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Edwin Kaiser's Address Book and Oswald

Edwin Kaiser's Address Book and Oswald

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Published by AJ Weberman
Was "Lee" Lee Harvey Oswald? We need help. Who had 305-685-2125 and 305-866-9035 in 1962?
Was "Lee" Lee Harvey Oswald? We need help. Who had 305-685-2125 and 305-866-9035 in 1962?

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: AJ Weberman on Apr 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The above address book page is from Scott Kaiser, the son of Ed Kaiser, a closeassociate of Frank Fiorini. Fiorini by his own admission, stated that Oswald hadattempted to infiltrate his group, the International Anti-Communist Brigade in thesummer of 1963. In an article published in the Florida Sun Sentinel on 4th December,1963 Jim Buchanan claimed that Sturgis had met Lee Harvey Oswald in Miami shortlybefore the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Buchanan claimed that Oswald had triedto in...filtrate the Anti-Communist Brigade founded by Sturgis. When he was questionedby the FBI about this story, Sturgis claimed that Buchanan had misquoted him regardinghis comments about Oswald. Lee appears near an early entry for Frank Fiorini,³ferennie´ with what I believe to be Frank Fiorini¶s address. There are two phonenumbers in question here 685-2125 and one that is crossed out 866-9085. I assumethese are 305 area code numbers. I am going to try to track down these numbers.WHO WAS EDWIN KAISERIn 1952 Ed Kaiser joined the Marines, but received a bad conduct dishonorabledischarge before his basic training ended. Ed Kaiser became a heroin addict (SoniaKaiser insisted that her husband was never an addict) and amassed a long criminalrecord, including aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary andlarceny. In 1957 Ed Kaiser joined the French Foreign Legion and lost his Americancitizenship. On January 29, 1959, his citizenship was revoked. He left the ForeignLegion on a medical discharge, and returned to the United States in 1959 as a landedimmigrant. In 1961 Ed Kaiser moved to Alaska, where he was convicted of theft of Government property and assault. On May 30, 1964, and on May 31, 1964, the CIAshowed an interest in Ed Kaiser, and two outgoing cables about him were generatedwhich were denied in their entirely. [Ltr. Harry E. Fitzwater, Chairman, CIA InformationReview Committee 1.4.82] In 1969 Ed Kaiser moved to Miami where the FBI took noteof him due to his affiliation with Cubanos Unidos, an anti-Castro group made up of former members of Alpha-66. The FBI reported:
Cubanos Unidos (CU) is a Cuban exile anti- Fidel Castro organization inMiami, Florida. It purpose is to unite all exile groups into a unityorganization and begin military operations against the presentGovernment of Cuba. Wilfredo Navarro Beato is the head of CU«OnJune 26, 1970, MM T-2, a Cuban exile who had been involved in CubanRevolutionary matters for the past five years advised that on the nightpreviously, (deleted) with Wilfredo Navarro, at which time Navarro claimedCU was going ahead with its plans to sink a Soviet vessel off the eastcoast of Florida as the vessel was on its way to Cuba.On June 19, 1970 MM T-3, another Government agency which conductsintelligence investigations, advised information had been received that CUrecently held a meeting to introduce Americans who are backing their organization. The Americans were Frank Fiorini and Ed Kaiser. Fiorinicalls himself the ³Chief of Intelligence Section of Cubanos Unidos.´ OnJuly 1, 1970 NAVARRO appeared at the Miami Office of the FBI with hisbrother Roerme, and advised as follows:Frank Fiorini, an American citizen who has been involved in Cuban exilerevolutionary matters for the past ten years, recently signed a unityagreement with CU. In this agreement, Fiorini, who represents someindependent anti-Castro organization, agreed that political unity of all exilegroups must be established. Fiorini is not a member of CU as such, holdsno official position, and in not in charge of intelligence.KAISER said that CU presently has a .50 caliber machine gun, a .30caliber machine gun, some C-4 explosive, and a quantity of small arms.CU is considering a three-day infiltration and sabotage mission to Cuba inwhich about five men will participate. One of the tactics they plan to use isto kill a few Cuban Government soldiers and cut them up into small piecesto terrify other Cuban Government soldiers.On July 30, 1970, KAISER advised he was then leaving for the Island of Martinique in the Caribbean where he would try to make arrangements tomeet up a military base for operations against Cuba. On August 3, 1970,KAISER advised he had just returned from the Island of Martinique wherehe was arrested and questioned for 28 hours by French intelligenceofficials before he was released. The purpose of the visit was to obtainpermission to set up a base for operations against Cuba. Frenchauthorities told him they would cooperate with him if and when heobtained such permission from the United States Government.KAISER said his present military plans involve an operation which wouldleave the Florida Keys by boat and attack the Cuban Naval Academy near Havana. About twelve persons would participate in the raid and after themission, would return to the Florida keys. After about two days in the

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