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11-04-03 LawlessAmerica.com - 45,316,346 People Are Now Connected With Us on Facebook

11-04-03 LawlessAmerica.com - 45,316,346 People Are Now Connected With Us on Facebook

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Published by: Human Rights Alert, NGO on Apr 03, 2011
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Human Rights Alert 
PO Box 526, La Verne, CA 91750Fax: 323.488.9697; Email: jz12345@earthlink.net
11-04-03 LawlessAmerica.com - 45,316,346 people are now connected with us onFacebook
45,316,346 people are now connected with us on Facebook
We have now obtained a connection with 45,316,346 people on Facebook. This was accomplished with the help of justa couple of people. Just imagine where we would be if the thousands of people receiving this newsletter had taken 10minutes a day for the last 10 days. It would be mind-boggling. I have the ability to email all 45,316,346 people directly.Facebook Causes and YouTube Videos are OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA! They give us the ability to reach the millionswho we must reach if anyone is to do anything to fix America.We have 1,813 members in our Cause – yet 90% of you receiving this email have not yyet joined! Of the 973 causesrelated to the Constitution, we now rank #34! 800 more members and we will hit the Top 25 so we will be on Page 1 ofthe search results. All of this has been accomplished with the efforts of just a couple of us. If each of you had doneProjects 1 to 10, we would be #25 already!We rank really high on all of our keywords, but if you would simply do the 10 Minutes a Day Projects, we wouldDOMINATE every keyword, and everyone searching for these keywords will find us FIRST, and they will most likely joinour cause.For “judicial corruption,†we rank #1 of 12 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=judicial%20corruption For “government corruption,†we rank #4 of 145 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=government%20corruption For “corruption,†we rank #33 of 1,340 – http://apps.faacebook.com/causes/causes/search?_method=GET&order_by=member_count&page=2&q=corruption For “government,†we rank #203 of 4,932 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?_method=GET&order_by=member_count&page=9&q=government For Constitution, we rank #34 of 974 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?_method=GET&order_by=member_count&page=2&q=Constitution For “Bill of Rights,†we rank #3 of 122 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=Bill%20of%20Rights For “honesty in government,†we rank #1 of 4 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=honesty%20in%20government For “honesty,†we rank #2 of 105 --http://apps.facebook.com/causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=honesty For “Fundamental rights,†we rank #7 of 92 –--
Page 2/2 April 3, 2011http://apps.facebook.com//causes/causes/search?order_by=member_count&q=fundamental%20rights You all know how this works – the higher up on the search results, the better our response will be. There are tens ofmillions of Americans that belong to at least one Facebook Cause. These are people who care enough to let theirvoices be heard about one or more issues. They are the people we need!Ladies and gentlemen, if we all do nothing but talk about fixing America, we might as well move to a Communist countryor someplace in the Middle East where at least they don’t pretend that you have rights. If we don’t act, no onewill act for us.Some object to using Facebook. That isn’t a good excuse. Simply go towww.facebook.comand register with analias. Don’t put in any of your personal information. Open a new yahoo or gmail account if you want any email to beseparate. Then do the project. If you will, please email me at bill@GetAGripAmerica.us and tell me your real name andalias so I will have a record of who’s who. You can use your same alias on YouTube, if you like.Some say they object to some causes. Skip them if you must. But what we are out to do is reach as many people aspossible with our message, so their message can be totally inconsequential to us. You can paste a message that says“I support your right to have this cause.†What will happen if each of you joins all 300 of these causes is that I willbecome a top recruiter for the causes, and the Administrators for each cause should then reply to me. If we can get allof these Cause Administrators helping us, we will reach MILLIONS. And that’s our main goal.I know you can find 10 minutes a day. There is no valid excuse other than “I don’t care enough to help.†Ifthat’s the case, please go to the bottom of this newsletter and unsubscribe.
TV Channel 1
TV Channel 1 is now ON THE AIR – It’s the Bad News and Good News Chhannel. All the bad news aboutgovernment corruption, judicial corruption, and dishonesty in government. But the good news about what we are doingto expose them and throw the corrupt out of office and vote honest people in.Did you ever wonder why the TV channels on your TV set start with Channel 2? That's because our governmentdecided to hold Channel 1 for possible government use. Well, we've got it, and we are using it for governmentuses...just not exactly what they had in mind back in the 1940's. I registered this domain www.TVChannel1.com over 10years ago, but never used it.
How to Watch TV Channel 1
Video plays continuously 24-hours-a-day. There are currently approximately 75 videos on TV Channel 1. When newvideos are added, we will add them to the top of the queue so they will be the first to play when people visit the site. Inthe future, we will have regular shows on various aspects of dishonesty and corruption.To select specific videos to watch, click on the arrow on the right side of the TV screen. It will open a window to showeach of the scheduled videos. Click on the video you want to see, and it will be shown for you.You may click on the square in the lower right corner of the TV screen to display the video full screen. Press <ESC> toreturn the screen to the original configuration.Some videos are available in HD (including all that I produce). To see videos in HD, click to turn HD On.Icons in the lower right corner of the TV screen allow you to share videos with others, mute sound, etc. You may pausea video by clicking the Pause Button in the lower left of the TV screen.
Page 3/3 April 3, 2011
Sunday Lawless America TV Shows
You can watch our Sunday TV Show from 5-7 pm EDT by simply going to our home page athttp://www.lawlessamerica.com/ . You will see a TV screen at the top of the page. Just click to watch. To participate bychat, voice, or video, be sure to register athttp://www.shovio.comand login and watch from their site. For moreinformation, seehttp://www.lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=207:government-corruption-crisis-online-tv-show-sunday-april-3-2011-5-7-pm-edt&catid=34:corruption&Itemid=55 
Grand Jury News
Be sure to follow my efforts with the Fulton County Grand Jury --http://www.lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=205:grand-juries-should-be-the-answer-to-corruption-bill-windsor-confronts-the-fulton-county-grand-jury&catid=25:judicial-corruption-and-dishonesty&Itemid=55 If the Fulton County Superior Court judges happen to include a majority who are honest, the corruption of the federaljudges in Atlanta will go to a Special Grand Jury. This opens the door for everyone in Georgia who has been abused,and it will provide an argument for everyone in all other states, especially those that have county grand juries.If you are not aware of the serious problem that we have with judicial corruption and government corruption, I ask you tobecome aware. I’ve never been a political activist, a conspiracy theorist, or a nutcase; I’m just a fairly normal62-year old grandpa and retired corporate CEO. I learned about judicial and government corruption by accident – bybecoming an unwary victiim. My petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court became widely publicized online, and I have beencontacted by thousands and thousands of victims. For the most part, our judges and elected officials are completelyuncontrollable; they lie, cheat, commit criminal acts, ignore the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws, and could care lessabout we the people. If you want proof, email me at bill@LawlessAmerica.com.How in the world do we get tens of millions of our fellow Americans to understand that we have the most seriousproblem that our country has ever faced: the dishonest and corrupt government officials in our own country? It seemslike an impossible task, but if we don’t try, I believe our country is headed for ruin.We have a group of concerned citizens called GRIP – Government Reform & Integritty Platform. GRIP is totally non-partisan. We stand for honesty in government and protection of the fundamental rights that we were granted asAmericans back when our country was formed. Our solution to fixing America is to get honest people in government andgive we the people the ability to make our government officials accountable. It’s a simple plan, but it requires thatwe reach millions of people…one at a time.WE NEED YOUR HELP! I’d like to ask three things of you.1. Realize that our country has a government corruption crisis. At the end of this bulletin are links that will educate you,if you need proof.2. Invite your Friends to join our cause (and JOIN if you haven’t). Just send your friends this link --http://www.causes.com/causes/593708-support-the-constitution-bill-of-rights-honesty-in-government?recruiter_id=71512429or click here to go to the Cause home page --http://www.causes.com/causes/593708-support-the-constitution-bill-of-rights-honesty-in-governmentand then pagedown in the right column to “Your Recruiter Link.†Copy that link and use it, as it will link everyone you recruit toyour name so you can see who has and hasn’t joined.3. Donate 10 Minutes a Day. Go tohttp://www.lawlessamerica.com/ , and in the right column near the top of the page,note “10 Minutes a Day,†and click on “Click for projects.†Each day, we add a 10-Minute Project. If we get asignificant number of people to help, we will accomplish a great deal. The future of your loved ones should be worth 10minutes a day.Sadly, hardly any of you will do any of this. If the government took your children away, you’d probably dosomething. If a judge lied, cheated, committed crimes, and conspired with the opposing attorney and robbed you ofevery cent you have, you’d probably do something. If you were arrested, indicted, convicted, and sent to prison on

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