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Who is Ronald Reagan Part 2

Who is Ronald Reagan Part 2

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Apr 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ronald Reagan's 100 Year Centennial after his Birth
Ronald Reagan's centennial after his birth has come and passed.
Deceptions occur inour time. In our generation, new agencies, religious leaders (in TBN, Focus on the Family,Christianity Today), journalists (from World Net Daily, etc.), and politicians praise him. This is apart of the Great Delusion. In a way, Ronald Reagan used deluded people to get his agendarolling. Ronald Reagan was a servant of the Illuminists. Ironically, he was once a supporter ofFranklin Delano Roosevelt (a man who done legitimate actions and made mistakes in his life).Later, he transformed himself into one of the most famous Republicans in history. I was bornwhen Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. I’ve been to school during the end ofhis 2
Presidential term when I was in Kindergarten back in late 1988. Back then, he was verycontroversial. A lot of people in my family tree didn’t agree with a lot of his politics in a firmfashion. I myself wasn’t caught up into the realm of politics until the 1990’s. I more dealt withissues of childhood, school, and other events. I do believe that a man passing away doesdeserve a time of reflection and respect (with exceptions like if you’re dealing with a Hitler likefigure then in my mind, all bets are off). So, when President Ronald Reagan passed away from acrippling disease back in 2004 (
that I wish on no one even my worst enemies
), I held back inmany of my criticisms of him until he was buried in the Earth.Despite my disagreements with theman, a lot of human beings sincerely advanced the profound, authentic ideas of
individualliberty, the sanctity of all human life, and a sense of private initiative tomake society better (although, not everything private is righteous ashistory proves)
as a result of learning about President Ronald Reagan. To faithfully executeself awareness and a sense of promoting inspiration among people are certainly goals of ours as
we are all created in the image of one God.
Love for your own people is vital forhuman self esteem growth and being mature from a cultural standpoint.
You have to allow God alone to Judge a man’s soul plainly speaking. That’s not in my jobdescription. Although, we have every right to show the truth and we have the right to exposeerrors that exist in a human’s personal existence. This doesn’t mean I’m any less critical aboutthe evils we have here in America. Amerikkkan culture is very materialistic, satanic, hypocritical,and evil in large measure. Now, the question is what do we do about it? The only thing we shoulddo is be active to help our families and communities about locally first (
 promoting civilliberties,
being involved in programs in our areas, going out and protesting for realcauses, inspiring people to get evil policies repealed,
speaking out about real issues inthe world,
fight for health freedom & real nutrition, to use even just defense or the God- given right of self-defense to prevent savage behavior against us [and promote justice & punishment toward any criminal or oppressor.See, when an evil nihilist or a repentantmiscreant promotes degeneracy in a society, they will reap what they have sown sooner or later. I don’t need to be politically correct about this issue. We have no choice but to learnself defense in order to defense ourselves since we live in a critical time ], to promote aculture of morality in society, participating in charities, promote independentspirituality, create mentorships, form businesses, educating the youth on real issues,
useunique ways to fight against poverty
 , etc
.)and globally second (for if you don’t have yourhouse in order, how can you solve problems globally). Many in this generation are heartless andfilled with pride. That is why we should have precautions to protect ourselves and our families.These precautions include owning extra foods, owning weapons for defense if you want to (
aswe in America have the right to own and bear arms. You don’t have tocatch hell in your life without a just response
), having ties to families & friends, and
have back up economic resources. We have to speak up not only against corporate crimes, butthe evil violence (recreational drug addictions, sexual promiscuity, sexual exploitation, and otherevils) plaguing urban areas, rural areas, the suburbs, and all across America. It isn’t just blackpeople like me suffering. Other ethnicities are suffering as well. You have to have shared sacrificein America, and the super rich haven’t sacrificed really in solving our financial issues.
One secret in our lives is that we have to redefine what real success is. Especially, thepeople of color need to realize this. In the coming years and decades, we as a people willhave to emphasize building up of community
. There is nothing wrong with entertainment,fashion, & athletics done legitimately, but we will also have to develop our brains more as well
.For if we develop our muscle, feet, etc. alone without BRAINS then we play in our enemies’hands. We know who the real enemy is. That’s self explanatory. See, the enemy is slick.They know that if you focus on limited skills in a solely physical capacity, then you arelimited in what you can do. Now, that’s truth
. For comprehensive skill learning is learning howto build, manufacture, invent, create, and design, and build systems or objects in a society. Thatis why we have to promote more doctors, lawyers, scientists, farmers, computer experts,architects, teachers, home builders, financial experts, business leaders, plumbers, machinefixers, designers, inventors, electricians, and other likeminded human beings (among bothgenders, especially among people of color like black people. Black Unity is one bulwark againstthese supremacists since they want us to be divided and filled with hate for each other. If we havecourage, meekness, strength, and camaraderie then we can improve our moral state) in order tobuild a real society. A society that can feed, house, clothe, make electricity, and build any realinfrastructure is an authentic community plainly speaking. The glamorization of anti-intellectualism(especially this evil glamorization is promoted against young men. Conversely, the evil sexualexploitation is overtly promoted more against women) should cease and we should assert ofhumanity in fighting back against degeneracy inside of society rather openly.
The good news isthat in 2011, there has been a backlash against the establishment’s tricks so to speak
Tricks should not even be shown toward kids. Tricks ought to be foughtagainst. Being self-sufficient and truly independent is one of great ways of
having real success in life.
Allowing human beings to think more (with help, mentorships,and interventions) can make everyone better of long term.
Focusing on tomorrow for bettersuccess via present preparation is better than stagnation.
 If you want to ride, ride for the truth like a man or a woman. Also, we should work with communityleaders and other types of leaders in our own areas in trying to solve problems too.
We have tostand up and speak up in our lives like human beings. We have to respect women
and respect men of any background. That is why when you get older, silly
attitudes are readily rejected in order to make concrete adult decisions during life
in general. I have hope for the future, but we can’t be naïve about the times that we
live under.
The world loved Ronald Reagan, because Reagan was of the world. Reagan was aslick salesman that brainwashed human beings in accepting a more reactionary perspective onissues.
Life is like a game of chess not checkers or even tic tac toe. So, inthis regard, you should plan years and decades in advance about what youwant out of your life.
I wish we would live in a Kumbaya type of society. Although, that daywill never occur until the coming of the Lord. Even people treat their own people like dirt witharrogance, yet treat another group of people in an almost worshipful way. I don’t like when asellout once they get money act like that they’re better than their own people. This applies to anybackground not just African Americans. So, that slave mentality should cease.
We shouldtreat everyone the same, especially the brother or sister struggling in thestreets. They are our allies and we respect plus love them as brothers andsisters. They are our friends not our enemies or adversaries. That is whysisters will always have a special place in my heart since I was born from a
The situation with the budget is that a lot of the super rich elite don’tcare about the poor. They rather damn the poor instead of promotingpolicies of economic populism. It’s as simple as that. So, until that daywhen God sets everything right, we will have to learn the lessons ofcompassion, strength, and survival.
In our lives, we have to be better
A lot of Tea Party people and Republicans praise him. They view as some conservative deity, yeteven Ronald Reagan wasn't as conservative as his proponents conceive him as well. RonaldReagan was once a FDR Democrat and then transformed himself into a Republican. He workedfor GE and GE once financially aided Hitler & the Nazis. Today, GE owns NBC and GE made theRukushima Reactor. Fascists didn’t die after WWII. The Nazi Gehlen built up much of theWestern Intelligence network after the Nazi Empire ended. Gehlen, Allen Dulles, J. EdgarHoover, and others met with each other in the Pentagon. So, the same crew remains now, butnow we have different names with the same intensions (that deal with globalization, thesuppression of individual liberties, extreme conformity, and corporate control over society).Richard Nixon was another puppet that was influenced by the fascists.
Nixon had alsoaccumulated strong connections with members of the crime syndicate, the Vatican hierarchy,defense industries and known Nazis. He knew them all.
 I don't agree with Nimmo that any government intervention is equated to some worship of thestate. The government is made up of the people and the government doing legitimate deals isneither a sin nor evil. Reagan's Presidency was a different era for America.
In his time, the debtand the poverty rate increased in America. Granted, he did sign a tax cut in 1981, but thiswent to a wealthy minority, not the majority that had their wealth decimated by thebanksters and the Federal Reserve
. Early in Reagan's term, Social Security taxes increased

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Timothy liked this
Timothy added this note
Thanks for your words. You are always a blessing sister. You are right and the Boys Town pedophile ring is one of sickest moments of American history. Reagan used oratory as a means to promote his nefarious agenda. Reagan was like a more articulate sounding version of Bush Jr.
Beka Shakur added this note
Lots of drugz entered Amerika on his watch & I heard there was some sort of affiliation between his assassination attempt & the whole BoysTown child pedophile ring with (the Black) Larry King...
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