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80+ Dolphin and Stillborn Calves is Completely Unacceptable - And These Numbers Will Continue to Grow...

80+ Dolphin and Stillborn Calves is Completely Unacceptable - And These Numbers Will Continue to Grow...

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Published by Maureen Dauphinee

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Maureen Dauphinee on Apr 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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80+ Dolphin and Stillborn Calves Is CompletelyUnacceptable - And These Numbers Will ContinueTo Grow...
February 28, 2011
On Sunday, February 27, 2011, I wrote the following post on Coastal Warriors:
It is glaringly apparent that there has been NO media speak whatsoever regardingany additional dolphin deaths or findings. I mean NOTHING. As well, mediacoverage regarding the Gulf has also declined in tandem with the lack of coverageon dolphins. In the 10 + months I have been covering these stories, I have never seena total blackout to this extent, which prompts my concern. We must watch VERYcarefully the testing procedures performed and the integrity of the results. I believe(and this is my opinion only) that Houston knows there is a problem, and that itpresents a health epidemic that has already impacted human life as well. They'rebeing quiet for a reason. Let's hope I'm wrong.
On the 27th, we had a total count of 67 dead dolphins and their stillborn andspontaneously aborted calves that had been reported to the public. Today, Monday,February 28th, we learn the count has now surpassed
80 dead
reportedly "extremelysmall" baby dolphins that have washed up on shore along the Louisiana, Mississippi andAlabama coastlines. (http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/oil-spill-link-suspected-as-dead-dolphins-wash-ashore-2228548.html
)That's 80 too many in my opinion and in any sensible mind when compared to the twoyears prior to the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf. At this same time period last year, therehad been
two reported
deaths, and in the first two months of 2009,
there had only beenone
.(http://www.sunherald.com/2011/02/27/2901315/more-tiny-dolphins-wash-ashore.html#ixzz1FJNUcyYA)On the second day of the discovery of these carcasses, some scientists were quick to statethat they were "doubtful" that the dolphin deaths could be linked to the BP Oil Disaster.Other scientists have come out and stated that the samples provided for necropsy may betoo badly decomposed to produce a confirmation of finding. Yet others have stated itcould be months, or years, if 
we are to receive a reason as to why this apparenttragedy is occurring.The need for independent testing and review is critical to receiving an honest and truthfulresponse as to what is actually occurring in the Gulf to the dolphins. Being that they, likehumans are mammals, the health impacts on individuals living in the Gulf states couldpotentially be impacted the same way the dolphin mothers and their unborn have been.Please take the time to contact your elected officials and demand independent testing andreview of all necropsy samples on dolphins retrieved from the Gulf of Mexico. Our failure to accurately identify the cause and relationship of what has caused this to occur,could ultimately be a death sentence to the people who call the Gulf home.

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