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MIB Bulletin Special Edition 2009 - Namibian Government

MIB Bulletin Special Edition 2009 - Namibian Government

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Published by miltonlouw

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Published by: miltonlouw on Apr 05, 2011
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Government Information BlletinSpecial Edition
Repblic of Namibia
Government Information
Special Edition 2009
Page 2
More State hosepictres
Page 4-5
Special Edition onNew State hose bypoplar demand
New State hose inagrated
President Hikepunye Pohamba inaugurated the new State House in Auasblick, Windhoek, during Namibia’s
Independence anniversary on 21 March 2008
Government Information BlletinSpecial Edition
At the very outset, I would like to kindlyrequest you to rise, so that we can allobserve a minute of silence in honour of the late Comrade John Alfons Pandeni whopassed away in a tragic vehicle accidenton 14 March 2008. (I thank you, you maybe seated).Today, we celebrate the 18th Anniversaryof the attainment of our nationhood.As we gather here today, we recall theheartening events of that historic day,
when we hoisted our ag of freedomand sovereignty for the rst time. We
recall how we celebrated the lowering of 
the apartheid ag of oppression, in theknowledge that it would never again y
as a symbol of authority over our country.The events of that historic day are stillvivid in our memories.
We can look back with pride at the many
successes that were achieved afterindependence in many areas of social and
economic development. We are proud,
and rightly so, of the peace and stabilitythat our country has enjoyed since thatjoyful day of 21 March 1990.Freedom and independence has in manyways unleashed the potential of ourpeople who have taken advantage of theirliberty to make tangible contributions tothe development of our country. Many of those who were denied opportunities byapartheid tyranny are today contributingmeaningfully in shaping a brighter futurefor the Land of the Brave.Our hopes for a better future are reinforced
when we look at the ourishing youth,
a new generation of the “born-frees”,Namibians who were born into a societyfree from war, victimisation, intimidation,racial discrimination and oppression.These blossoming youth represent anew generation, the torch-bearers of ourdemocratic traditions and our country’sfuture. As we sing that our democracy ismaturing, the “born-frees” will, as from this
year for the rst time be able to exercise
their democratic right of participating inelections at different levels.The peace and political stability that ourcountry has enjoyed over the years is oneof the major achievements of our country
and tting tribute to the fallen heroes and
heroines of our revolution whose bloodwaters our freedom.In this climate of stability and peace, wehave been able to implement policies andprogrammes aimed at improving the livingconditions of our people. In the faceof numerous challenges and backlogs,progress has been made in many areasof social and economic development to
expand service delivery and access to
public amenities.
Access to education has been expanded
in all parts of the country. Literacy andnumeracy levels have increased. MoreNamibians have access to health care asthe number of clinics, hospitals and healthcentres have grown. Housing projects
Our hopes for abetter future arereinforced whenwe look at the
ourishing youth,
a new generationof the “born-frees”,Namibians whowere born into asociety free fromwar, victimisation,intimidation, racialdiscrimination andoppression.
Government Information BlletinSpecial Edition
have been implemented in our urbancentres as well as rural settlements. The
national electricity grid has been extended
to cater for the growth of our towns and
cities. Rural electrication has changed
the face of many rural communities acrossNamibia.Moreover, physical and communicationinfrastructures have reached even theremote parts of the country. New roadshave been built to facilitate economicactivities and trade as well as to ensuresafer movement of people and goods.
Our railway network has been expanded
by more than 300 kilometers. Therehabilitation of roads and railways has
enjoyed ongoing attention of our SWAPO
PARTY Government.Telephone connectivity has grown with both
xed lines and cellular communications.
Increasing numbers of Namibians arejoining the digital age through the use of the internet and related technologies. Ican, therefore, proudly say that, despitethe challenges, Namibians have manyreasons to be proud on this occasion of the 18th Anniversary of our country’sfreedom and independence.This year, our Independence Anniversarycelebration is coinciding with theinauguration of the new State House,a symbol of our nationhood andsovereignty.I wish, at this juncture, to thank His
Excellency Comrade Sam Nujoma, Father
of the Namibian Nation, for his vision andconceptualisation of this project. This isone of the projects that were initiated
during your tenure of ofce as President
of the Republic of Namibia.Your devotion to nation building andinfrastructure development is admiredby all patriotic Namibians. It serves asan inspiration to all peace-loving andpatriotic citizens of our Republic. I wantto assure you that the present leadership
of our SWAPO PARTY Government
will continue to build on the strongfoundation that has already been laidunder your leadership.
We will work tirelessly for the economic and
social well-being of all Namibians. To manyNamibians, you will go down in the historyof our country as one of the great sonsof Namibia who contributed immensely tothe liberation of our Motherland. For this,we say, once again, thank you very muchfor what you have done for the Namibianpeople. May God continue to bless you.Few years ago, a decision was taken toconstruct a new seat for the NamibianPresidency. The construction site washanded over to the Mansudae OverseasProject Group from the DemocraticPeople’s Republic of Korea in 2002. Thismarked the beginning of the construction
of the complex. During the construction
period, about forty (40) local companieswere engaged as sub-constructors.The sub-contractors were assigned work such as electrical installations and air-conditioning among others. Plant andequipment were also hired from localsuppliers and hundreds of jobs werecreated. Thus, local companies and
workers have beneted greatly, not onlyin terms of nancial earnings, but alsowith regard to valuable experiences
and skills that Namibian workers gainedduring the construction of a project of thismagnitude.I would like to take this opportunity tocommend all the people who have beeninvolved in the completion of this projectfor their hard-work, dedication, sharpskills and professionalism.Your hard work has gone a long way inenhancing our sovereignty and nationhood.I know that a conscious decision was madethat as far as possible, local constructionmaterials and decorations should be usedto give the building a truly Namibiancharacter. As a result, local materials suchas wood, granite and steel have been used
Our guests will, therefore, be pleased tosee how these local materials have beenblended together to create an aestheticallypleasing atmosphere, incorporating manyrepresentations of our country’s widenatural and cultural diversity.There have been some concerns raisedabout the timing or even the need for thisproject. In this regard, I wish to say thatthis is a national asset which belong to no
A scene at the inauguration of the New State House on21 March 2008
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