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Published by Um Zainab
thats what i belief
thats what i belief

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Um Zainab on Apr 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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God has sent mankind to this earth on the account of the mistake which their parents Adam andEve made by eating the forbidden tree because of the false- whispers of Satan who is maderespite in the world for the work he assigned to himself of misleading the mankind and makingthem astray but he is successful only for those who are weak at the faith, or for whom this worldis not an illusion but a real gem. Regretfully one after another we all fall prey to the evil, but theOft Forgiving Allah is always there to safe us and give us every opportunity to make ourselves onthe path on the straight path that leads nowhere but to success in this life and the hereafter.If we look around ourselves, what is obvious to us all is the nature- yes the true nature which isnot visual to us because of our doubtful minds and eyes that are making us slaves of themachine and hindering us to see beyond the limits.Lets take a very minute yet an eye opening example, what if we are short of breath, or makeyourself un breath for a moment you will surely get to know the importance of the nature.Everything is been made on its special nature and no Al-Amin(mankind, jinn and all that exists)can change it even a very bit of it. Allah has sent us to remember Him in good days so He wontleave us alone in our tough days.Its a common myth in we the humans generally, and Muslims particularly to we blame our fate.So let me make it clear over here that luck is of three types. And it can only be changed byAllahs will. And Duaa( invoking your Lord for it )1.
Which is written.2.
Made by people around us.3.
Made by our self hard work and so on.Its written for every human who has to come to this world, that who would he be born to, whowould he be marry to and from where will he get his rizq. A person can be made bad or good bythe company he keeps and the deeds he do. A very famous example is given by Hazrat Ali (R.A).once he made a person to hold the cradle of his horse for a moment while he was away. Thatman had some sort of greed for that cradle because it was 11 dirham worth that time. He took itor stole it simple and ran away. When Ali (R.A) came back he saw his animal standing alone, hethen addressed the people of that time, and warn them that whatever is written for you, youwill get it at any cost or by any means, when he left the person he thought of giving him 11dirham for keeping an eye on his animal, but that person stole it and ran and will still get 11dirham but by an illegal manner.So what we get from this thought full story, every person will get what he has to. But we shouldnot be impatient, or make our way wrong because this life is nothing but an exam for all of us. Itwill end one day and everybody has to answer the Lord very soon.If you observe people near you who are always unrest for useless things like what if they wontwork from where will they get their bread and butter, and such ridiculous thoughts, my questionto them all is very simple. Do you really know or are you sure enough to see tomorrow?
These are the people who live in doubts, they say by words that they trust Allah but in real theydont. when I was quitting my job for a very valid reason, people who are well wishers of minequestioned me the same, and I believe every thing is from Allah the Lord of Heavens and theEarths if He wills nobody can stop me working there and if I seek His guidance surely He willshow me the limelight.People who think others as their leaders are always at blink of whether to chose that way or thisway, people who think much about future will never ever be happy its my bet.Once I was reading a very good book although its been written by a non Muslim author but hiswords were exactly going with the Islamic teachings. People of today say why Muslims arentsuccessful nowadays. My question to them is that are you not aware of the Quran the Noblebook which has a solution for every cause.Today the Jews and Christians are following our teachings so they are succeeding in this worldbut they dont believe in it. And we the Muslims believe in the teachings of Islam but are not atall following it thats why we are lagging far behind the world.If we just have a close look on the importance of time we all will be ashamed of our routinebecause we have all left the profound teachings of Islam far behind to 1400 years. If we everthink of the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) we should be ashamed of ourselves.Today the motto of a Muslim is to earn money to make his needs all accomplished or if broadlyspeaking he is working to look after his family and thats it. Today the ratio to safe Islam isgetting declined at a very fast and an alarming rate. we all are responsible for it and we all haveto answer our lord for it on the day of resurrection that where were we when people weregetting deprived by the evil and devils forces. And what will we say that time, quite a ponderingquestion it is but we all are ignoring it as if we have to live in this world for all our lives.Another very important thinking of a Muslim is that they ignore the importance of self. Yes Iwill emphasis on the word self because its getting itself mingled with the word I. I and self aretwo different words and cannot be ever called as synonyms because what a synonym is wesimply know by the valid English language definition is the words having same meanings. So Iand self are two different words quite opposite to each other.And if we are plunging ourselves to make a mistake for mixing them up then we are confusingourselves for the life time.In this age of real depression, anxiety and actual hopelessness one always asks oneself to get ridof the world or simply asks questions like I cannot live with myself any longer. If I cannot livewith myself, there must be two of me: the I and the self that I cannot live with.The term ego means different things to different people but what I believe as I have read it in abook that inspired me a lot and I am going to quote it over here is it means a false self, createdby unconscious identification with the mind. To the ego, the present moment hardly exists. Only
past and future are considered important. This total reversal of the truth accounts for the factthat in the ego mode the mind is so dysfunctional. Its always concerned with keeping the pastalive, because without it- who are you?This very quoting has made me to think and is changing me a lot. As its also in our magnificentreligion Islam that what ever is done nobody can change it and whatever will be done nobodyknows it, what we can change and continue improving is the present and what the present is thevery moment you are living in. you cannot deny the importance of time if you really want tosucceed in this life and the hereafter. A Muslim is asked to pray five times a day on the specifiedtime otherwise if he is offering it late Allah doesnt want his prayers. So the prayer iscontinuously emphasizing on the importance of time. Once time is gone its gone forever and itwill never ever be coming back to the life. Lets take an example what you were a day before,you wont be any longer like that. Time keeps on changing but its the man who has to sethimself according to the regulations of the world and utmost himself.Lets take an example. If I am going to publish this article right now, I would be saving time andin return I would be benefitting people for if only one person reads it might change his life in thislight.Its an old quite a golden saying that time and tide waits for none.Yes time and tide waits for none. And its you who can make it all useful or all vain. A persondestined to success will never ever lose a second he keeps on planning for every second of thelife and the world.If we go through the history of great warriors of time we will come to know that they plannedevery minute and every hour.Allah has created everything according to the direction and the needs of every living being, Hiscreations are all clear of any flaws or and imperfections.If we take a close look on our self how beautiful He has made us but regretfully we havedestroyed ourselves with the fake beauty or what we call decorations.Now let me tell you a very practical yet important example of my life. I used to be a person wholiked to make everybody happy around me irrespective of my own self. Or I can truly say I wasignoring myself to make people around me happy, and what I get, this I will tell you later.So the major outfit or the task of ones life should be making his own self contented or simplysatisfied. If I am not satisfy with myself how can I make my loved one satisfy, and I can satisfymyself only when I will admit the truth of present of what I am at the moment, I surely know mypotentials and strengths and I dont take any negative energy as personal.

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