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Literacy Websites Evaluation

Literacy Websites Evaluation

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Published by Kelly Ann

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Published by: Kelly Ann on Apr 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rating Scales:
Educational Value:
Very educational – somewhat educational – not educational
Appeal to children:
Appealing to kids – somewhat appealing to kids – not appealing to kids
Ease of use:
Kid friendly – somewhat kid friendly – not kid friendly*The highlighted websites are what I found to be the 5 best literacy websites
Website EducationalValueAppeal to children Ease of Use
Starfall.com Very educational:Provides many resourcesfor phonics; the sounds of letters, combining soundstogether to form words,and reading.Appealing to kids:The colors and cartoonswould draw in students’attention and the manysounds and voices that“talk to” children wouldkeep students engaged.Kid friendly:Easy to navigate, butmany different aspects tothe website, such asgames, books, skill work,etc that students mayneed specific directions of where to go within thesite and how to get there.PBSkids.org/island Somewhat educational:Provides stories andreading activities forstudents. While thestories are read alongstories for youngerchildren, they do notreally allow students toread along. The simplyconsist of somethingreading/telling a story in avideo. Students do not getany practice reading;sounding out/pronouncingSomewhat appealing tokids:No attention grabbingcolors or graphics.The expressions in thereaders’ voices in the readalongs are vibrant enoughto hold students attention.The music and cartooncharacters in the videosmay capture students’attention.Kid friendly:Easy to navigate, bysimply clicking on thestories or videos studentswant to watch.
words or working onfluency and expression.The real education valueis seen in the activitiesafter the stories wherethe students have tomake words when theyare given one or two of the letters and the soundof the word. Also, in thevideo what sing and teachdifferent grammar skills.Rif.org/kids/readingplanetVery educational:Provides a variety of wayfor students to practiceand enjoy reading;students are able to listento and read animatedstories as well as readtext-only stories. Also hasstories and songs inSpanish.Provides a variety of games for students toplay to work on andimprove their languageand literacy abilities.Appealing to kids:The stories are animatedwith cartoon charactersthat could capturestudent’s attention whilelistening to the story beingread aloud. The websitealso provides a multitudeof interesting andengaging activities for kidsin the activity lab, gamestation, and expressyourself area.The colors and design of the homepage are alsovery appealing for kids.Kid friendly:Very easy to use andnavigate. Provides veryclear and explicitdirections of how to get toeat activity by clearlymarking the variousstations. Within eachstation it is very clear withdirections and titles of what each story or activityis.Children’s Storybooks Educational:Provides several differenttypes of books for childrento read. Also providessome stories with audiofor students to listen andSomewhat appealing tokids:While the site offersseveral different types of stories for children to readand/or listen to, the siteKid friendly:Very easy to use andnavigate. It is very wellmarked what age groupsthe stories are for as wellas which stories include
follow along to at thesame time. Providesmultiple books fordifferent age levels;young children, olderchildren, and youngadults.Includes phonics links toother website for studentsto practice and improvetheir phonics. But, alsoincludes riddles, coloringpages, puzzles, andgames that aren’tnecessarily of anyeducational value.itself is not very attentiongrabbing. The stories arealso rather lengthy whichcan often be a turn off forkids and make it difficultfor them to stay focusedwhile reading.audio (marked with aspeaker/sound icon).Thesmall display picture nextto the stories title make iseasy to tell what thepictures in the story aregoing to be like or whatthe story is about.Sillybooks.net Somewhat educational:Provides many books forstudents to pick from andread. Some books includeaudio for students tolisten to while followingalong with the highlightedwords, while others donot.Some of the gamesencourage languagedevelopment, such asmatching synonyms andhomonyms, while othersare more play activitiesthan educational.Somewhat appealing tokids:The books, puzzles, andgames are displayed withcolorful and creativepictures making studentswant to click on them tofind out more about thepictures. Some of thebooks, games, and puzzlescan be engaging andinteresting for students,while others may be toosimply or “childish” forsome students (dependingon the age). However,because there are no titlesor descriptions studentsNot kid friendly:Easy to navigate and use,but none of the book,games, or puzzles aremarked with titles ordescriptions so studentshave no idea what theyare clicking on until theydo so. Also, since some of the books include audioand others do not, there isno way of knowing whichone have audio untilclicking on the book.

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