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Published by neerajjdn

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Published by: neerajjdn on Apr 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Notation legend: This took me 4 ever to tab out. Please give me agood ratingIf you have any questions email me at vaginaguru@yahoo.com: slide down/: slide uph: hammer onp: pull off b: bend up to note between ()r: release bend~: vibrato+: represents the beatINTRO(First, Gtr.1 plays the first bar and Fig.1 once (Gtr.2 is quiet). ThenGtr.1 repeats Fig.1, while Gtr.2 joins in with Fig.2a and 2b. After this,Gtr.1 plays Fig.3a, and Gtr.2 simultaneously plays Fig.3b.)Gtr.1 (distortion)+ + + +|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||--------------------------0--||------------------------0----||-------------------10----
---||-----------------------------|Gtr.1Fig.1 End Fig.1+ + + + + + + +|---------------------------|--------------------------------||---------------------------|--------------------------------||-2-------------------2-2-2-|-2---------------------------0--||-2------0h7h9--7~~~--2-2-2-|-2-----0h7h9--7-9b(10)r9---7-0--||-0--5/7--------------0-0-0-|-0--5/7--------------------5----||---------------------------|--------------------------------|Gtr.1: repeat Fig.1 three times, while Gtr.2 playsGtr.2 (clean)Fig.2a End Fig.2a+ + + + + + + +|-0------5------|--0------5-------||-2------3------|--2------3-------||-2------2------|--2------2-------||-2------2------|--2------2-------||-0------0------|--0------0-------||---------------|-----------------|
Gtr.2Fig.2b End Fig.2b+ + + +|--0-----0-0---5---5-5-5---0-0-||--2-----2-3---3---3-3-3---2-2-||--2-----2-2---2---2-2-2---2-2-||--2-----2-2---2---2-2-2---2-2-||--0-----0-0---0---0-0-0---0-0-||------------------------------|Git.2: repeat Fig.2b three timesThen play Fig. 3a and b simultaneously, where the first bar is 2/4, and thesecond 4/4:Gtr.1Fig.3a End Fig.3a+ + + + + +|--------------------|---------||--------------------|---------||-10-10-10-10----5-5-|-(5)-----||-10-10-10-10----5-5-|-(5)-----||--8--8--8--8----3-3-|-(3)-----||--------------------|---------|Let ring

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