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RC Radio 03-31-2011 with Tim Adams

RC Radio 03-31-2011 with Tim Adams

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Published by Reality Check 1776

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Published by: Reality Check 1776 on Apr 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reality Check Radio, March 31Interview with Tim AdamsRC: Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Reality CheckRadio for March 31, 2011. Hope everyone's having a greatevening. This is your host, R.C., and looking forward to agreat show tonight.Foggy is producing again. Good evening, Foggy, if you'rethere.FOGGY: Good evening.RC: Yeah, I got kicked out of chat again, Foggy. I don'tknow. I'm just going to stay logged out. I'll let you run thechat room, and I'll have to check in on it later.My guest tonight is Tim Adams. Tim is the former electionclerk at the state of Hawaii who caused quite a stir about ayear ago, not quite a year ago, with some claims on whether ornot President Obama was actually born in Hawaii and what went onat the elections office.So let me ± let's see. Just a couple ground rules heretonight. We're going to try to keep the number of callers - Ihope Tim ± Tim says he can stay around and take some calls, butrather than have six or eight people on at one time, we're goingto try to limit it to about one caller at a time, ask a questionand maybe a follow-up question, and then we'll ± you can either
hang up or we'll mute you, but if we get too many people on, itgets a little bit hard to follow for both the host and thelisteners with the delay out there. But we do encourage you tocall. I'm not trying to discourage anyone to call. And thenumber, as always, to call is (347)324-5546. Foggy will takeyour question, and then we'll try to bring you on in the orderyou called.So I think that is it. Good evening, Tim Adams, andwelcome to the show.MR. ADAMS: Good evening.RC: Hey, thanks a lot for coming on, and while we tried todo this I think either earlier this year or last year, I can'tremember, and I know you had ± I think your father passed away,and we certainly pass on our condolences about that.MR. ADAMS: Well, thank you, yes, and it was right aboutthe time that they still had a gag order on me down here. So itwas quite a mess at the time.RC: Okay, I didn't realize that. So, well, anyway, gladwe finally hooked up. I emailed Tim a few weeks ago, and he wasready to come back on the show. Last week ± I was going to haveTim on last week, but we were supposed to have KyrstenSinemafrom Arizona on, and she got busy. So but anyway, it all workedout, and Tim's here tonight.So tell us a little bit about Tim Adams first.
MR. ADAMS: Well, I'm actually a fairly ordinary guy. Iwas in Hawaii, attending the University of Hawaii, and I hadsome friends ± I had worked for the Department of HomelandSecurity out of Pearl Harbor, and I had some friends who were inthe civil service down in Honolulu, and they asked me to work asthe senior elections clerk for the election cycle in 2008, andneeding the money, I thought it was a pretty good job and so Itook it. And things got interesting from there.RC: Okay, so you ± one question I had then is how you cameto be in Hawaii. So you were going to the University of Hawaii.How was it living in Hawaii? I've always wondered what it'slike living in a so-called paradise like that, or a vacationspot.MR. ADAMS: Well, we have a joke over there. It's a kindof a black bit of humor. It's called another day in paradise.Hawaii is beautiful. Most of the people are very friendly, butthey have a lot of problems, and if you don't make six figures ayear, Hawaii is a very different place.RC: I've heard the cost of living there is probably ashigh as just about any place in the country, up there with NewYork City and San Francisco, maybe even higher.MR. ADAMS: It's probably in the top five.RC: Did you ± how did you happen to go to the Universityof Hawaii? Did you just want to try that, or try living there?

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