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Published by sharingDZ

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Published by: sharingDZ on Apr 06, 2011
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Transportation Tuesday
Driving is not a contest. Try to stay calm andforget about winning.Everyday driving is not about winning butbeing safe!Today most drivers get agitatedquickly because they areimpatient, in a hurry, stressed,frustrated or can·t deal with the trafficcongestion. Yes, they put other drivers indanger and are inconsiderate, butretaliating will not solve the problem.
Transportation Tuesday
Stay focused and make every attempt to stay out of their way.‡ Avoid eye contact with the driver. This is what the aggressive driverwants. Don·t turn an impersonal traffic encounter into a personaldispute.‡ Smile, be courteous and ignore gestures. Some drivers use rude gesturesand words. Don·t take it personally and don·t be tempted to respond.‡ Forget about pride and think about your safety. Avoid any confrontationsand challenges.‡ If possible, get the vehicle number and report it to the police. You canhelp the traffic police eliminate aggressive driving behaviour!
Transportation Tuesday
What do aggressive drivers do?It is easy to spot aggressive drivers. They«‡ usually disobey traffic rules and signals.‡ tailgate.‡ drive on the shoulder of the road.‡ drive fast and exceed the speed limit.‡ weave in and out of traffic.‡ fail to indicate.‡ cut corners, drive the wrong way and block intersections.‡ honk repeatedly, use rude gestures and yell.‡ cut off other drivers.
Spot the aggressive driver..

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