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Audio Slave Im the Highway Tabs

Audio Slave Im the Highway Tabs

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Published by neerajjdn

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Published by: neerajjdn on Apr 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-Audioslave--I Am The HighwayTabbed by mark8@jippii.fiMail me if you have any questions or correctionsFigure out rhythm by yourself. It s quite easy.Standard tuning (EADGBe)CHORDSF C G Am Dm E|--1---0---3---0---1---0--||--1---1---0---1---3---0--||--2---0---0---2---2---1--||--3---2---0---2---0---2--||------3-------0-------2--||----------3-----------0--|INTROC G Dm Am|---3---3---1---0---|| --1---0---3---1-- ||---0---0---2---2---||---2---0---0---2---|| --3-----------0-- ||-------3-----------|
FILL1|-----0----0--0--0----0---|| ----0----0--0--0----0-- ||-----5----5--5--5----5---||-----7----7--7--7----7---|| --0---------------0---- ||-------------------------|VERSE 1F C G AmPearls of swine bereft of meF C G AmLong and weary my road has beenF C AmI was lost in the citiesG C AmAlone in the hillsF C Am G C AmNo sorrow or pity for the leaving I feelFILL2|------------||------------||--2---------||----2-------|
|------0--3--||------------|CHORUS1C G DmI am not your rolling wheelsAm FILL2I am the highwayC G DmI am not your carpet rideEI am the skyFILL1F C G AmFriends and liars don't wait for meF C G AmI'll get on all by myself F C AmI put millions of milesG C AmUnder my heelsF C Am G C AmAnd still too close to you I feel

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