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Table Of Contents

What's New in 2006 Release
What's New in 2007 Release
Overview of AutoCAD Electrical Help
Overview of projects
Use recently opened projects
Create a new project
Add a new drawing to the current project
Add existing drawings to the current project
Group drawings within a project
Change the order of drawings in the project
Remove a drawing from the active project
Assign a description to each drawing
Preview a drawing
Project manager
Create new project
About collaborative design
Create a new drawing
Create new drawing
Change drawing display options
Overview of project related files
Overview of the project file format
Project properties: components tab
Project properties: wire numbers tab
Project properties: cross-references tab
Project properties: styles tab
Project properties: drawing format tab
Drawing properties: components tab
Drawing properties: cross-references tab
Drawing properties: drawing format tab
Use replaceable parameters
Save settings to the project file
Create a template drawing
Overview of the WD_M block
Update to New WD_M Block, Values, Layers
Update to New WD_M Block, No Changes
Using Layers
Manage layers
Use wire layers
Create/edit wire type
Change wire types
Set wire type
Determine symbol block names
Overview of symbol naming conventions
Split a tag name into two pieces
Use multiple symbol libraries
Overview of Hydraulic and P&ID symbols
Attribute Requirements
Overview of schematic attributes
Overview of non-schematic attributes
Overview of parent and stand-alone component attributes (TAG1)
Overview of child component attributes (TAG2)
Copy attributes
Substitute symbols in the library
Change appearance of existing library symbols
Predefine symbol annotation
Create a new library symbol
Overview of the Symbol Builder
Swap blocks
Generate PLC layout modules
Parametric PLC symbols vs. Full Units
Insert PLC modules
Overview of the PLC database file
PLC database file editor
Modify single, stand-alone PLC layout symbols
Work with PLC styles
Modify a PLC appearance style
Create a new PLC style
Add a new PLC style
Overview of the PLC spreadsheet/database format
Spreadsheet to PLC I/O utility
Create PLC spreadsheets using RSLogix
Create PLC drawings from Unity Pro
Create XML files for export to Unity Pro
Unity Pro export
Insert schematic components
Insert component
Insert a copy of a component
Insert similar components
Insert from catalog lists
Use the schematic lookup file
Insert from panel lists
Manipulate components
Stretch PLC modules
Annotate ratings attributes
Reverse/flip components
Reverse/flip component
Swap contact states
Check coil/contact count
Follow signals
Insert dashed link lines
Overview of DIN Rails
Edit schematic lookup files
Overview of table cross-reference formats
Update cross-reference tables
Use cross-reference exception reports
Surfing on Cross-Reference Exception reports
Component cross-reference
Use circuitry
Copy circuitry
Move circuitry
Save circuit to icon menu
Define wire jumpers
Edit attribute values
Force attributes to layers
Find/edit/replace component text
Find/replace terminal text
Move description values
Manipulate component attributes
Set tags to fixed
Fixed/unfix component tag
Retag components
Change to multi-line text
Substitute location mark symbols for text location codes
Location symbols
Location box
Change attribute justification
Change attribute/text justification
Change attribute text style
Change attribute text size
Modify library symbols
Insert multiple cable markers
Multiple cable markers
Insert shield symbols
Add a second shield to a cable/shield represenation
Insert in-line wire markers
Manipulate wire gaps
Insert wire gaps
Define and insert new ladders
Insert ladder
Modify an existing ladder
Overview of wire numbers
Set wire number placement
Drawing properties: wire numbers tab
Find or replace wire number text
Find or replace wire numbers
Encode wire color/gauge information into wire numbers
Fix Wire Numbering
Fix a wire number
Project-wide utilities
Reposition Wire Numbers
Move a wire number
Modify Wire Numbers
Erase or Hide Wire Numbers
Hide wire numbers
X zones setup
X-Y grid setup
PLC I/O wire numbers
Control from/to report connection sequencing
Insert dot tee markers
Insert angled tee markers
Toggle angled tee markers
Add custom signal arrow styles
Edit the cable conductor database
Show source and destination markers on wires
Add custom fan-in/out marker styles
Fan-in/out - single line layer
Overview of connection sequencing
Insert terminals and connectors
Overview of terminal relationships
Copy terminal block properties
Edit terminal jumpers
Resequence terminal numbers
View terminal wire connections
Show terminal internal/external connections
Mark internal connections
Mark external connections
Erase connection codes
Use the terminal strip editor
Generate terminal strip tables
Terminal strip table generator
Overview of terminal properties database
Edit terminal properties database
Use point-to-point wiring tools
Rotate connectors
Reverse connectors
Stretch connectors
Insert connector
Bend wires at right angles
Insert multiple bus wiring
Import data from Autodesk Inventor Professional Cable & Harness
Overview of the spreadsheet import file structure
Insert splices
Move from reference to reference
Start the Surfer
Continue a previous surf session
Move between drawings
Plot one or more drawings
Create a project-wide script file
Track drawing changes
Translate description text
Language conversion
Publish to the web
Use drawing title blocks
Link information to the title block
Map AutoLISP values to the title block
Overview of the Icon Menu Wizard
Add a new icon to the menu
Edit the properties of an existing icon in the menu
Icon menu wizard
Use alternate icon menus
Overview of the icon menu file
Use catalog tables
Catalog table naming conventions
Family tables in the default_cat.mdb
Overview of the catalog database table structure
Use the merge utility
Merge utility
Assign catalog information to components
Overview of the LISTBOX_DEF catalog database table
Copy catalog assignments from component to component
Show missing catalog assignments
Use pin lists
Set pin list assignments for special uses
Generate reports
Table generation setup
Generate schematic reports
Schematic PLC I/O component connection
Schematic component wire list
Schematic connector details
Schematic connector summary
Schematic missing bill of material
Schematic PLC I/O address and descriptions
Schematic terminal numbers
Schematic PLC modules used so far
Generate panel reports
Missing level/sequence assignments
Overview of format files
Report format file setup - panel bill of material
Report format file setup - panel component exception
Report format file setup - panel component
Report format file setup - missing level/sequence assignments
Report format file setup - wire annotation exception
Report format file setup - panel nameplate
Report format file setup - panel terminal exception
Report format file setup - panel wire connection
Report format file setup - schematic AIP wire list
Report format file setup - schematic bill of material
Report format file setup - schematic cable from/to
Report format file setup - schematic cable summary
Report format file setup - schematic PLC I/O component connection
Report format file setup - schematic component wire list
Report format file setup - schematic connector details
Report format file setup - schematic connector plug
Report format file setup - schematic connector summary
Report format file setup - schematic component
Report format file setup - schematic missing bill of material
Report format file setup - schematic wire from/to
Report format file setup - schematic PLC/IO address and descriptions
Report format file setup - schematic terminal numbers
Report format file setup - schematic terminal plan
Report format file setup - schematic PLC modules used so far
Report format file setup - schematic wire label
Run automatic reports
Automatic report selection
Modify spreadsheet data
Export to spreadsheet
Create user-defined attributes
User-defined attribute list
Set up for export to Autodesk Inventor Professional Cable & Harness
Overview of panel layouts
Automatic schematic/panel update
Panel Configuration
Relationship between schematic drawings and panel layouts
Overview of footprint attributes/Xdata
Select and insert footprints
Insert a copy of a panel footprint
Copy code values to components
Use panel templates
Select component data from a spreadsheet
Merge schematic wire numbers onto footprints
Add wire information to footprints
Use the footprint lookup file
Assign an item or detail number to a footprint
Insert nameplates
Remove sequencing assignments
Show sequencing assignments
Show terminal strip sequencing assignments
Show footprint sequencing assignments
Swap terminal strip wire text
Copy level assignments
Insert/edit panel level assignment: terminal strip
Insert/edit panel level assignment: component
Overview of conduit tools
Conduit Marker Intelligence
Conduit marker setup
Overview of conduit marker support files
Generate a conduit marker report
Conduit marker report
Generate a conduit routing report
Wire/conduit routing report
Convert promis.e drawing files to AutoCAD Electrical
promis.e conversion
Convert non-AutoCAD Electrical blocks
Finish mapping values from non-AutoCAD Electrical blocks
Convert text to an attribute
Convert text to attribute definition
Convert non-AutoCAD Electrical arrows
Overview of ECDS legacy conversion
Use tagging and linking tools
Special explode
Tag Panel Component
Show links
Overview of block/attribute mapping
Overview of power check tools
Overview of pneumatic tools
Insert hydraulic components
Insert P&ID components
Overview of real-time error checking
Electrical audit
Drawing audit
Modify invisible data
Xdata editor
Set up peer-to-peer component relationships
Add your own symbols, circuits and commands to the icon menu
Build your own symbols
Configure projects for various drawing standards
Use Autodesk Vault with AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical Commands
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