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Published by Pamela Stanford
NOW, LET THE CHILDREN OF YISRA'EL PERFORM THE PASSOVER AT ITS APPOINTED TIME. On the fourteenth day of this month, between the evenings, perform it at its appointed time. According to all its laws and right-rulings you perform it." The BESORAH of YAHUSHA Page 198
NEW MOON 1st day of YAH's 1st month; April 3rd 2011
NOW, LET THE CHILDREN OF YISRA'EL PERFORM THE PASSOVER AT ITS APPOINTED TIME. On the fourteenth day of this month, between the evenings, perform it at its appointed time. According to all its laws and right-rulings you perform it." The BESORAH of YAHUSHA Page 198
NEW MOON 1st day of YAH's 1st month; April 3rd 2011

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Published by: Pamela Stanford on Apr 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.ossilizedcustoms.comMARCH / APRIL 2011
VOL. 07
Weaponry For Yisrael’s Special Forces
`He was pierced or our transgressions, Hewas crushed or our crookednesses. Thechastisement or our peace was upon Him, andby His stripes we are healed.......
IMMORTALITY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEpQ7l1ZtcYTHE NATSARIM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJNLkgzpe4gTHE LAMP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoPOFWmO6Is
Exero 01, 5555
Brother Craig has 3 trail-ers that he owns in a trailer 
Each will hold a amily o three. These will be madeavailable or any Messianic 
feeing the Japanese disaster and that is here in the US le-gally.Fees will have to be paid to
the owner o the trailer park 
at least $150 plus utilities un-til they amily can get estab-lished. 
Contact Brother Craig at 210
251 5058 i you know anyonethat has need or a home or or more inormation.
THE DB amily o CO haveguest cabin or our (2adults/2 youngsters) or as
long as needed or any such
Japanese family. No fees. My 
mother and her riends areJapanese and can assist w/ language. Sister Diana has
basic oral Japanese language
skills, but thorough under-
standing of Japanese culture.
It’s cuisine and matcha lattes
by reside ofered in home
weekly! To date, all our Jap-
anese relatives & riends are
sae and well. Brother Mark ( 719) 472-0289
MOED`IM : This Hebrew word
means `appointed times’. Many
of them are festivals or feasts
and commemorate or `shadow’how Yahusha will redeem us......
APRIL 2011
S M T W T F S1 23 4 5 6 7 8 910 11 12 13 14 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 2324 25 26 27 28 29 30
Meaning Feast Time
4 - 5
`ABIB’ means grain and this is the 1st moon o the year. This is not a day o rest but only the1st day o the new moon. Winter has ended...GRAINFESTIVAL
Memorial o Yahusha’s death (PASSOVER LAMB)14th day o the 1st moon at eveningPESACH
SUNSET17 - 18
This day is a day o preparing or the annualsabbath (on the 15th day) o the 1st moon.A day to rid house o leaven (not a sabbath).PESACH
15th day o the 1st moon (REST DAY). This daycommemorates Yisrael being delivered romEgyptian slavery ater judgement o 1st-borns.UNLEAVENEDBREAD
21st day o the 1st moon (REST DAY). This lastday o Matsah commemorates the passingthrough the waters o the Yam Suph.....UNLEAVENEDBREAD
Yahusha was impaled during the `day’ part o the 14th o the 1st moon, but He observedPesach with His talmidim the evening beore at the arrival (beginning) o the 14th.
This shadow-picture depicts the cleaning out o the `leaven’ rom our hearts, preparing us toreceive the `good seed’ o Torah, 50 days later at Shabuoth.
Many begin the moon at the sighting o the crescent, however this is an islamic practice. The true renewed moon is dark & cannot beseen in the brilliance o the sun. The rst-day it builds rom the zero point when the moon is centered between the earth and the sun. I you don’t begin at zero, the moon will be waning on your count to the easts, which occur on the 15th day o the 1st and 7th moons.
- - - - - take these days o work !
order your very ownBesorah romWWW.TORAHZONE.NETor download or ree romWWW.THEBESORAH.COM
MARRIAGE is the oundation on which all societies throughout history have been built.History begins with it, and will end with it. It was instituted by our Creator, Yahuah,Who has written the name o His wie in the palms o His hands. He will never orsakeHis bride, and pursues her with what He calls an “everlasting love”. He did not bringtwo men together to become one esh, nor did He bring three, our, or ve peopletogether to become one esh. The amily unit, and the denition o marriage are bothunder siege today. The primary target o the dragon (ha shatan) is the institution o marriage, and it has been so since the beginning. The dragon came to the woman toalter the acts she was taught by her husband. As the bride o Mashiach, she has beendeceived by many alse teachings as well. She has eaten the ruit o “religion”. Today,Yahuah is reawakening His relationship with His wie by restoring the scattered tribeso Yisrael to His eternal Covenant. We see this pattern reected in many animals thatmate or lie. There is a powerul emotional need or this special orm o companionship,and to pervert it in any way is a very serious matter to Yahuah. While marriage “ceremonies” are in severe decline, those who are cohabiting withoutthe ofcial ceremonial commitment are mostly unaware they are in a marriagerelationship, even i they are in denial o it. Actions carry more weight than wordsdo.“I it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibilitythat we have a small aquatic bird o the amily anatidae on our hands.” Douglas AdamsLEW WHITE
Exero 01, 5555
IT'S THE LAMB OF ELOHIM, YAHUSHA HA'MASHIACHONLY YISRAEL (THOSE IN A COVENANT WITH YAHUAH) MAY PARTAKE OF THE PASSOVER; AND THIS IS ONLY THOSE WHO ARE CIRCUMCISED - (THOSEIMMERSED INTO THE NAME OF YAHUSHA ARE CIRCUMCISED BY MASHIACH IN HEART). GENTILES BECOME ISRAEL AT THE TIME OF THEIR IMMERSION INTOTHE NAME, AND ARE FELLOW CITIZENS OF ISRAEL (EPH. 2:8-13).NO OTHERS MAY OBSERVE PASSOVER. (SEE EX./SHEMOTH CHAPTER 12). WITHOUT BEING IMMERSED, ONE EATS OF THE PASSOVER UNWORTHILY, NOTBEING OF ISRAEL. NON-ISRAELITES HAVE NO COVENANT. ( SEE EPH. 2:8-13, 1COR. 11:27-30). FOR MORE ON WHY CHRISTIANITY HASN'T HAD A "PASSOVER",SEE ARTICLE AT WWW.FOSSILIZEDCUSTOMS.COM/CONSTANTINE.HTMThe Hebrew word is Pesach. Passover is a “shadow” o coming things, and is an observance that involves the understanding o blood-covering, thesignicance o the rstborn, judgment, and the marriage east o the Bride. It is a remembrance or all generations that Yahuah brought out the children o Israel rom the bondage o slavery (sin). The remembrance meal which Yahusha (alt. spelling, Yahushua) instituted is a ull day beore the arrival o the 15th,and I’ve been studying the texts o Shemoth 12 & Luke 22 or the correct way o looking at this. Yahusha sat down with His students at the beginning o the14th and told them to remember Him, so the night o the 14th has to be observed - there’s no way to ignore it. The day o the 14th remains a “preparation”day or the annual estival. Because Yahusha instituted that we take bread and wine at the beginning o that day, we can reect on His suering during theentire preparation day, and have something to do on both nights.The main thing I’ve seen by studying the events in Shemoth 12 concerns which night Yahuah slew the rstborn in Mitsrayim. I’ve ormerly understoodthat their deaths were on the night portion o the 14th o Abib, but urther study reveals it was on the 15th that He slew the rstborn, and on the same daybrought Israel out.Exo 12:17 ‘And you shall guard the Festival o Unleavened Bread, or on this same day I brought your divisions out o the land o Mitsrayim. And you shallguard this day throughout your generations, an everlasting law.Exo 12:18 ‘In the rst month, on the ourteenth day o the month, in the evening, you shall eat unleavened bread until the twenty-rst day o the month inthe evening.”Exo 12:51 “And it came to be on that same day that Yahuah brought the children o Yisrael out o the land o Mitsrayim according to their divisions.” ~ Noticeit says “that same day”; in order to be the Festival o Unleavened Bread, it had to be on the 15th.I Yahuah had brought Israel out o Mitsrayim on the 14th, it would not yet be the Unleavened Bread (Feast o Matsah). The thing that was conusingme was the mention o the 14th “at evening”, because I was sure that days begin at evening. However, look at the way Yahuah uses the same way o expressing Himsel or another very important annual Sabbath, the 10th day o the 7th moon, Yom Kaphar: The “evening” o the ninth until the “evening” o the 10th – completely encapsulating the “10th” 24-hour period:Lev 23:32 ‘It is a Sabbath o rest to you, and you shall aict your beings. On the ninth day o the month at evening, rom evening to evening, you observeyour Sabbath.”Yahusha indeed instituted a memorial meal as the Passover Lamb at the beginning o the 14th. Yahusha’s statement that He desired to eat thisPassover with them beore He suered can still be very troubling, however when the word “Pesach” is used it can reer to the general time around theestival. As we see the Pagan culture around us perceives that “Christmastime” embraces a large span o days, yet it is only one day, so also the word Pesachis used to reer to a span o time. We are correct in observing the memorial meal at the beginning o the 14th, because Yahusha Himsel did so. We alsoobserve the 15th as a Sabbath, so generally much is still the same; what has been altered is our understanding o when the Israelites put the blood on thelintel and doorposts, and that the “passing-over” occurred on the night o the 15th. The night o the 15th is commanded to be a vigil in Shemoth 12, so wehave the 14th and the 15th to consider as vigils. The 14th at midnight recalls the time o Yahusha’s arrest, and the 15th at midnight recalls the time o thedeath o all the rstborn. The thing to do is obey rst, then the meaning will be revealed. That is my advice or everyone. 
Passover night is a vigil and a memorial - when is it observed?
Israel in Mitsrayim was told to keep this night as a vigil throughout their generations. On the rst Passover at midnight, all the rstborn o man andbeast were slain. The next morning, the Israelites “plundered” the people o Mitsrayim, or the people o "Egypt" were greatly araid and said “We’re all goingto die!”. (Shemoth/Ex 12). This understanding helps explain that the whole estival o Matsah is called "The Passover". Yahuah "passed-over" the Israeliteson the night o the 15th, not the night o the 14th. That next morning, still on the 15th o the rst moon, Israel came out o Mitsrayim by day, and couldtravel by night with a ull moon overhead (The movie, The Ten Commandments, had this detail wrong). I Israel had placed the blood on the doorposts atthe beginning o the 14th (as I have been thinking or many years), then it would have been too soon. Yahuah did not pass through the land to smite therstborn at midnight on the 14th day, but rather the midnight o the 15th day; here's the verse that proves this:“And it came to be on that same day that Yahuah brought the children o Yisra’ĕl out o the land o Mitsrayim according to their divisions.Exo 12:51Yahusha died at the same time the lambs were to be killed, between 3pm and sunset on the 14th day o the moon.Scripture clearly identies the Bride as Israel, Yahuah’s Wie. People o Israel, all 12 tribes—12,000 rom each—become the rstruits at the harvest o theEarth (Rev. 14:4). The Passover in Mitsrayim which was the culmination o the 10 plagues, will relate to the all o Babylon when nal judgment alls on thewhole earth as described in the book o Revelation. Pharaoh represented ha shatan, who will not allow Yahuah’s people to be ree rom the bondage o sin.A mistranslation at Acts 12:4 in the KJV:People trying to justiy the mistranslation o the word "Pascha" (Pesach) at Acts 12:4 are straining only to deend the KJV - this translation has theword "EASTER" in the text. 28 other times the Greek word "Pascha" is used in the Brith Chadasha, it is translated "Passover". People who believe the KJVtranslation is "inspired" simply dismiss the possibility that there is an error, and claim that Herod was observing the Pagan estival o EASTER, so they claimthe text is technically still correct. The act is, Luke wrote the record o Acts, not Herod. So, i Herod were intending to observe the estival o Ishtar, then Lukewould not have written Pesach, subsequently transliterated as Pascha in Greek. The other 28 times the Greek word "PASCHA" is used in the Brith Chadasha,the KJV translators used the word "PASSOVER". In all other versions, PASCHA is rendered PASSOVER all 29 times.The word "eucharist" means thanksgiving, and comes rom the Greek, eucharistein. The Catholic organization's priests oer up a "bloodless sacrice"o thanksgiving - as they understand it, imitating what they think Yahusha was doing with His talmidim on Passover. The Pagans already engaged in theround waer ritual beore Yahusha, believing they were taking the SUN (Mithras) into themselves. The process o mixing the Passover observance withthe Pagan ritual became what we now know as "the Mass", and this became standardized about 394 CE (see FC page 49, based on timeline o events romCatholic Encyclopedia). As time went on, relics and other items came to be venerated and worshipped, including objects like water, statues, scapulars,rosaries (chaplets, 1090 CE), until nally they instituted the idea o "transubstantiation" in 1215 CE. This was the belie that the bread and wine changedinto the LITERAL Body o Yahusha when the priest uttered the Latin words, "HOC EST CORPUS MEUM" - (producing the colloquialism, "hocus-pocus"). AllYahusha was doing at the supper was completing the understanding o what every Passover was really about: His death.
Ater the Great Flood, Nimrod set up the Kingdom o Babylon. It was in opposition to YHWH, and ESTABLISHED THE WORSHIP OF THE OBJECTS (CREATION) IN THE SKIES.Directed by the rebellious watcher ha shatan, Nimrod misled the descendants o Yaphath and Ham to establish customs involving the worship o the sun, moon, planets, and stars.This was the inception o Paganism, and it was carried all over the Earth. In Egypt, or Mitsrayim, King Menes became that nations’ counterpart o Nimrod. The rstborn son o each rulerbecame the next son o “RA”, which they called their mighty one, the sun (shatan's ofce or seat). The solar disc, the sun-ray obelisk, and the EAGLE-winged sun disc were emblems orRA. These same symbols originated rom Babylon, moved through Media-Persia, on through Mitsrayim, and into Greece and Rome later on. Mitsrayim had other mighty ones, but RAwas the chie. Diverting worship rom YHWH was the plan.CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

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