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Math Project- The Benefits of Recycling

Math Project- The Benefits of Recycling

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Published by SigalitChana

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Published by: SigalitChana on Apr 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Math Project:
The Benefits of Recycling
Most communies across the country have recycling programs. Inmany, newspapers, glass, aluminum cans, and plasc boles arecollected and transported to recycling centers where they can beprocessed and used again in some for or another. While recyclinghas been supported from the beginning by environmentalists, on-ly in recent years have the true benets of recycling been real-ized.
Research recycling to determine who or what benetsfrom recycling programs. Write a one
page summary of your con-clusion and present your ndings to your family and or class.
Sug-gested me
8 hours over a two week period.
Math Skills to Highlight:
Using data as a basis for making decisions about recycling
Analyzing and simplifying numbers to choose an appropriatescale for a graph
Reading and creang graphs, tables, and /or charts
Using math and wring as a means to communicate ideas
Math Project:
The Benefits of Recycling
Special Materials / Equipment:
Reference books and arcles about recycling; markers; felt
ppedpens; poster paper; rulers; compasses; protractors; scissors;paste; tape.
Computer and printer to produce spread-sheets, graphs, and tables.
Before beginning this project, talk about recycling with your chil-dren. If your community is like most through out the country, ithas recycling programs and your students will be familiar withthem. Most people assume that recycling is benecial. But whoactually benets and in what ways? At the very least, recyclingprograms reduce stress on the environment by cung the de-mand for natural resources. In addion, recycling programs createjobs {recycling companies have become thriving businesses}, savemoney and spur the development of new technologies.
Math Project:
The Benefits of Recycling
For this project, focus on the main areas of recycling—newspapers, glass, aluminum cans, and plasc boles. Whilesome communies also recycle ngs like grass clippings andused motor oil, informaon on the rst four will be easier tond.
Be sure they understand what they are to do. Point out thatstudents should concentrate their research eorts not only onthe benets recycling oers people, but also its benets for theenvironment.
Menon that this project is quite broad, and that there maybemany dierent conclusions. Finding should be supported withfacts.
Make sure to give students ample me at the library or onlineto research and reserve books on recycling.
Encourage students to spend some of their own me research-ing.
Student present their ndings to the family, or class.

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