. D nt us utdrs.10. D nt plac n r nar a t gas r lctric burnr r in a atd vn.11. It is rcmmndd tat tis applianc nt b mvd wn it cntains t il r tr t liquid.12. D nt us applianc r tr tan intndd us.
AAA Battery
Fig. A1Fig. A2
Wafe grids
Timer dispa
Signa ight
Batter compartment
Fig. A
Hinged base
Red ocking ever
Fig. BFig. C
Important Cord Inormation
Tis applianc as a plarizd plug (n blad is widr tan t tr). T rduc t ris  lctric sc, tis plug is intndd tft int a plarizd utlt nl n wa. I t plug ds nt ft ull int t utlt, rvrs t plug. I it still ds nt ft, cntacta qualifd lctrician. D nt attmpt t mdi t plug in an wa.A srt pwr suppl crd (r crd st) is prvidd t rduc t ris rsulting rm bcming ntangld in r tripping vr alngr crd. extnsin crds ma b usd i car is prprl xrcisd in tir us.I an xtnsin crd is usd, t mard lctrical rating  t xtnsin crd suld b at last as grat as t lctrical rating t applianc. T xtnsin crd suld b arrangd s tat it will nt drap vr t cuntrtp r tabltp wr it can bpulld n b cildrn r trippd vr.
Getting Acquainted
Br using r t frst tim, bcmamiliar wit t wa mar aturs(Fig. A). Wip t wa grids wit adamp clt br initial us.
Insta Timer BatterBeore Using
T timr n ur wa mar pratswit n AAA battr wic is includdwit t prduct. It can b und in tam fllr. Ta t battr ut  tfllr and rmv t prtctiv slv tatis n t battr. Tn install t battr int wa mar br t frst us.
To insta the batter:
Rmv t bat-tr cmpartmnt cvr wic is lcatdn t bttm  t unit blw t wamar timr displa. Pus t tab inwardand lit t cvr  (Fig. A1). Insrt t AAA battr int t cmpartmnt matcing t + and – smbls wit t crrspndingsmbls n t using (Fig. A2). Rplac t cvr vr t battr and prss it twards t bttm  t unit t lc it in plac.T ma sur u av installd t battr crrctl, cc t timr displa t s tat 0
is displad.
How To Use
1. Plac t unit n t cuntrtp s t timr displa is acing twards u and t cvr is clsd(Fig. B). Plug t crd int an utlt and prat t wa mar in t clsd psitin. Tsignal ligt will glw (Fig. A). Wn t unit as racd t crrct tmpratur, t ligt willg ut indicating t unit is rad r us. Prat tim is srt – apprximatl 3 t 5 minuts.During cing, t ligt will g n and  indicating tmpratur is bing maintaind.Nt: Wn using t wa mar r t frst tim, a sligt dr r sming ma ccur asmanuacturing rsidu burns . Tis is nrmal during initial us. 
2. Wil unit is prating, prpar wa battr.3. Br t frst us atr t unit as pratd, us a brus r papr twl and appl a ligt cating cing il t t grids. T il sasns t grids and tratr u tpicall will nt nd t ap-pl il vr tim, unlss u ar maing a dssrt wa. I u fnd it difcult t rmv a wa,b sur t appl a ligt cating  cing il during ur nxt us.4. Pur apprximatl ¾ t 1 cup wa battr int t cntr  t bttm wa grid (Fig. C). Tamunt  wa battr ndd ma var wit t rcip r brand  battr mix usd. I using trcips in tis blt (pags 6 and 7), rr t tm r t rcmmndd amunt  battr.5. St t timr b prssing t minuts and scnds buttns (Fig. A) t t dsird tim. S t rcipsn pags 6 and 7 r rcmmndd cing tims. Mst wa rcips will ta abut 4 minuts.Nt: T timr as a dla start; it will autmaticall bgin cunting dwn apprximatl 5 scnds atr it is st.T rst t timr, simpl ld t minuts r scnds buttn r a cupl  scnds and t timr will rst t zr.2
Fig. DFig. EFig. FFig. H
Rd lcing lvrin UNLoCkeDpsitinRd lcing lvrin LoCkeDpsitin
Fig. IFig. G
RdLcinglvrGrv iningd bas
T timr wrs indpndntl rm t unit; it ds nt turn pwr t t unit n r .6. Cls t wa mar (Fig. D) and wil grasping bt andls ip t unit vr 180˚ (Fig. e andFig. F).7. T wa mar will bp svral tims wn t st tim as xpird. I stam is still nticabl,cntinu baing until staming stps. opn t wa mar and carull rmv t wa usinga r r tngs.8. Rpat stps 4 trug 7 r additinal was.9. Unplug wa mar wn cing is cmpltd.
Hepu Hints
I dsird, pacagd wa mixs ma b prpard and bad in t Prst
wa mar. Bat-tr mad rm sm pacagd mixs ma av a srtr baing tim, s it is rcmmndd tatu cc r dnnss atr 3½ minuts. Nt: A gd indicatin tat a wa is dn is wnstaming stps.
Wa battrs, wtr using mixs r mmad rcips, will var and trr t amunt battr ndd r an vnl flld wa witut vrw will var. It is rcmmndd tatwn maing t frst wa u us a masuring cup t gaug w muc battr is ndd.Gnrall btwn ¾ and 1 cup wrs bst. Nvr us mr tan 1 cup  battr. I u gt smvrw, b sur t us lss battr r t nxt wa. 
Fr battrs tat dn’t w wn purd nt t wa grid, us a at-rsistant spatula andsprad ut t battr vnl t t dgs  t grid.
N-stic cing spras ma b usd t sasn t wa mar. hwvr, t wa ma nt av a nic brwn apparancli u gt wn using cing il. Instad, t wa ma av a mttld apparanc.
Bcaus t grids ar cvrd wit a nnstic cating, tr will b nl an ccasinal nd t appl vgtabl il r a n-stic cing spra. Dssrt battrs ma rquir an applicatin  vgtabl il r n-stic cing spra t t wa grids brcing t frst wa and as ndd r additinal was.
kp was warm and crisp until srving b placing tm in a singl lar dirctl n a rac in a 200˚ vn.
I u av ltvr was, rz tm. Cl xtra was t rm tmpratur. Plac tm btwn lars  waxd paprin a rsalabl plastic rzr bag and rz r up t 1 mnt. Wn rad t srv, pp t rzn was int ur tastrr rat in an vn at 350˚ r abut 10 minuts.
Care, Ceaning, and Storage
1. Unplug unit and allw t cl cmpltl br claning. Nvr immrs wa mar inwatr r tr liquid r was in a diswasr.2. Brus an ls crumbs rm t wa grids. Tn wip t grids wit a papr twl rclt.3. Suld an battr bcm bad nt t grids r t utsid  t unit, pur a smallamunt  cing il nt t battr. Allw it t sit r a w minuts t stn and wip wit a papr twl r clt.4. Wip t utsid  t wa mar wit a damp clt. D nt us stl wl scuringpads r abrasiv itcn clanrs n t unit.5. Fr cmpact vrtical strag, rtat wa mar t uprigt psitin (Fig. G). Wil ldingt andls tgtr, lc in psitin b ipping up n t rd lcing lvrs rm t grvs in t ingdbas (Fig. h and Fig. I).
Beore next use, remember to unlock rom storageposition
(Fig. I)
by dropping the red locking levers backin towards base
(Fig. h)

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