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Ramadan How to loose weight in Ramadan 5

Ramadan How to loose weight in Ramadan 5

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Published by sharingDZ

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Published by: sharingDZ on Apr 06, 2011
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Healthy Ramadan 5
Ramadan is a good Chance for loosing weight?
Ahmadi Hospital ,Health Promotion UnitWishing You a Healthy Ramadan
Why people Gain Weight in Ramadan?
‡Because of energy imbalance.‡Lack of energy consumption as a result of laziness and sedentary lifestyle.‡Having one big high calorie meal a day,leads the body to reserve the energy asfatty ( adipose) tissue.‡Against the Ramadan concept , increasedamount ( portions) and variety of foodmenus in Ramadan.‡Increased Cakes and sweets and traditionalfood that full of carbohydrates and sugar intake in Ramadan.
Why Ramadan is a Valuable Chance toLoose Weight ?
‡Fasting is a good exercise to strengthen individual will andpatience.‡Starting dieting is getting easier in Ramadan, because foodhabits are compulsory changed.‡Ramadan meals¶ timing is fixed and adjusted, which helps inloosing weight.‡The less time allowed to eat, the less calorie intake in your foodwill be.‡During fasting, your body burns fat and calories to provideenergy.‡Make use of the useful physiological changes of fasting, bystaying away from heavy meals & over eat.‡Fasting decrease the stomach size, regulate your appetite andshape your body.‡Being fit and slim is more close to the Islamic appearance, andthat is the physical aim of the Moslem who fast.

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