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What is Evil / A Psychosocial Analysis

What is Evil / A Psychosocial Analysis

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Published by Timothy Waggener
A look at evil and how to define it.
A look at evil and how to define it.

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Published by: Timothy Waggener on Apr 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is evil?A Psychosocial Analysis
By: Timothy R. Waggener 
What is evil?
A Psychosocial Analysis
By: Timothy R. Waggener 
Copyright 2011 Timothy R. Waggener - This document may be distributed freely, but not altered.Page 1
What is evil?A Psychosocial Analysis
By: Timothy R. Waggener 
In order for something to be acknowledged as factual and existing by science, such said thingmust either be something which can be proven or measured.First let us separate fact from opinion. Opinions are not acknowledged from science, becausethey cannot be measured. Believe it or not most Americans do not actually understand thedifference between a fact and an opinion. In fact, you might be one of those people.All conceptual statements of reality are either fact, fiction, or opinion. An example of anopinion is "George Bush is Stupid." Stupid does not have a set measurement. What is stupid toone person is not stupid to another. Therefore stupid expresses an opinion."George Bush has an I.Q. of X" is clearly a fact or fiction.Many people counter arguments with "That is your opinion." For example, someone may say"Evolution is not real." This is not in any way an opinion. In order to determine if something isvalid, according to science, it must be able to be measured (referring to instances of mathematics and formulae) or proven. It can be proven whether or not evolution is real.Therefore the statement that "Evolution is real" is either fact or fiction. It is not an opinion.It is my understanding that at least 20% of people who read this post will misunderstand thepoint of the above explanation of fact and opinion because of the topics with which I have usedto present them. That statement is either fact or fiction. It is not an opinion, because it can bemeasured.So what is evil?Evil cannot be proven, because it is an opinion. Some people believe homosexuality is evil.Others believe that incest is evil. Others believe that sexual relations with children are evil.However plenty of people believe that homosexuality is not evil. In midevil times incest wasnormal amoung "royal" bloodlines. Sexual relations with children (or at least minors) was aregular part of society in Rome and was not considered evil. Therefore evil, in this sense, is anopinion.However one can find one common trail in all claims of "evil" amoung intelligent people. Evilalways creates suffering.In the eyes of Christians those who practice homosexuality are going to hell. Hell is a place of suffering. Therefore homosexuality is evil.
Copyright 2011 Timothy R. Waggener - This document may be distributed freely, but not altered.Page 2
What is evil?A Psychosocial Analysis
By: Timothy R. Waggener 
Incest creates problems in DNA. These problems cause suffering for the humans who are borninto society with various mental and physical impairments. Therefore incest is evil.Pedophilia creates mental problems for growing children and adolescents. Encountering sex atan early age leads to psychological problems which ultimately create suffering for the childafter he or she becomes and adult (and often also during childhood) and therefore pedophilia isevil.So why is homosexuality considered not evil? People who do not believe they are going to hellfor being homosexuals do not perceive any suffering for being a homosexual. Thereforehomosexuality is not evil.And why is incest amoung royal bloodlines not evil? Back in the "dark ages" people did nothave a clear understanding of the genetic problems and sufferings which were created fromincest. Therefore on account of ignorance, incest was not considered evil.And why didn't the Romans and numerous people throughout midevil times consider pedophilia evil? Back in those days children began working at the age of eight, and wereconsidered adults as early as 14. In these societies people rarely lived past the age of 35. As aresult of all these things, people matured and understood life in a manner that we do not maturetoday. Back in these times, a person was as wise and mature as 20 year old by the age of 14 or 15, because of the life they were forced to live, and men completed their "rite of manhood" atthe age of 14 or 15 at the earliest, and women were merely property. Therefore at the age of 14or 15, they were in some societies considered adults, and because of this difference in maturitythey were capable of having sexual interactions, and even marriages, at a younger age withoutcreating the same psychological problems, thus without the suffering, there was no evil. In allfairness, it was not a perfect system, and some amount of suffering was an inevitable result, butnot nearly on the level expressed today in unhealthy cross generational relationships.In modern society it is "evil" to make children start working at the age of 8, and because of our advancements we have eliminated more of the "evil" by changing society entirely and causingpeople to mature and become what was considered "adult" at a much older age. Therefore inour society sexual interactions with minors and children is evil, because it causes psychologicaldamage and suffering.It is important to note that in reference to pedophilia I am referring to the "common" older Greek sense of the word. Pedo, meaning not yet old enough to be a full citizen of Rome (under 
Copyright 2011 Timothy R. Waggener - This document may be distributed freely, but not altered.Page 3

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