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Africans Abroad How to Successfully Return to Africa!

Africans Abroad How to Successfully Return to Africa!

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Published by juanjosejimenez9803
A New, Better Life in Africa Awaits You… Return Home Successfully - with a Strategic Plan to Build the Life of Your Dreams in Your True Homeland!!
A New, Better Life in Africa Awaits You… Return Home Successfully - with a Strategic Plan to Build the Life of Your Dreams in Your True Homeland!!

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Published by: juanjosejimenez9803 on Apr 06, 2011
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 A New, Better Life in Africa Awaits You…Return Home Successfully - with aStrategic Plan to Build the Life of YourDreams in Your True Homeland!!
A Step-by-Step Guide to a New, Better Life in Africa
Dear African Abroad,Are you considering returning to Africa to live, after studying, working, or living abroad for many years, possibly a large part of your life? Are you considering building a new, better andmore prosperouslife in Africa?If so, congratulations! I applaud your idealism and your willingness to create a new life for yourself and your family back in Africa! She can definitely use your experience, intelligence,exposure, and vision!I am Toks Kotoye, but please call me “Toks”. I want to help you successfully return toAfrica! You absolutely can do it with a solid strategy. But you can’t just hop on a plane, landin Africa, and expect to begin a new life in Africa with everything going smoothly. If onlythings were that simple!
I know this to be true because I have done it, and unfortunately, the process is never smoothor simple, but it can be done with great success. Planning is important, and I will share withyou what I have learned in detail,but first…
Why Do You Want ToReturn to Africa?” 
What are you reasons?
Perhaps your current life is not whatyou thought it would be because of:
Racism is rampant, are you feeling its effect?
Are you feeling this "credit crunch" induced recession?
Too much stress?
Frustration with the monotony of debt and bills?
Too much crime?
Not as much opportunity as you thought?
Are your children growing up without understanding their rich Africanculture?
Lost you job or contract recently?
Does the economy have you reconsidering your original decision?No matter your reasons, you are not alone – 89% of Africans studying abroadsay that they intend to return to Africa! You too can join this movement!However, there are numerous issues and “realities” that have to be successfullynavigated first, and that is what we are here to discuss. The longer you havebeen away, the harder the transition will be. For people of African descent whohave never lived in Africa, their challenge is even greater!Everyone has their own unique personal reasons. What I hear most commonly isthat the quality of life in Europe and the West is no longer what it used to be.Apparently the lifestyle is just too disconnected with no true sense of community.No connection to the land that sustains us. No regard for the environment, andfor the bonds that every member of humanity shares.
Tired of a Life Without True Connectionto Other People?
We are all in this together, but most people in the West live as if they are anisland unto themselves, cut-off from others, and cut-off from life!That is why crime is so bad and why violence is so common. People are rarelyunified in a common goal. They have forgotten how to forge connections withneighbors andhow to live simply. At the core of the problem, peoplehaveforgotten how to be content with having enough.Are you tired of the quest for materialism that seems to never end as we try toaccumulate larger houses, more cars, more money, so we can insulate ourselvesfrom everyone else who feels equally disconnected?Perhaps you feel a strong connection to your ancestral motherland, and you seeher struggle to find her way long after throwing off the chains of Colonialism, of foreign rule. You want to play a role in helping her be rebuilt, restored to herformer glory as a center of cultural and economic leadership!No, you are definitely not alone in your deep-seated desire to take part. Millionsof people of African ancestry want to return home to build both a new life forthemselves and a new life collectively, for the greater good of Africa.But every country in Africa is unique, and the life you want to create is not thesame as anyone else’s vision of their ideal life in Africa. You will have a uniqueplan.

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