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Charles & John - 2 More Members of the General Public With High Toxins in Blood Work & Severe Illnesses - BP Oil Disaster - Gulf of Mexico

Charles & John - 2 More Members of the General Public With High Toxins in Blood Work & Severe Illnesses - BP Oil Disaster - Gulf of Mexico

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Published by Maureen Dauphinee

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Published by: Maureen Dauphinee on Apr 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Charles & John - 2 More Members of the "GeneralPublic" With High Toxins in Blood Work & SevereIllnesses
March 27, 2011Charles and John are two Mississippi residents who have not been feeling well. Uponinvestigation, they both decided to have their blood tested for Volatile OrganicComponents (VOC's) to see if they had perhaps been suffering from exposure to the oiland/or chemical dispersant used during the BP Gulf Disaster.Their story brings to light a
angle, which upon additional research, I can find no datato support whether or not testing has been done to verify and/or certify that the publichealth has been protected by the agencies charged with such responsibility. Here is theemail I received from Charles:The first picture is my test results, the second, my friend's test results. Special note is thathe works from his home and does not get out on the roads inhaling car exhaust as hasbeen suggested.We are both just the general public. We had no part in the cleanup or Vessels of Opportunity program. I work as a refrigeration tech and do not get exposed to chemicals.I'm a professional and have been for the last 15 years. I do not vent freon, do not touchthe oil, and if something is leaking freon when I get there, I don't go near it without arespirator! I'm not stupid! I do not smoke and neither does my friend. When I gas up, it'sbeen my habit for the last 15 years to stay inside the truck with the windows up until itclicks. Then I'm off on my way driving down the road with the RECIRC on not pulling inoutside air. I drink about 2 Gallons of reverse osmosis water I make at home everyday.I've tried detox kits from the store and still I have detectable levels in my blood?Judging by how low looking the numbers are and only testing for a few is it safe to think I'm going to be OK?My friend's results are higher what does this mean for him?
We feel we were exposed in different ways
. First I ate a lot of seafood, always have anddeveloped nonstop bloody diarrhea for almost 2 months so bad I was admitted to thehospital last summer for dehydration and anemia. It was determined by colonoscopy thatmy old enemy, Crohn's Disease was the culprit and yet it had been in remission for thelast 23 years with only mild problems that i could always rest for a day and go back towork the next. This time I was brought to the edge. I had very bad mental issues at thattime from the stress of it all and at times thought it would be better to be dead. We werealso breathing the fumes coming off the beach; our house is only half mile straight shot tothe beach. It was so bad for days at a time that we could have thought we were living nextdoor to a truck stop!
Just last month, I suddenly developed pneumonia. It was very strange because it came onwith no symptoms except I simply could not breathe. I was put on antibiotics andprednisone that did not help. I still don't feel well and have cognitive problemssometimes, especially talking to people now. I am also having problems staying balancedand often bump into things now.My friend's exposure is multifaceted as well. He lives about 10 miles from the beach andhe was also smelling the strong fumes for days at a time. He also went out in the water inhis boat where he was told it was safe to do so. He went out several times, but hasn'tlately.
Also he learned that all the contaminated tar patty sand that was being picked up off the beach was being put in the landfill only 1-2 miles away from his house. Hewould often smell the fumes and still does every now and then long after we stopped smelling the fumes. I told him I would be worried about my well water and have it tested too. We don't know of anybody testing the water yet.
My friend is having serious health problems. He has a red inflamed throat, some whitebumps appearing at the back of his throat, breathing problems, cognitive problems, and ispassing out for an hour at a time just recently. I fear he is getting worse and he has noinsurance to pay for the biopsies he needs of the white bumps that are appearing in histhroat and never going away.I am so sorry this was long, but I wanted to answer all your questions and to tell someonewho for once seems interested in listening to us. My friend is very actively contacting theGovernor, Lt Governor, the State DA and many others as he gets run in circles from oneto the other being told not our department; try this number! He has had doctors hereblatantly tell him that they don't see anything and has he had any mental treatment, andthen blatantly tell him that they would not say anything against BP! We cannot finddoctors here to do the VOC test and had to make a 5 hour round trip to get one done andthat doctor saw and showed ME what was in the back of my friend's throat.Thank you, and I hope this helps others.
I have not been able to find any data to indicate that anyone is testing the privatewater supply wells in the Gulf region
. If BP's toxic waste, residual and organic, usedboom, discarded hazmat gear and materials and runoff waste have been buried withoutconsideration to ground and water contamination, and this is now impacting water supplywells, there is a greater risk that more people will be made ill, even if it was their intent,as clearly demonstrated by Charles and John, to stay clear of the oil, and utilize reverseosmosis (which will not, without proper and very expensive carbon filtration additions,protect against these VOC's in water) and utilize toxic cleansing techniques, avoidance of contamination is nearly impossible.Even showering in water that contains contamination is detrimental to health, as itactually intensifies exposure by inhalation of water vapors with contaminate throughsteam, and absorption through the skin while showering.
governmental body is charged with the responsibility of informingresidents
has buried their toxins, and
agency has takenthe precautions to
that these contaminates were buried in accordance tostandards acceptable to prevent the spread of contamination through the ground, water and air???
be given to these "Toxic Waste Sites" which need to beimmediately remediated if they do NOT meet the current standards applicable throughthe laws of 
of the impact states, as well as those by the EPA, who's federal lawssupersede state and local laws in circumstances such as this.Charles and John are sharing their story and their test results below to not only get themedical help they deserve, but to bring attention to the fact that many people are ill, andNOTHING is being done to assist, inform, or control what is happening to the entire Gulf Region. John lives not far from the landfill on Menge Ave or Firetower Rd just north of I-10 in Pass Christian, MS and Charles lives a half mile from the beach in Bay SaintLouis, MS.
Please share this with all media sources in your area, and email this text and theseimages to your local, state and federal representatives. We must correct theprotracted malfeasance that seems to accompany most of the scenarios attached tothis disaster. Public awareness and exposure to date is the only mechanism thatseems to be effective - WHEN THEY LISTEN.MAKE THEM LISTEN. Accept nothing less than the responsibility for which theyare charged to uphold - BY LAW.

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