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Vance-Polombo Homicide Timeline

Vance-Polombo Homicide Timeline

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Published by BadPhoenixCops
This is Karen Vance’s timeline of what was happening on the Phoenix PD homicide with Mike and Heather Polombo and Lt. Joe Knott. If anything, this document give us all an inside peek into the sophomoric antics of a Homicide division that is sworn to investigate capital murders in the city of Phoenix, how they lack leadership and how it is a popularity contest. Sort of reminds us of high school. Mike and Heather Polombo lied about having an affair, lied during an investigation and a criminal investigation and should be fired, decertified by AZ POST and added to BRADY.
This is Karen Vance’s timeline of what was happening on the Phoenix PD homicide with Mike and Heather Polombo and Lt. Joe Knott. If anything, this document give us all an inside peek into the sophomoric antics of a Homicide division that is sworn to investigate capital murders in the city of Phoenix, how they lack leadership and how it is a popularity contest. Sort of reminds us of high school. Mike and Heather Polombo lied about having an affair, lied during an investigation and a criminal investigation and should be fired, decertified by AZ POST and added to BRADY.

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Published by: BadPhoenixCops on Apr 02, 2011
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VANCE HOMICIDE TIMELINEI have 23 years on as a Phoenix Police Officer and over nine years as a sergeant on thisdepartment. I have been in the Phoenix Police Departments Homicide Unit since October4, 2004. I am the first female Homicide Sergeant ever on the Phoenix PoliceDepartment. There are no other female Sergeants within the Violent Crimes Bureau. Itshould be noted that I am currently the most senior sergeant in Homicide. Meaning I havebeen in Homicide longer than any other Sergeant in the unit.8/2004 I was assigned to the Violent Crimes Bureau Night Detective Unit and I wasbeing recruited by others within Homicide to put in for the upcoming Homicide process. Iwas on a scene with Former Homicide Lieutenant, Mike Hoble when I told him that I wasinterested in the opening the was coming up in the Homicide Unit. Lt. Hoble told me infront of Det. Ray Roe and Det. Paul Dalton that I will not be able to beat Sgt. DougHardin in the upcoming Homicide process. It should be noted that I had been a NightDetective Sergeant for 2 years, and also after having nearly 8 years of detective casercarrying experience. Ultimately, I did put in for the process and an outside board wasformed for the process. I finished first on the process and Kotecki ended up second.Sergeant Doug Hardin did not make the list.10/4/2004- I was transferred to Homicide response and I took Sergeant Tim Bryantsposition when he left to go to the Gun squad. I was assigned C31. Lt. Hoble left the unitand Lt. Benny Pina became my Lieutenant. Commander Swanson was my commander.The first several months that I was in Homicide, I noticed that there was a division inHomicide between the squads. I was told that this has gone on for years, mostly becauseof the strong personalities and competitiveness. For the most part, my first few monthswere very positive and I was treated as an equal to my peers.Approximately, six months later Sergeant Carl Richardson retired from Homicide,Sergeant Pat Kotecki took his place and assumed the C32 squad. The key members tothat squad were Detective Jack Ballentine and Detective Alex Feminia. I was aware of tensions between Detective Tommy Kulesa and Detective Jack Ballentine, who were noton the same squad. Detective Kulesa worked for Sergeant Jack Millward.During the last half of 2005, I became aware of a problem in Homicide in 2005 whenJack Ballentine began to give Tommy Kulesa a hard time, because Tommy did not wantto release one of his homicide departmental reports to a New Times reporter named PaulRubin. Tommy was concerned because the case was a high profile case involving DannyCarbajal and the murder of his wife. It was a high profile case that he did not wantreleased because of the leads he had developed and he was working hard to solve thecase. Tommy firmly believed that Danny Carbajal was involved in her murder and hefeared that there was a connection between Paul Rubin and the Carbajal family. Jack wasfriends of Paul Rubin and he was trying to assist Paul Rubin with his New Times story.I became aware of the conflict because my office was near Detective Tommy Kulesa
 and I overheard discussions about the issue.
A short time later, New Times reporter Paul Rubin was given an out of the ordinarytemporary assignment to Homicide, as a civilian New Times reporter, where he wasallowed to shadow Sergeant Patrick Kotecki and Detective Jack Ballentine and DetectiveAlex Femina in Homicide. New Times reporter Paul Rubin was given free access to 620W. Washington and allowed to go with the C32 squad on all of their Homicide call outs.The fact that a New Times reporter was allowed to wonder the halls of Homicideunescorted, made several detectives in Homicide uncomfortable. When I asked Lt.Benny Pina about the situation he told me to stay out of it and that Chief Frazier already
ok’d it
. Lt. Pina said did not care if it made the other detectives in the unit uncomfortableIn September 2005 I had a conversation with Lt.Pina in his office on the third floor of theHomicide unit. During the conversation he advised me that since Sergeant MikePolombo was coming to the Homicide unit, everything was going to be different now.He advised me that he used to work for Polombo and he owes him. He further stated thatit was important to him what Mike thought and that Mike had challenged him by saying;
“If you have blonde hair and a fake rack, you can have anything you want if you work for Pina”. Pina then said “I don’t want to have any problems with
Polombo.” I told
Pina I didn’t know what the problem was, and that I had no idea why Mike Polombo
would say something like that. I also told Lt. Pina that I thought that was unprofessionaland that he should do something about that.In October 2005, I was in Las Vegas at the homicide conference when I was contacted byDetective Matt Verthein, Detective Sandra Rodriguez and Detective David Barnes. Allthree of them discussed an issue that they had with reporter Paul Rubin walking around inhomicide unescorted. They also brought up the fact that they had seen Paul Rubin on thePACE computer, in Detective Jack Ballentine
s office. Each of them told me that they
were sure that they had seen Paul Rubin on PACE while sitting at Jack’s desk. One of 
them told me that they were sure they had seen him print something on the printer, andthen walk out of the unit carrying what looked like a Departmental report. Each of thedetectives I spoke to felt uncomfortable with the fact that he was accessing policedepartment reports.
When I got back into town, I walked into Patrick Kotecki’s office and
told him about the fact that the three detectives told me directly that they had seen PaulRubin on PACE.Sergeant Kotecki and I then met with Lt. Pina and we told him what the allegations were.Sergeant Kotecki immediately wanted to know who the detectives were, and what theyhad said. Sergeant Kotecki started his own investigation into the matter. He startedbringing in the detectives and challenged them on what they really saw. Ultimately, PaulRubin denied that he was on PACE or the fact that he took anything off the printer. LaterJack Ballentine said that he did allow Paul Rubin on to pace so he could proof read hisreports only. However, Lt. Pina later said they did a check on the computer anddiscovered Jack was on vacation at the time and his password was not used while he wasout of town. The matter was dropped and it became a stressful situation because PaulRubin was still allowed to continue to walk around the unit unescorted. Tension began torise and the unit felt more divided. All three detectives felt like Lt. Pina and SergeantKotecki believed Paul Ruben more than them.
 October 05, Sergeant Mike Polombo came to the unit and I transferred from C31 to C34.Sergeant Mike Polombo was assigned to C31. Detective Ira Williams 2678 transferred toC34 with me. Along with Ira Williams I had Kenny Porter, Dave Barnes, Ray Roe andPaul Dalton on my squad. Both Kenny Porter and Dave Barnes worked for me in NightDetectives and we had a very good work history. During the course of the time that I wasassigned C34 we had several high profile investigations assigned to our squad and we didgood police work.After Mike had been there a short time, Lt. Pina came to me and asked me to give up myWhite Ford Crown Victoria to Mike Polombo. Lt. Pina made the comment that Mikewas assigned a small Nissan and he needed a large car to fit into since he was bigger thanI was. Mike Polombo was assigned the Ford Crown Victoria and I was assigned theNissan.May 2006 Baseline Killer Investigation becomes a full blown task force. During theinvestigation, Detective Barnes is taken from C34 and placed on the task force full time
and he is assigned as Alex Feminia’s back up on the investiga
tion. Alex came to me on
several occasions and complimented me on Dave’s performance and tenacity during the
investigation. Dave worked a lot of overtime during that investigation and yet continuedto keep his case management up to date and he also stayed in contact with the family of his victims on his prior cases.June 2006 the Homicide Detective process was certified and Detective Heather Cox wasnumber one of the list. I made contact with Lt. Pina and informed him of the fact that Irealized that Detective Cox was number one, but I had concerns about her emotionalmaturity to handle the pressure of a homicide case load. I explained the fact that I hadbeen her supervisor on Night Detectives and that she was highly emotional on a regularbasis because of issues involving her relationships and the pressure of a caseload may betoo much for her. Lt. Pina said there was nothing we could do since she placed numberone.Just prior to Heather coming to Homicide, Lt. Pina began to try to bring in a friend of histo the unit named Detective Bill Miller. Although he took the Homicide process, he didnot do well in the process and he placed near the bottom. Lt. Pina had William Miller ona temporary light duty assigned to Homicide and Lt. Pina ordered him business cardsthrough the VCB secretary named Diana Vasquez and instructed her to write HomicideDetective on the cards even though he was not scheduled to transfer to Homicide becauseof how he placed on the list. Several detectives made me aware of the situation,including Detective Ray Ray. I spoke to Lt.Pina about this and told him that if we weregoing to take Heather Cox off the list then she should come up first, before Miller.Lt.Pina was frustrated that I called him on this back door philosophy and Miller stayed ona temporary basis. A short time later, Detective Heather Cox came to Homicide and
transferred on to Sergeant Mike Polombo’s squad.

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Have you ever noticed, that the most worthless individuals are always the ones that point their crooked finger at everyone else? Case in point. This self-proclaimed awesome female homicide sergeant that "out shines" her male counterparts and was cast out of the detail because she was such an awesome supervisor. Well, she obviously wasnt. It appears that she spent most of her time, medling in the p

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